Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Fall - Demo's & Rarities 1981-2002

This is an interesting bootleg. I don't think I've seen a collection of Fall demo's before so this is a bit of a find. Quality wise it's actually pretty damn good and features some interesting early versions of tracks we know and love. The version of C.R.E.E.P is particularly strange in that it sounds like the sort of re-make you might hear coming over the system in your local supermarket (if you had a supermarket which played The Fall). There are a few things which I've not heard before such as the particularly good "Hey! Mark Riley" which as far as I know has not been released before but I'm sure some clever bugger will soon tell me that it was the b side of the thing which I missed and everybody has it (usually the way it goes). I don't think I've ever heard the Drum Club remixes of "Middle Class Revolt" before either so this compilation is a real treat. Enjoy...

1. Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul (1981 Demo)
2. Neighbourhood Of Infinity (1983 Demo)
3. C.R.E.E.P. (1983 Demo)
4. Hey! Mark Riley (1985 Demo)
5. Whizz Bang (1989 Peel Session track, never broadcast)
6. Simon's Dream (1990 Demo)
7. Middle Class Revolt (Drum Club, Prozac Mix 1994)
8. Middle Class Revolt (Drum Club, Orange In The Mouth Mix 1994)
9. Bonkers In Phoenix (1994 Demo)
10. The Chiselers (1996 Demo)
11. The Ballad Of J. Drummer (1996 Demo)
12. The Horror In Clay (1998 Demo)
13. Nev's Country (2000 Demo)
14. Rubber (2000 Outtake)
15. Weirdo (2000 Outtake)
16. Iodeo (Green Eyed Loco Man 2002 Demo)
17. Dramatic (2002 Outtake)
18. Mark E. Smith interview 1983

Friday, March 27, 2009

Lush - The Vatican, Houston, Texas, 7th April 1992

Lush were definitly one of the better bands of the early nineties. From their first single the "Mad Love E.P." with it's lovely blue sleeve Lush were a little bit special. This recording captures them at the peak of their powers over the pond in 1992.

1. Stray/Bitter
2. God's Gift
3. Nothing Natural
4. Ocean
5. For Love
6. Starlust
7. Covert/De-Lux
8. Downer
9. Sweetness & Light
10. Superblast!
11. Monochrome
12. Baby Talk

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pod Fodder (Volume Thirty Three)

Download Here

1. Pocketbooks - Fleeting Moments (How Does It Feel To Be Loved)

Taken from the bands debut album "Flight Paths" which will be released in June.

3rd April - Brixton, Jamm

11th April - Hull, Adelphi

12th April - Newcastle, Fake Indie Label @ Head Of Steam

25th April - London, How Does It Feel To Be Loved @ The Luminaire

28th April - London, Carrot & Stick @ 100 Club

2. 2D feat MC Kemon - Puppet Show (Resin)

According to something I read on another site MC Kemon spent much of his teenage years playing professional football in Budapest so he clearly is a man of many talents. I wonder if he can still play. York City are short of a good player or two at the moment!!

3. Alex Gladwell - Song (Self Released)

This track comes from what I think is Alex's debut album "Fantasia" which you can download in it's entirety absolutely free from HERE. Usually when artists try to mix several styles it all goes a bit flat but Alex Gladwell really seems to have pulled it off (the music that is).

4. Here We Go Magic - Ghost List (Western Vinyl)

Taken from the self titled debut album which I think is released this very week.

5. Camera Obscura - Swans (4AD)

Some bands just seem incapable of producing a bad record just as some bands can't make a good one (no names mentioned). Camera Obscura fall firmly into the former category with their third album "My Maudlin Career" which is in my opinion their best yet. Maybe it's just me but Tracyanne's Scottish accent sounds much stronger than it used to and you can't whack a good Scottish accent. "My Maudlin Career" will be released through 4AD on 20th April. The band are currently at SXSW in Texas with seemingly every other band on the planet but have a string of UK dates to embark on upon their return.

21st April - Newcastle, Academy 2

22nd April - Manchester, Club Academy

23rd April - London, Shepherds Bush Empire

24th April - Warwick, Leamington Assembly

25th April - Sheffield, Leadmill

26th April - Glasgow, Barrowlands

29th April - Belfast, The Stiff Kitten (great name for a venue)

30th April - Dublin, Andrews Lane Theatre

6. Anti Ear Drum - Stef's Harde Style Mix (HSH)

Taken from the excellent "Brainscan E.P."

7. A Sunny Day In Glasgow - (Cult Of) The Cemetery Flowers (Mandolins Version) (Geographic North)

This track comes from a seven inch which was released last year and somehow slipped through the net.

8. Hatcham Social - Hypnotize Terrible Eyes (Fierce Panda)

Taken from the excellent debut album "You Dig The Tunnel, I'll Hide The Soil"

26th March - Cambridge, The Junction

27th March - Stoke, Sugarmill

28th March - Liverpool, Academy 2

1st April - Sheffield, Stock Room

16th April - Manchester, Night & Day

18th April - Reading, Oakford Social Club

24th April - Whitley Bay, Trojan Rooms

25th April - London, Camden Crawl

8th May - Glasgow, ABC 2

11th May - London, Kings College

9. Fuck Dress - Everythings Ultra Now (NR One)

Regular readers may recall we featured Fuck Dress last year with their brilliant track "Suburban Nietzsche Freak". Well they're back with a new E.P. which actually features that track alongside three other top tunes. I can't recommend this E.P. enough. As Mr Vincent would say ATTITUDE!!!!!

10. Friendship - The Graveyard Shift (Too Pure)

This is the latest offering from the Too Pure singles club which I don't think has issued a bad record yet. This one will be issued to singles club subscribers at the end of April and if you fancy a quality limited edition seven inch dropping through your letterbox every month then get over to their site and subscribe. I don't think you'll regret it.

11. The Kabeedies - Little Brains (NR One)

This is a track from the new Kabeedies single which features no less than three top tunes and will be available from 13th April. What's particularly good though is their forthcoming mini tour of venues in County Durham. I think more bands should get off the beaten track and play more unusual places.

1st April - Sheffield, Stockroom

3rd April - Stanley, The Lamplight

4th April - Newton Aycliffe, Greenfields Community College

5th April - Middleton In Teesdale, UTASS drop in

6th April - Bishop Aukland, Postchaise Hotel

7th April - Peterlee, East Durham College

8th April - Manchester, Dry Bar

14th April - Norwich, Tilting Sky: Red @ The B2

15th April - Norwich, Tilting Sky: White @ The B2

16th April - Norwich, Tilting Sky: Blue @ The B2

17th April - Cambridge, The Junction

18th April - Bradford, 1 in 12 Club

19th April - Hull, Adelphi

21st April - London, Guided Missile @ The Lexington Arms

23rd April - Sunderland, Polar Bear @ The White Room

12. The Fall - Sparta FC (Action)

There's only so many hours you can survive without hearing a Fall record so I consider this a service to humanity. The Fall are playing at The Junction, Cambridge on 31st March so if anyone's planning to record it a copy sent in this direction would be greatly appreciated.

13. Sharmaji & DJ Boo - Skank Ethics (Original Mix) (Low Motion)

14. Tiny Masters Of Today - Skeletons (Mute)

New single. Out 13th April

15. White Light Parade - Wake Up (Promo)

White Light Parade are from Bradford and if I'm honest I've not being too impressed with their previous singles but this one is a bit of a corker.

16. Town Bike - Bad Girls (Super Kawaii Pop)

This is another track from the Liverpool bands debut album "Go, Fight, Win" which I'm sure is a staple diet on your i-pod already.

7th April - Liverpool, Bar Fresa

8th May - Birmingham, Scruffy Murphy's

9th May - Hull, Adelphi

16th May - Oldham, The Castle

26th May - Liverpool, The Cavern Club

12th June - Manchester, Retro Bar

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - New York, 13th March 2009

I'm really looking forward to seeing "The Pains" when they arrive in the UK in May. Their self titled debut album is one of the best pop records I've heard in ages and yet there are still people who don't know who they are. This set was recorded in New York last week and if you are new to the band this is quite a good place to start.

1. Doing All The Things That Wouldn't Make Your Parents Proud
2. This Love Is Fucking Right
3. Young Adult Friction
4. Falling Over
5. Come Saturday
6. The Tenure Itch
7. 103
8. (jibber jabber)
9. A Teenager In Love
10. (more jibber jabber)
11. Everything With You
12. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
13. (yet more jibber jabber)
14. Orchard Of My Eye
15. Hey Paul
Check them out at.....
1st April - Los Angeles, Spaceland
24th April - Wallingford, Wallingford American Legion (All Ages)
25th April - Ithaca, Risley Hall, Cornell University (All Ages)
26th April - Northampton, Iron Horse Hall
27th April - Rochester, The Bug Jar
28th April - Toronto, Lee’s Palace
29th April - Pontiac, The Pike Room at Crofoot
30th April - Cleveland, Beachland Tavern
1st May - Columbus, The Summit
2nd May - Nashville, The End
3rd May - Atlanta, Earl (18+)
4th May - Chapel Hill, Local 506 (18+)
5th May - Baltimore, Talking Head Club (All Ages)
6th May - Philadelphia, The Barbary (All Ages, Early)
7th May - Lemoyne, Champion Ship (All Ages)
12th May - New York, Bowery Ballroom (18+)
14th May - Great Escape Festival @ Pavilion Plan B
15th May - London - TBA
16th May - London, Brixton Windmill
17th May - Leicester, The Musician
18th May - Wrexham, Central Station
19th May - York, The Duchess
20th May - Glasgow, Nice and Sleazy
21st May - Leeds, Cockpit
22nd May - Manchester, Chorlton Irish Centre
23rd May - Bristol, Dot to Dot Festival
24th May - Nottingham, Dot to Dot Festival

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pod Fodder (Volume Thirty Two)

Download Here

1. The Candy Twins - Happy Families (Lost Music )
This track was advertised to be in last weeks Fodder but due to my inexcusable incompetence.. wasn't. All good things are worth waiting for however and this track is one of them. It comes from a new E.P. on Lost Music called "Sad Glad Songs" (LMC002) which is quite frankly quality. There are only to be two hundred copies pressed however so haste might be an advantage.

2nd April - London, Buffalo Bar
23rd May - Hampton, Party On The Pool

2. DJ D Vs Nitrogenics - Melodic Art (Hardcore Blasters)

3. Grand Duchy - Forte Wayne (Cooking Vinyl)
Another track from the album "Petits Fours" of which I've read a couple of luke warm reviews but I think this is as good as anything Black Francis has ever produced.

4. Art Brut - Demons Out! (Cooking Vinyl)
It's always a sunny day when a new Art Brut album makes it's way into my clammy paws. This is the bands third album and still they show no sign of running out of ideas. Interestingly this album is produced by a certain Black Francis (who appeared on the previous track) and has given this record a slightly harder sound than the first two albums. It's always hard to pick out a stand out track on an Art Brut album but this is one of the tracks I keep coming back to. "Art Brut Vs Satan" will be released on 20th April and preceded by a new single "Alcoholics Unanimous" on 6th April.

19th March - Sheffield, Fuzz Club
5th April - Exeter, The Phoenix
23rd April - Kingston, New Slang Club @ McCluskies
26th April - Poole, Mr Kyp's
27th April - Manchester, Academy 3
28th April - Birmingham, Academy 2
29th April - Newcastle, Other Rooms
30th April - York, The Duchess (I can't decide whether to go to this gig or go next door to Fibbers for Sky Larkin!!)
1st May - Leeds, Cockpit
2nd May - Glasgow, Stereo
4th May - Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
5th May - Bristol, Thekla
6th May - Brighton, Concorde 2
7th May - London, Electric Ballroom

The tour then moves off into Europe and beyond. See their Myspace for more details.

5. Televised Crimewave - Listen And Repeat (Pure Groove)
This is the lead track from the band's debut single which is available this very week on a rather sexy seven inch single.

19th March - Brighton, The Handbury Ballroom
20th March - Chelmsford, Club NME
21st March - Sheffield, Death By Shoes @ The Cremorne
27th March - London - No Fiction @ Power, Kilburn
2nd April - London, XFM Presents @ 333
9th April - London, The Playground @ Proud Galleries
16th April - Middlesborough, Warehouse
25th April - London, Camden Crawl
16th May - Brighton, The Great Escape Festival
22nd May - Doncaster, Club NME @ The Priory

6. Projekt A-ko - Molten Hearts (Filthy Little Angels)
Taken from the Scottish band's debut album "Yoyodyne" which is scheluled for release on 20th April.

7. Grauwelt - An Accident (Lab-Oratory)
Taken from the album "Obsolete" which was released last week.

8. Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - Natural Light (Tomlab)
Hot on the heels of his "Advance Base Battery Life" compilation which brought together some of the more obscure moments from Owen Ashworth's Casiotone comes a brand new collection of songs. "Vs Children" is the fourth proper Casiotone album and will be released through Tomlab on 7th April and there will also be one or two gigs in support of these releases.

11th April - Muenchen, Orangehouse
12th April - Koeln, Subway
14th April - Bristol, The Croft
15th April - Nottingham, The Bodega
17th April - Galway, Roisin Dubh
18th April - Cork, The Quad
19th April - Dublin, Whelans
20th April - Manchester, The Deaf Institute
21st April - Glasgow, NicenSleazy
22nd April - Edinburgh, Sneaky Pete's
23rd April - Sheffield, The Shakespeare
24th April - York, Fibbers
25th April - Brighton, Freebutt
27th April - London, The Luminaire
29th April - Oslo, Blaa
1st May - Stockholm, Strand
2nd May - Aarhus, Pop Revo Festival
3rd May - Copenhagen, Loppen
4th May - Hamburg, Knust
5th May - Berlin, Festsaal Kreuzberg
6th May - Prague, Klub 007 Strahov
7th May - Wien, Arena
8th May - Minehead, All Tomorrow's Parties
10th May - Paris, Maroquinerie &
11th May - Amsterdam, Paradiso
12th May - Lueneburg, Gebaeude 9
13th May - Nuernberg, MUZ
14th May - Wiesbaden, Schlachthof
15th May - Luxembourg, Exit07
16th May - Saarbruecken, Sparte04
17th May - Leipzig, UT Connewitz

9. Nathan Fake - The Turtle (Border Community)
Taken from the album "Hard Islands" which is schedueled for release on 18th May.

19th March - Lisboa - Lux
20th March - Coimbra, Via Latina
21st March - Oporto, Gare
27th March - Glasgow, Pressure @ The Arches
28th March - Nijmegan, Doornroosje
3rd April - Berlin, Tresor
4th April - Liverpool, O2 Academy
10th April - Geneva, Electron Festival

10. The Wendy Darlings - Get Up (Lost Music)
I'm absolutely loving this band at the moment. They're French and remind me of everything that's great in pop. This track is taken from the bands forthcoming seven track E.P. which will be released through the mighty Lost Music soon.

11. 808 Empire - Kyro-genics (Space Re-Dub) (Electric Kingdom)

12. Trespassers William - The Lids (Gizeh)
This track comes from the Seattle bands new E.P. "The Natural Order Of Things" which will be released on 25th May. Apparently they will be heading towards Europe sometime in the Autumn.

13. The London Apartments - Satellites (Self Released)
Taken from the Canadian bands excellent album "Signals & Cities" which is available for free download in full from the bands website HERE

14. My Bloody Valentine - Drive It All Over Me (Creation)
Taken from the "You Made Me Realise" E.P. which was released back in 1988 through the mighty Creation Records.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Jesus & Mary Chain - Whisky A Go Go, Hollywood, 11/10/1988

This is a decent recording of one of three gigs the Mary Chain performed in the states in 1988. While the quality is not perfect it's a damn good listen and I particularly like their take on "Surfin' USA".

1. Rider
2. The Hardest Walk
3. Surfin' USA
4. Darklands
5. You Trip Me Up
6. Just Like Honey
7. April Skies
8. Coast To Coast
9. Fall
10. The Living End
11. Nine Million Rainy Days
12. Inside Me
13. Who Do You Love
14. Sidewalking
15. Gimme Hell
16. Kill Surf City

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Joy Formidable - Birmingham Barfly 8th March 2009

This is The Joy Formidable recorded live at Barfly in Birmingham last week. I saw them in York a couple of weeks ago and they played a brilliant, if rather short set. This set is unfortunately no longer. Six tracks in half an hour, five of which are included on their debut album "A Balloon Called Moaning" which if memory serves is available for free download from the bands Myspace site.

Ritzy - Guitar/Vocals
Rhydian - Bass
Matt - Drums

1. Soundcheck
2. The Greatest Light Is The Greatest Shade
3. Cradle
4. The Last Drop
5. Whirring
6. Anemone
7. Austere
Upcoming Dates
13th March - Aberdeen, Moshulu*
14th March - Sheffield, Plug*
15th March - Manchester, Club Academy*
16th March - Liverpool, Academy 2*
28th March - London, The Playground @ 93 Feet East
3rd April - Ancona, Neon
4th April - Bologna, Turin
5th April - Florence, La Linonaia
9th April - London, Fabric
24th April - Eastbourne, Eastbourne Festival
25th April - London, Camden Crawl
14th May - Brighton, The Great Escape

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pod Fodder (Volume Thirty One)

Download Here

1. Camera Obscura - French Navy (4AD)
Camera Obscura return with a new single and a new album on a new label. The Edinburgh bands third album "My Maudlin Career" will be released through 4AD on 20th April and is to be preceded by the single "French Navy" on 13th April.

23rd April - London, Shepherds Bush Empire
26th April - Glasgow, Barrowlands

2. Le Corps Mince De Francois - Bitch Of The Bitches (Limping Boy Remix)
This is a remix of the Scandinavian bands new single which was released last week.
3. El Jesus De Magico - Summer Of Luhv (Columbus Discount)
Taken from their "Scalping The Guru" twelve inch which I believe is limited to just three hundred copies and is more or less sold out which is a shame. I think we might have to play another track in the coming weeks.
4. Coltraine Motion - The Year Without Summer (75 Or Less)
This is a track from the new coloured vinyl seven inch out sometime this month. Good stuff this.

8th March - Cleveland, B Side Liquor Lounge
9th March - Arlington, Galaxy Hut
10th March - Philadelphia, The Fire
11th March - Brooklyn, Public Assembly
12th March - Pittsburgh, Club Cafe
13th March - Dayton, The Coffee Shop
14th March - Cincinnati, Northside Tavern
15th March - Champaign, Mike n Molly's
21st March - Minneapolis, Hexagon Bar
11th April - Chicago, Beat Kitchen
5. I Octane - Different Page (mp3)

6. The Wedding Present - Dalliance (RCA)

Taken from the Leeds god's 1991 album "Seamonsters".

7. Hermas Zopoula - Couron Scourez (Asthmatic Kitty) I mean come on.... How good is this!! Hermas Zopoula comes from Burkina Faso in Africa and is the youngest of no less than thirty six siblings. This track comes from the first record I've heard from Hermas. It's called "Espoir" and is a real treat. I don't know if this guy has recorded any previous records and if he had I would imagine they would be virtually impossible to locate but I really think every person alive on the planet should hear this record at least once in their lifetime. Yes it is that good.

8. The Quotes - Lot Lips (Drohnwerks)
Taken from the album "Reinforcements Have Arrived".

9. Bleech - Is It True That Boys Don't Cry (Ban*Jam)
Excellent debut single from the East Londoners which will be available from 14th April.

8th March - London, Worlds End
11th March - London, Bar Vinyl
13th March - Norwich, King Edward VII
15th March - London, Proud Gallery (Free Entry)
15th March - London, Worlds End (Free Entry)
19th March - London, Proud Gallery
21st March - Watford, The Flag
26th March - London, The Enterprise
29th March - London, Worlds End (Free Show)
4th April - London, The Wilmington
9th April - Hemil Hempstead, Function Rooms
10th April - London, Tommy Flynn's
12th April - London, Worlds End (Free Show)
16th April - London, The Enterprise
17th April - Swindon, The Furnace
19th April - London, Dublin Castle
23rd April - London, New Cross Inn

10. Lotus Plaza - Quicksand (Kranky)
Taken from the album "The Floodlight Collective" which will is the debut solo offering from Deerhunter guitarist Lockett Pundt and will be released through Kranky on March 23rd.

11. Tarlton - Overport (Afternoon)
Taken from the "The Papa Thesis" E.P.

12. The Candy Twins - Happy Families (Lost Music)
More great tuneage from the nice people at Lost Music. This is a track from The Candy Twins debut E.P. "Sad Glad Songs" which is available right now.

2nd April - London, Buffalo Bar
23rd May - Hampton, Party On The Pool (Open air pool apparently)

13. The Strange Boys - Woe Is You & Me (In The Red)
This album seems to have been rather a long time in coming still it's here now. It's called "And Girls Club" and can be purchased from the In The Red website.

14. Wake The President - Just Give Me Two Secs (Electric Honey)
Another track from the Glasgow band's excellent debut album "You Can't Change That Boy" which is released this week.

13th March - London, Twee As Fuck @ Buffalo Bar
16th March - London, Rough Trade (instore)
29th March - Aberdeen, The Tunnels
23rd April - Glasgow, Popmorphic

15. Underground Railroad - Pick The Ghost (One Little Indian)
I saw these guys supporting Fight Like Apes the other night and they were brilliant. This is a track from their new E.P. which follows last years "Sticks & Stones" album and was released through One Little Indian Last week.

16. Birdland - Everybody Needs Somebody (Lazy)
Yeah, I know...

Friday, March 06, 2009

Sonic Youth - Liverpool Royal Court, 7th September 1990

This is a pretty good recording of Thurston and co. during their "Goo" period. The versions of the "Goo" tracks actually sound better than their recorded counterparts. Although I really liked the tracks on "Goo" the album sounded over produced to my ears, probably something to do with signing to the rather large Geffen corporation. Still we all make mistakes and Sonic Youth have since produced some remarkable work and it's various members still continue to make noise.

1. Stereo Sanctity
2. Mote
3. Flower
4. Kill Yr Idols
5. Tunic
6. Dirty Boots
7. Catholic Block
8. Mary Christ
9. Kool Thing
10. Cinderella's Big Score
11. Tom Violence
12. White Kross
13. My Friend Goo
14. Titanium Expose

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Los Campesinos - Jacksonville, 10th January 2009

This is a pretty good recording of Los Campesinos recent gig at Jack Rabbits in Jacksonville, Florida. A decent performance all told, I mean have Los Campesinos ever performed a bad one? The only snag for me is the lack of new songs. I suppose when you consider the two albums last year it's a bit hard to whinge at them but..... I want more!!!

1. Ways To Make It Through The Wall
2. International Tweexcore Underground
3. All Your Kayfabe Friends
4. Death To Los Campesinos
5. Miserabilia
6. This Is How You Spell Ha Ha Ha I've Destroyed The Hopes And Dreams Of A Generation Of Faux Romantics
7. Drop It Doe Eyes
8. (jibber jabber)
9. Documented Minor Emotional Breakdown #1
10. My Year In Lists
11. You! Me! Dancing!
12. We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed
13. Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks

If you like what you hear and you're in the right part of the world...

5th March - Mexico City, Lunario Nacional
7th March - Guadalajara, Teatro Estudio Cavaret
29th March - Philadelphia, Theatre Of Living Arts
30th March - Burlington, Higher Ground
31st March - Montreal, La Sala Rosa
1st April - Toronto, Opera House
2nd April - Detroit, Magic Stick
3rd April - Milwaukee, Turner Hall
4th April - Minneapolis, Fine Line Cafe
5th April - Omaha, Waiting Room
7th April - Denver, Bluebird Theatre
10th April - Seattle, Neumo's
11th April - Vancouver, Richard's On Richard's
12th April - Portland, Wonder Ballroom
13th April - Sacramento, Harlows
15th April - San Francisco, Slims
16th April - Santa Barbara, Velvet Jones
17th April - California, Coachella Festival
11th July - Lisbon, Alive! Festival

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Pod Fodder (Volume Thirty)

Download Here

1. LR Rockets - Cameron Is Connected (Little Power)
This is a track from the new single which will be available from 9th March.

28th February - London, Playground @ 93 Feet East (with The RGB's)
3rd March - London, Guided Missile @ Buffalo Bar (with Screaming Tea Party)
12th March - London, Red Stripe Gig @ Dingwalls
27th March - London, Club NME @ Koko
31st March - London, The Good Ship (with Temposhark)
8th April - London, Kids Love Lies single launch @ The Lexington

2. The Ruling Class - Marian Shrine (Shelflife)
I keep forgetting kusthow good this band are. To my (limited) knowlege this is still their only release. It's called the "Tour De Force EP" and features a picture of a very attractive bus stop on the cover.

5th March - London, The Sect @ Catch 22
19th March - London, Monto @ 229
28th March - Reading, Dead Cities Club @ Plug N Play
10th April - Moscow, Crisis Of The Genre
11th April - Moscow, Crisis Of The Genre
21st April - Hamburg, Gruner Jager
22nd April - Dresden, Ost-Pol
23rd April - Berlin, Bang Bang Club
4th July - Barcelona - Faraday Festival
3. Mount Kimbie - Maybes (Hotflush)
This is, as far as I knowe from the debut EP by London's Mount Kimbie. It's a four track EP and is more than worth the entrance fee. It will be available through Hotflush from 9th March.

4. Brutal Force - Drifting Away (Brutal Force)
There just aren't enough records like this any more, but the search is on....

5. Butcher Boy - Why I Like Babies (How Does It Feel To Be Loved)
This track comes from the Glasgow bands second album "React Or Die" which will be available from early April.

14th March - London, Jamm

6. Milieu - Summer Friends (Smallfish)
Taken from the new album "Colourtone".

7. Fight Like Apes - Lightsabre Cocksucker Blues (Model Citizen)
I'm finally going to get to see Fight Like Apes next week when they arrive in York for the second time. I missed them the first because I wasn't feeling too good but I won't be missing them this time. They're playing the night after The Wedding Present which will put some strain on the old personal finances but quite frankly... who cares. This track is from the Apes new EP which has quite possibly the longest title known to mankind. It's called the "You Filled His Head With Fluffy Clouds And Jolly Ranchers What Did You Think Was Going To Happen" EP. I think this might only be available in the U.S. but I'm sure you'll be able to track one down on this interweb thingy.

1st March - Manchester, Roadhouse
2nd March - Liverpool, Barfly
3rd March - Glasgow, King Tuts
5th March - Leeds, Cockpit
6th March - York, Fibbers
7th March - Middlesborough, Uncle Alberts
8th March - Nottingham, Bodega
14th March - New York, Mercury Lounge
19th March - Austin, Rios
20th March - Austin, BD Rileys

8. Skold Vs KMFDM - Bloodsport (KMFDM)
This is great. It comes from a fantastic collaboration album between Skold & KMFDM, the latter I haven't heard anything from in years and then this week there's two albums at the same time. "Skold Vs KMFDM" will see the light of day on April 12th.

9. The Grave Architects - Highway Be True (Matinee)
The band come from London and this is a track from their new seven inch which will be released through Matinee on 9th March.

27th March - Nottingham, Social
28th March - London, The Good Ship
22nd May - London, Dublin Castle

10. Emil & Friends - Downed Economy (Sweet Touch)

11. Copy Haho - The Last Dash (Big Scary Monsters)
Taken from the Stonehaven Quartet's new EP "Bred For Skills & Magic".

12. Pooma - Snow ()
Taken from the album "Persuader".
13. Johnny Clark - Intruder (Black Redemption BR1011)
It's being a while since we had any new reggae on Burning World largely because I couldn't find any. This situation appears to have being rectified and this is a great tune. It comes from a ten inch which Johnny Clark shares with Disciples Riddim Section. Awesome!

14. Julie Doiron - Consolation Prize (Jagjaguar JAG131)
Taken from the album "I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day" which will be released on 24th March.

March 13 Vancouver @ The Biltmore (support for The Sadies)
March 19 Austin, Texas @ Mohawk
March 25 Hamilton, Ontario @ Pepper Jacks
March 26 Toronto, Ontario @ The Horseshoe w/ 100 Dollars and Rick White
March 26 Julie will be performing on CBC's Q
March 27, 2009 Kingston, Ontario @ Grad Club w/ 100 Dollars
March 28, 2009 Montreal, QC @ Il Motore w/ 100 Dollars
April 2 Waterloo, Ontario @ Starlight w/ 100 Dollars
April 4 Brantford, Ontario @ The Ford Plant (all ages)
April 3 London, Ontario @ Alex P Keaton
April 16 Sherbrooke, QC @ Le Telephone Rouge
April 17 Wakefield, QC @ Blacksheep Inn
April 25th Brooklyn, NY @ Union Hall

15. Brainwash - Loosing Control (Madhouse MAD006)
Sixth release on the Madhouse label. Before next week I intend to be in possession of the other five. This is top titty and no mistake.