Friday, March 06, 2009

Sonic Youth - Liverpool Royal Court, 7th September 1990

This is a pretty good recording of Thurston and co. during their "Goo" period. The versions of the "Goo" tracks actually sound better than their recorded counterparts. Although I really liked the tracks on "Goo" the album sounded over produced to my ears, probably something to do with signing to the rather large Geffen corporation. Still we all make mistakes and Sonic Youth have since produced some remarkable work and it's various members still continue to make noise.

1. Stereo Sanctity
2. Mote
3. Flower
4. Kill Yr Idols
5. Tunic
6. Dirty Boots
7. Catholic Block
8. Mary Christ
9. Kool Thing
10. Cinderella's Big Score
11. Tom Violence
12. White Kross
13. My Friend Goo
14. Titanium Expose

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