Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pod Fodder (Volume Thirty Eight)

1. The Appleseed Cast - As The Little Things Go (Militia)
I just love this track. It's the first track on the new Appleseed Cast album "Sagarmatha" which is available now on Militia. I must admit to not having heard a great deal of their previous work but on the strength of this record I'll certainly be checking them out.

2. Reigns - Everything Beyond These Walls Has Been Razed (Monotreme)
This records has been hiding in the pile for ages and I feel kinda bad for not listening to it earlier. Reigns come from somewhere down south and this is a track from their excellent "The House On The Causeway" album which apparently was released last month on the increasingly impressive Monotreme label.

3. Clark - Seaweed (Warp)
Another top tune from Chris Clark taken from the recent "Growls Garden" EP. Can't wait for the new album. 

4. Copy Haho - Bad Blood (Big Scary Monsters)
Taken from the EP "Bred For Skills & Magic". 

30th April - Glasgow, Hinterland Festival @ The Arches (room 2)
31st April - Glasgow, Hinterland Festival @ Classic Grand (DJ set)
8th May - Edinburgh, This Is Music @ Sneaky Pete's
9th May - Aberdeen, Teenage Lust @ TBC
12th May - Southampton, Joiners (with Johnny Foreigner & Calories)
13th May - Birmingham, Victoria (with Johnny Foreigner & Calories)
15th May - Leicester, Sumo (with Johnny Foreigner & Tubelord)
16th May - Carlisle, The Brickyard
17th May - Manchester, Deaf Institute (with Johnny Foreigner & Calories)
18th May - Sheffield, The Harley (with Electric Tape Recorder & Sycamore)
19th May - Glasgow, Stereo (with Crystal Antlers & Viking)
21st May - York, Fibbers (with Johnny Foreigner & Calories)
22nd May - Wakefield, Escobar (with Johnny Foreigner)
23rd May - Newport, Meze Lounge (with Johnny Foreigner & Calories)
24th May - Northampton, Roadmenders 3 (with Johnny Foreigner & Calories)
25th May - London, Old Blue Last
3rd June - Aberdeen, The Tunnels (with Joan Of Ark & Love Of Everything)

5. La Snacks - Kristin Was A Meterologist (Self Released)
La Snacks come from Austin, Texas and so probably had quite a time at SXSW. I just wish there was something as good in the UK. This track is taken from the EP "Newfangled". 

6. Morton Valence - Funny Peculiar (Bastard)
There's nothing like a portion of pop when you're feeling miserable. This is a track from the debut album by Morton Valence who come from London and have an interesting way of financing their releases. They are offering you a chance to invest in their next record in return for a percentage share in the release. Obviously they are one of a growing number of bands who can see the way the music industry is changing and in my opinion for the better. See theirMyspace page for more details. The album "Bob & Veronica Ride Again" will be released through Bastard recordings on 25th May.

7th May - London, Electric Ballroom (with Art Brut)
8th May - London, Islington Academy 2
21st May - London, Islington Academy 2
4th June - London, Islington Academy 2

7. Pterodactyl - First Daze (Jagjaguawar)
Every week there is at least one record which changes my life in some way. This week it's the turn of Pterodactyl of whom I know next to nothing apart from the fact they have made an incredible record. It's called "Worldwild" and is available now through rough trade. I always like it when you can't pin down a bands influences and I have no idea what these guys have been listening to but I don't like to know too much. Records always sound better when there is a sense of mystery about their creators. This is actually the second Pterodactyl record. I can't wait to hear the first. 

8. F - The Untitled Dub (7even Recordings)

9. Magik Markers - The Lighter Side Of...Hippies (Drag City)
Another track from the Brooklyn band's new album "Balf Quarry" which will be released on 5th May. The sound of the summer!

10. The Coathangers - Killdozer (Suicide Squeeze)
This album is rapidly becoming one of my favorite records and if you haven't downloaded the live set further down this page then I would recommend you do so post haste. The album is called "Scramble" and will surely contain at least two tracks that will be in you end of year lists. 

11. Man Like Me - 9 Lives (Our Time)
Taken from the London bands debut self titled album which will be released on 11th May. 

7th May - London, New Slang @ McCluskys
9th May Bristol, The Lanes
14th May - London, YOYO
16th May - London, Dirty South

12. Art Brut - Just Desserts (Cooking Vinyl)
...well this is as good as anything on the new album. It's the b-side of the new single "Alchoholics Unanimous" and in my opinion is better than the a-side with Eddie at his lyrical best. 

13. Brighter - Noah's Ark (Sarah)

14. Dreamdate - How Low Are You (Skywriting)
Taken from the Californian bands second album "Patience" which is released this week through the well named Skywriting label.

15. Dananananaykroyd - (Best Before)
Another track from the new album "Hey Everyone".

16. Man Is Slapped - Running To The Airport (Demo)Italic
I saw Man Is Slapped just last week supporting Casiotone For The Painfully Alone at Fibbers in York and well impressed I was too. Lots of twiddly bits and improvised beats. I think I actually enjoyed his set more than Casiotone! This track comes from his four track demo which can be downloaded for free from the Man Is Slapped mypace page.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Bloody Valentine - The Palladium, Texas, April 2009

This is the latest bootleg from the American leg of the MBV tour. The sound is a bit on the quiet side for such a loud band but all in all not a bad recording. The rumours continue about the promise of some new material this year but still no official word. 

This is what the Dallas Morning News had to say about the gig.

 By PRESTON JONES / Special Contributor to The Dallas Morning News 

As the crowd filed into the Palladium Ballroom on Wednesday night, each person was handed a fresh pair of earplugs. While the protective devices are not an uncommon sight at rock shows, it's rare when a band insists on providing them.

But then, most bands don't have My Bloody Valentine's reputation.

Fronted by the enigmatic, exacting Kevin Shields, the Dublin-formed and London-based foursome (vocalist-guitarist Bilinda Butcher, bassist Debbie Googe and drummer Colm Ó Cíosóig ) lived up to its billing as one of music's loudest acts. Indeed, the finale – "You Made Me Realise" – was capped by nearly 15 minutes of sustained, tooth-rattling, gut-thumping cacophony; there was a veritable blizzard of feedback, some white noise, and, buried somewhere in there, the crash of Ó Cíosóig's cymbals.

For 90 minutes, from within a cocoon of dense, strobe-lit murk, My Bloody Valentine – which kept the stage patter to an absolute minimum – riveted a sadly thin but nevertheless ecstatic audience. Visceral in every sense of the word, the punishing wall of sound reeled from Shields' and Butcher's barely there vocals to spiraling guitar lines to thudding, breath-catching bass to cascading percussion.

My Bloody Valentine, which has only five U.S. dates scheduled, delivered the sort of performance that sticks with you long after the house lights come up and one which will surely be remembered come year's end. It's difficult to articulate precisely what it meant – and most crucially, felt like – to see and hear one of the most respected bands in the world do what it loves.

1. I Only Said
2. When You Sleep
3. You Never Should
4. When You Wake
5. Cigarette In Your Bed
6. Come In Alone
7. Only Shallow
8. Thorn
9. Nothing Much To Lose
10. To Here Knows When
11. Slow
12. Soon
13. Feed Me With Your Kiss
14. You Made Me Realise

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Inspiral Carpets - Demo Tape

I'm not entirely sure how rare (or not) this tape actually is. It was issued in 1988 on the Inspiral Carpets own Cow label with the catalogue number DUNG 4. I still actually remember buying it from Track Records in York principally because it looked interesting and was cheap, £3.99 I think which was a bargain for eleven tracks and I was only a skint young lad at the time spending any money I could lay my mucky mitts on on records. This is a bit of a classic though and still actually sounds quite good today. I always thought of this as the first album, recorded over three days after Christmas in 1987. As far as I know it was only ever on tape and will have therefore bypassed a lot of peoples ears. I still think "Joe" and "Butterfly" sound better than the later versions.

1. Keep The Circle Around
2. Seeds Of Doubt
3. Joe
4. Causeway
5. Inside My Head
6. Sun Don't Shine
7. Theme From Cow
8. Butterfly
9. 26
10. Garage Full Of Flowers
11. 96 Tears

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pod Fodder (Volume Thirty Seven)

1. Crocodiles - I Wanna Kill (Fat Possum)
Taken from their storming album "Summer Of Hate" which will be released on 28th April through Fat Possum. This is the first record I've heard by Crocodiles although there are some earlier seven inch singles which I must try and track down.

2. 65daysofstatic - Four Score And (Some Drum N' Bass) (Monotreme)
Taken from the new album "Escape From New York" which isn't so much a new album, they are encased in a studio in Sheffield sweating blood over that as we speak. This is the bands first live album. It was recorded last year while they were on tour with The Cure and as far as I can make out all of the tracks on here were recorded at the last two dates which took place at Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music Hall which let's face it are massive venues and I'm sure that must have been quite an experience for the band.
I would have given you a list of dates for their forthcoming tour but they all appear to be sold out apart from this one.

21st April - Leeds, Cockpit

3. The Wendy Darlings - Bowling Shoes (Lost Music)
Burning World loves The Wendy Darlings and if it was physically possible I would happily have their babies.

4. Scarlet Youth - Gleaming Endless Ocean (Homesick) 
Taken from the Finnish bands debut E.P. "Breaking The Patterns" which can be purchased from the bands website HERE.

5. Japandroids - Young Hearts Spark Fire (Unfamiliar)
This track is taken from the debut album "Post Nothing" which is a very impressive noise and will be released through Unfamiliar on 28th April. According to their myspace page they have released two previous EPs both of which have sold out and I don't have. The band are playing a shed load of dates in America and Canada over the next few months. I hope they feel the need to venture across the Atlantic later in the year.

6. Blind Mr Jones - Fading Fast (Cherry Red)
I think Blind Mr Jones were one of the most criminally underrated bands of the early nineties, and there were many of those. Strawberry Story springs to mind! This track comes from their "Crazy Jazz" twelve inch from 1992.

7. Mokira - Lord, Am I Going Down (Type)
This is the second track on Andreas Tilliander's latest album under his Mokira moniker and it's bloomin' great as they say up here. The album is called "Persona" and will be released through Type Records next week. There is a ten minute long track called "Oscillations and Tremolo" which is particularly good. Perhaps I'll stick it up here in a couple of weeks if I remember.

8. Other Girls - The Moth (Audio Eagle)
This album has been one of the treats of the week. Sometimes all you need are good songs. The Ohio bands debut album "Perfect Cities" will be released on 9th June so yes it probably is a little bit early to be playing tracks from it but....

9. Peggy Sue - Lover Gone (Thesaurus)
This is a track from the new Peggy Sue (now minus The Pirates) single which will be released in June. 

24th April - London, Camden Crawl
25th April - London, Camden Crawl
27th April - Brighton, Communion @ The Hanbury Ballroom
30th April - Northampton, Roadmenders
2nd May - York, The Basement
3rd May - Salford, Sacred Trinity Church @ Sounds From The Other City
4th May - Glasgow, Twisted Wheel
5th May - Manchester, Deaf Institute
6th May - Derby, The Royal
8th May - Norwich, Jurnets Bar
9th May - Southampton, Hamptons
10th May - Bristol, Cooler
15th May - London, The Borderline

10. We Were Promised Jetpacks - Quiet Little Voices (Fatcat)
One of the best of the current massive crop of Glaswegian talent doing the rounds. I think it was Mr Vincent who first introduced me to this bands music through his excellent "North Of The Border" fodder last year. He keeps threatening a follow-up but as yet...nip. Get yr ass in gear Vincent. This is a track from the new We Were Promised Jetpacks single which I'm quitesurprised to see being released through the mighty Fatcat Records. 

30th April - Glasgow. Hinterland Festival @ The Admiral Bar
14th May - Brighton, Great Escape Festival
9th June - Edinburgh, Cabaret Voltaire
15th June - Glasgow, King Tuts
17th June - Nottingham, Bodega
18th June - London, Lexington
19th June - Leeds, Cockpit
20th June - Newcastle, The End

11. Go Faster - Magazine Addiction (Alcopop)
Taken from the Liverpool bands debut release,  a five track EP called "A Modern Education" which is pretty damn fine, available now and begging for your ears. 

25th April - Aberdeen, Slanted & Enchanted @ The Tunnels

12. Tonikom - The Gesture (Hymen)
Taken from the album "The Snipers Veil". 

13. Black Moth Super Rainbow - The Fields Are Breathing (Memphis Industries)
Taken from the new album "Eating Us". Out 8th June in the UK and 26th May in North America. 

14. The Candy Twins - Good Friends (Lost)
I really will miss Lost Music now that they have decided to call it a day. This EP and The Wendy Darlings record are two of the best releases of the year, no question. This track is taken from The Candy Twins "Sad Glad Songs" EP which is indiepop of the highest order.  

15. The Lotus Plaza - Different Mirrors (Kranky)
You can always rely on Kranky Records not to let you down. Taken from the album "The Floodlight Collective" which is available now through the afore mentioned Kranky. 

16. Inspiral Carpets - Butterfly (Cow) 
It's probably years since I heard this track but for some reason it found it's way onto the turntable this week and considering it was released twenty years ago still sound pretty fresh. 

17. Yppah - They Know What Ghost Know (Ninja Tune)
Taken from the "Gumball Weekend" EP. 

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Coathangers - Red Eye Fly, 18th March 2009

This is The Coathangers set at this years SXSW event in Texas.
The bands debut album "Scramble" is on the Burning World i-pod on a daily basis and gets better with every listen. As much as I hate comparing new bands with old they really do remind me of Babes In Toyland circa "Spanking Machine". 

1. Stop Stomp Stompin' 
2. Gettin' Mad And Pumpin' Iron
3. Killdozer
4. 143
5. Athritis Sucks
6. unknown
7. Dreamboat
8. Toomerhead
9. Cheap Cheap
10. Unknown
11. Pussywillow

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Half Man Half Biscuit - London, Forum, 16th October 2008 (Re-Post)

Back by unpopular demand!

Half Man Half Biscuit bootlegs are like Half Man Half Biscuit gigs, all too scarce (which is probably why) so it's always nice when one does come along. This is a blistering two hour set recorded down in the capital. The sound quality is ok but it does sound as though it was recorded from the back and the bootlegger's mate has a very annoying habit of rabbiting on about crap. Apparently he thinks he was the youngest person in there. If anyone knows who the big mouthed t**t is could you please give him a prod in the nostril from me.Great gig though.

Download Part Two

1. Intro
2. Restless Legs
3. Fuckin' Ell It's Fred Titmus
4. Took Problem Chimp To The Ideal Home Show
5. Lock Up Your Mountain Bikes
6. Four Skinny Indie Kids
7. Petty Sessions
8. Shit Arm, Bad Tattoo
9. Bob Wilson Anchorman
10. Look Dad No Tunes
11. The Best Things In Life (reprise)
12. All I Want For Christmas Is A Dulka Prague Away Kit
13. Used To Be In Evil Gazebo
14. Ode To Joyce
15. Tending The Wrong Grave For 23 Years
16. Bad Losers On Yahoo Chess
17. Trumpton Riots
18. Vatican Broadside
19. Blue Badge Abuser
20. We Built This Village On A Trad. Arr Tune
21. Give Us Bubblewrap
22. A Country Practice
23. Everything's AOR
24. Twenty Four Hour Garage People
25. National Shite Day
26. (break)
27. For What Is Chatteris
28. Electricity
29. Joy Division Oven Gloves

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pod Fodder (Volume Thirty Six)

Download Here

1. Dananananaykroyd - Watch This! (Best Before)

This is a track from the best named band in Glasgow's new album "Hey Everyone!" which is quite simply bloody fantastic and available now.

16th April - London, Camden Barfly

25th April - London, Camden Crawl

1st May - Amsterdam, London Calling @ The Paradiso

2. Social System - Up Below It (Archipel)

Taken fron the album "Autumn > Spring" which is the fourth CD release on the Archipel label.

3. Magik Markers - Don't Talk In Your Sleep (Drag City)

This is definitely the best thing Magik Markers have done to date. Don't get me wrong I've enjoyed their previous albums by no small amount but this record is massive. The new album is called "Balf Quarry" and will be released through Drag City on 5th May. 

4. Primal Scream - Higher Than The Sun (Creation)

I played this earlier for no other reason that I wanted to hear it again and it still sound utterly mighty. Doesn't sound dated at all to my ears. 

5. The First Solidarity - Rootin' For A Tootin' (Lucky Hole)

The First Solidarity advise you to listen to this through decent speakers which is a damn good tip although I find decent headphones work just as well. This track comes from an E.P. called "Side By Side 001". 

6. South Ambulance - Davy Crockett (Indiecater

I'm sure your already familiar with this tune as it seems to be popping up all over the place at the moment, or maybe it's just my imagination. It comes from the new South Ambulance record which is cunningly titled "E.P.4) which is as you might have suspected the Swedish bands fourth E.P. although I'm pretty sure their previous material was on Labrador Records. The band say "E.P. 5" will be inflicted upon us later in the year. 

7. Fangs - S.I.C.K.O. (King Tuts) 

New single from the Glasgow band.

30th April - Glasgow, Hinterland Festival

2nd May - Glenrothes, Greenside

15th May - Brighton, The Great Escape @ Komedia

20th June - East Kilbride, East Kilbride Arts Centre

8. The Candy Twins - Good Friends (Lost Music)

Taken from their impressive "Sad Glad Songs" E.P. which unfortunately will be one of the final releases on Lost Music as Trev has decided to call it a day which is a great shame as there have been some fantastic records on Lost over the last few years. 

23rd May - Hampton, Party On The Pool

16th July - London, Dublin Castle 

9. Clark - The Magnet Mine (Warp

This new E.P. by Chris Clark almost slipped through the net. If your a regular in these parts you will undoubtedly remember me banging on about Clark's brilliant "Turning Dragon" record last year, well this is just as good. It's a six track E.P. called "Growls Garden" and was released a few weeks ago. Apparently we are going to be treated to a new album later in the year. My nipples quiver with expectation.

10. Easy Star All Stars - When I'm Sixty Four (Easy Star)

Let's face it if you were going to cover the whole of The Beatles "Sargent Peppers" album you would have to be either incredibly bold or very stupid. I'm not entirely sure which category Easy Star All Stars fall into but that is exactly what they have done and to be fair it's not a bad effort. Some of the tracks sound a bit over cooked but on the whole it's quite an enjoyable listen. This is my favorite track on the album particularly after about 2.40 when it goes all dubby. There is a whole festival of guest vocalists used throughout the album including the likes of Luciano, Max Romeo, U-Roy, Steel Pulse, Kirsty Rock, Matisyahu and so it continues. This track features the not inconsiderable vocal talents of Sugar Minott. The album is called "Easy Stars Lonely Hearts Dub Band" and will be released through their  own Easy Star label next week. 

11. Fallen - Clung To The Wreckage (Dizzy) 

This is one of the best records to fall through my letterbox recently. It's a very sexual three inch CD called "Feathers" on the rather reclusive Dizzy Recordings. Apparently there are only thirty of these so I'm not sure how easy it'll be to secure one but if you can it's well worth the effort. You could probably start at

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Flatmates - Central London Polytechnic, 28th November 1987

A pretty good recording for the time. A little bit tinny but I think it all adds to the atmosphere of the thing. Sounds like there was a pretty rough audiance at this one. At one point Debbie asks if someone could be kind enough to fetch her some lager to which a kind gentleman in the audience replies "Do you wanna drink it or wear it?". Nice

1. Tell Me Why
2. Sports Car Girl
3. Happy All The Time
4. So In Love With You
5. My Empty Head
6. When I'm With You
7. Barbarella Blue
8. This Thing Called Love
9. I Could Be In Heaven
10. You're Gonna Cry
11. Life Of Crime
12. Shimmer
13. Every Day
14. Happy All The Time
15. I Could Be In Heaven

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Pod Fodder (Volume Thirty Five)

Download Here

1. Detatchments - The Flowers That Fell (Thisisnotanexit) 

Excellent new single from the London band. 

3rd April - London, Kill Em All Launch @ Queen Of Hoxton

23rd April  - Brighton, Secret Discotheque @ Po Na Na

28th April - London, Buffalo Bar

29th April - Paris, Rock Is Dead? @ Fleche D'or

2nd May - Camden, Proud Galleries

6th May - Chelmsford, Barhouse

2. The Mary Onettes - Dare (Labrador) 

This is the title track from the Swedish band's new E.P. which will be released through Labrador on April 29th. 

3. Superchunk - Learned To Surf (Merge) 

Well I never thought I would ever hear a new Superchunk record so imagine my suprise when this little baby turned up last week. It's a five track E.P. called "Leaves In The Gutter" and features songs which they have been playing in live shows over the last couple of years. It does sound as though Superchunk are preparing to unleash a new album into the world before we're very much older and on the strength of this I'm looking forward to it already.

4. Richie Spice - Jah Never Let Us Down (Penthouse) 

Taken from the new compilation "Penthouse Showcase Volume Three".

5. Delphic - Counterpoint (R&S) 

Delphic are from the fine City of Manchester and as far as I'm aware this is their debut single which will be released on 13th April through R&S. 

9th April - London, Notting Hill Arts Club

12th April - Sheffield, The Plug

15th April - London, Pure Groove (in store)

21st April - London, Madame Jo Jo's

25th April - Manchester, The Chapel

12th May - Leeds, Cockpit (with Little Boots)

13th May - Manchester, Club Academy (with Little Boots)

6. Hook & The Twin - Race For The Bone (Self Released) 

This is a track from the debut single by the London based band. 

16th April - London, Go West @ Paradise Bar

30th April - London, Anorak Vs Moshi Moshi @ Hoxton Bar & Grill

13th May - London, The Victoria

28th May - London, Riff Raff @ Proud Galleries

29th May - London, Bar Music Hall

7. Conectivers - Tunes My (Promo)

8. And What Will Be Left Of Them? - L' Amour Violent (Pop Art) 

Taken from the Worcester bands debut album "The Hi-Fi Low Life" which was released last month through Pop Art.

10th April - Leominster, Tickled Pink @ The Royal Oak

11th April - Worcester, The Marrs Bar

12th April - Bristol, The Mother Ruin

23rd April - London, How Does It Feel To Be Loved @ Jamm, Brixton

1st May - Gloucester, Skins Party @ Glouceter Guildhall

5th June - Winchester, Lonely Hearts Club @ The Railway

9. Rico Tubbs - Hip Rave Anthem (Cheap Thrills) 

Hey! We're going old school. 

10. Dutch Schultz - On The Shelf (Di Di Mau) 

This is the title track from the Northern Ireland bands new E.P.

9th April - Portrush, Retro

10th April - Derry, Masons

11th April - Warrenpoint, INF

16th April - Belfast, Limelight

27th April - Galway, Roisin Dubh

8th May - Sligo, Clarence

29th May - Belfast, Sprin & Airbrake 

11. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Ramona (Slumberland

This is the b-side of the new single "Young Adult Friction" which was released through Slumberland last week. 

14th May - Brighton, Great Escape Festival

16th May - London, Brixton Windmill

17th May - Leicester, The Musician

18th May - Wrexham, Central Station

19th May - York, The Duchess (just try keeping me away from this one)

20th May - Glasgow - Nice n' Sleazy

21st May - Leeds, Cockpit

22nd May - Manchester, Chorlton Irish Centre

23rd May - Bristol, Dot To Dot Festival

24th May - Northampton, Dot To Dot Festival

12. The Big Pink - Velvet (4AD) 

I can't tell you anything at all about this band apart from the fact that this single is astounding. It puts me in mind of Primal Scream's "Higher Than The Sun" in some ways. Sublime. 

15th April - Sheffield, Leadmill

16th April - Glasgow, King Tuts

17th April - Manchester, Ruby Lounge

18th April - Dublin, Crawdaddy

20th April - Leeds, Cockpit

13. Spectors - There She Goes (10x Better) 

Another good new retro sounding indie band from the capitol. There seems to be a bit of a scene building up for that early nineties guitar sound. This track is one of two on the bands debut single.

16th April - London, 93 Feet East

30th April - London, Hope & Anchor

28th May - London, The Wimington Arms

14. Sarandon - Good Working Practice (Slumberland)

"Kill Twee Pop" was one of the best albums of 2008 and still gets the occasional play in my house. New record pleeeease!!!

15. The Wave Pictures - I Thought Of You Again (Moshi Moshi) 

Taken from the new album "If You Leave It Alone" which will be released through Moshi Moshi on 4th May. The title track will be released as a limited edition seven inch on 13th April. 

8th April - Coventry, The Tin Angel

9th April - Nottingham, The Rescue Rooms

10th April - Manchester, The Roundhouse

11th April - Leeds, Brudnell Social Club

12th April - Cardiff, Buffalo Bar

13th April - Bristol, Thelka

14th April - Brighton, The Freebutt

15th April - London, ICA 

Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Fall - The Junction, Cambridge, 31st March 2009

Well you can't have too much of a good thing and this was the gig I really wanted to hear in any case. The sound on this is much better than the Koko gig further down this page and I think the band are sounding tremendous at the moment. The next chance to catch up with them will (hopefully) be at the end of the month when they participate in the Camden Crawl. Can't wait for a new record. 

1. Intro
2. Hot Cake
3. My Door Is Never
4. Wolf Kidult Man
5. Fall Sound
6. Chino Splashback
7. 50 Year Old Man
8. Funnel Of Love
9. I've Been Duped
10. Latch Key Kid
11. Reformation
12. Carry Bag Man
13. Blindness
14. Outro

Friday, April 03, 2009

The Fall - Koko, 1st April 2009

The Fall on April Fools Day, marvellous. Not that I'm saying M.E.S. is a fool but he must have looked rather comical beetling around the stage in his wheelchair like Chorlton & The Wheelies (due to his broken hip). I just wish I could have been there. Still I guess this is the next best thing. Not the best recording in the world, slightly on the quiet side but decent never the less and by the sounds of it a damn fine performance by the Godlike one. 

1. Hot Cake
2. My Door Is Never
3. Wolf Kidult Man
4. Fall Sound 
5. 50 Year Old Man (Part One)
6. 50 Year Old Man (Part Two)
7. Funnel Of Love
8. Chino Splashback
9. Latch Key Kid
10. I've Been Duped
11. Carry Bag Man
13. Reformation
13. (break)
14. White Lightning
15. Blindness
16. Outro

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Pod Fodder (Volume Thirty Four)

Download Here

1. Venetian Snares - Deep Dicking (Planet Mu)

Hot on the heels of the Last Step album, a track from which can be heard in Pod Fodder 29 Aaron Funk returns with his Venetian Snares and another new record.  "Filth" will be released through Planet Mu on April 13th.

2. Liechtenstein - Everything's For Sale (Drill Building) 

This is a track from a new three track CD-R by Swedens Liechtenstein. If you liked the bands previous two single I can guarantee this will tickle your nipples.

14th April - Dresden, The Wimp Club @ Ost-Pol

15th April - Berlin, P!O!P! Kombinat Berlin@ Bang Bang Club

18th April - Hamburg - The Hamburg P!O!P! Weekender 2009 @ Prinzenbar

15th May - New York, NYC Popfest 2009 @ Don Hills

3. The Starlets - Radio Friendly (Stereotone) 

More top quality stuff from Glasgow which means they're almost certainly on first name terms with Mr Vincent. This is a track from their new album "Out Into The Days From Here" which will be released on 27th April through their own Stereotone label. In addition to the two London gigs listed below the band will be playing a "secret" warm-up gig at the Halt Bar in Glasgow on 4th April. So now ya know...

8th April - London, 229

1st May - London, The Camden Head

4. Cuckooland - Radio Friendly (Damaged Goods) 

Lead track from a seven inch single released by the former Shelley's Children in 1994.

5. Cyanide Pills - Break It Up (Damaged Goods) 

This track is from the Leeds bands debut single which is available on a very sexual yellow vinyl seven inch. Incidentally this year will be Damaged Goods Records twenty first anniversary. Well done boys... now lets have a new Billy Childish record.

25th April - Leeds, Josephs Well

6. Eureka Brown - Full Speed Ahead (Self Released) 

Taken from the album "Digitalia"

7. The Wedding Present - It's Not Unusual (RCA) 

This was the last track on the Weddo's "Kennedy" twelve inch released in 1989. This is miles better than the Tom Jones version. 

8. Brass Monkey - The Press Gang (Topic) 

I dunno... I just like it. Taken from the album "Head Of Steam" which will be released in the U.K. on 20th April. 

9. Projekt A-ko - Here Comes New Challenger (Filthy Little Angels) 

Another track from the band's debut album "Yoyodyne" which will be released on 20th April. 

10. Inverness - Flood Waves (Self Released) 

Taken from the album "Forest Fortress".

11. Hatcham Social - So So Happy Making (Fierce Panda) 

Another track from the London band's excellent debut album "You Dig The Tunnel, I'll Hide The Soil". I think this lot could be destined for great things. 

1st April - Sheffield, Stock Room

16th April - Manchester, Night & Day

18th April - Reading, Oakford Social Club

23rd April - Hartlepool, The Studio

24th April - Whitley Bay, Trojan Rooms

25th April - London, Camden Crawl

6th May - York, The Duchess

7th May - Liverpool, Barfly

8th May - Glasgow, ABC 2

9th May - Wakefield, Escobar

11th May - London, King's College

15th May - Brighton, The Great Escape

12. The Wendy Darlings - Eleasy (Is My Fantasy But Wendy D Is Paying Me) (Lost Music) 

The Wendy Darlings are my favorite band at the moment. I really hope they find their way over to our shores before the year is out and while I'm being greedy an album wouldn't go amiss. This track comes from the current E.P. "We Come With Friendly Purposes" which is available through Lost Music and needs to be part of your life. 

13. Church Of Misery - Shotgun Boogie (Rise Above

Taken from the album "Houses Of The Unholy" which will be released through Rise Above on 20th April. The Japanese band are soon to embark on a European tour which reaches the U.K. in May. See the bands Myspace for more details.   

14. The Early Years - Like A Suicide (Sonic Cathedral) 

Taken from the compilation album "Cathedral Classics Volume One" which is a collection of all the tracks from the first eleven Sonic Cathedral singles and includes tracks from the likes of Mark Gardner, The Tambourines, Kyte, School Of Seven Bells, Japancakes and loads of others who's names I've temporarily forgotten. 

The next set of Sonic Cathedral nights will take place at:-

10th April - London, The Luminaire

16th April - London, The Legion

19th April - London, The Social

24th April - London, St Giles In The Fields Church

How nice would it be to see some nights outside London?

15. Wry - Disorder (Monstro Discos

Taken from the Brazilian outfit's debut album "She Science". 

16. The Coathangers - Bury Me (Suicide Squeeze) 

This album is immense. I can't think of any other word for it. If you like your music with attitude this record is for you. A suitcase full of squirrels wouldn't be as pissed as this lot. The album is called "Scramble" and can be ordered from the Suicide Squeeze website. I've just noticed there is a limited edition yellow vinyl version which I think I need to buy.

17. 16 Bit - In The Death Car (Boka) 

You might remember a few weeks back I played a track which featured a chainsaw revving all over the place. Well this track comes from that self same E.P. and is in fact the title track. There's a vocal mix of this as well but I think the voice just spoils it.