Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Fall - Demo's & Rarities 1981-2002

This is an interesting bootleg. I don't think I've seen a collection of Fall demo's before so this is a bit of a find. Quality wise it's actually pretty damn good and features some interesting early versions of tracks we know and love. The version of C.R.E.E.P is particularly strange in that it sounds like the sort of re-make you might hear coming over the system in your local supermarket (if you had a supermarket which played The Fall). There are a few things which I've not heard before such as the particularly good "Hey! Mark Riley" which as far as I know has not been released before but I'm sure some clever bugger will soon tell me that it was the b side of the thing which I missed and everybody has it (usually the way it goes). I don't think I've ever heard the Drum Club remixes of "Middle Class Revolt" before either so this compilation is a real treat. Enjoy...

1. Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul (1981 Demo)
2. Neighbourhood Of Infinity (1983 Demo)
3. C.R.E.E.P. (1983 Demo)
4. Hey! Mark Riley (1985 Demo)
5. Whizz Bang (1989 Peel Session track, never broadcast)
6. Simon's Dream (1990 Demo)
7. Middle Class Revolt (Drum Club, Prozac Mix 1994)
8. Middle Class Revolt (Drum Club, Orange In The Mouth Mix 1994)
9. Bonkers In Phoenix (1994 Demo)
10. The Chiselers (1996 Demo)
11. The Ballad Of J. Drummer (1996 Demo)
12. The Horror In Clay (1998 Demo)
13. Nev's Country (2000 Demo)
14. Rubber (2000 Outtake)
15. Weirdo (2000 Outtake)
16. Iodeo (Green Eyed Loco Man 2002 Demo)
17. Dramatic (2002 Outtake)
18. Mark E. Smith interview 1983

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