Sunday, February 01, 2009

Pod Fodder (Volume Twenty Six)

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1. Giant Paw - Flood (Feral Electronics)
This is the first track on the debut album by Giant Paw. Rarely does a record quite as diverse as this come along. Giant Paw seem to be capable of just about anything and you should make this album a priority. "The Stars Are Ours" will be released through Feral Electronics on 9th March.

2. Moscow Olympics - The Farthest City (Lost Music)
This is a track from a split single which Moscow Olympics share with The Morning Paper. The 7" is available now though Lost Music and is limited to a mere three hundred copies so you'd better get your skates on.

3. Mascot Fight - That's A Photocopier (Not A Chair) (Self Released)
This is probably the most played record in my house this week. Mascot Fight are from Derby, hardly ever play gigs or it seems release records. Their only previous outing was their "If Cooks Could Kill" E.P. back in 2006 which is available for free download on their website. This then is their first "proper" album and I have to say it's a bit of a blinder. It's called "Pantomime Hearse" and is probably available as we speak (if not then soon).

4. 9b0 - Combine (Original Mix) (Electrofly)
Electronic gubbins all the way from Hungary. I say all the way but I suppose it's not impossible that you could be reading this in Hungary in which case.... hello.

5. Wavves - So Bored (Young Turks)
This is the first track to appear from the new Wavves album "Wavvves" from which you'll hear something in the next Fodder. The best thing to do with this track is turn it up as loud as your equipment will allow because, (A) - it sounds great, and (B) - you can't tell when it starts to distort.

6. Quest & Odissi - TNX 2010 (Original Mix) (Bochit & Cyberfunk)
This is quite simply awesome and I reckon Mr Vincent is going to wet his pants with this one.

7. Pavement - Trigger Cut (Big Cat)
Single from 1992

8. SomaHigh - Lo Fat (Animal Farm)
SomaHigh are from Southampton and this is a track from their debut single which will be released through Animal Farm on 23rd February.

20th February - Isle Of Wight, Newport, The Studio
22nd February - Southampton, Soul Cellar
23rd February - London, The Fly
24th February - Leicester, The Shed
26th February - Leeds, Carpe Diem
27th February - Southampton, Joiners
28th February - Bournemouth, IBar
25th April - Southampton, Talking Heads (with 65 Days Of Static)

9. The Allender Band - Riverrun (Dreamboat)
The Allender band are from Bristol and will release their album "Outer Dark" on 16th March. You can pre-order your copy from the bands Myspace page. This is the track I keep coming back to.

10. 16 Bit - Chainsaw Calligraphy (Boka)
I've always said you can't whack a chainsaw when you're looking for that extra something. This comes from a three track E.P. on Boka Recordings. The other two tracks are killers as well.

11. Helen Love - John Peel Roadshow (Elefant)
This is one of the tracks on the b side of the new single "Calm Down Dad" which is released this week.

12. Grand Duchy - The Long Song (Cooking Vinyl)
Black Francis is back in business! I've never really cared hugely for his solo stuff but this is a real return to form. Grand duchy is a collaboration between Black Francis and Violet Clark. The album is called "Petits Fours" and will be released on 16th February. I really hope this isn't just going to be a one off. There is a single as well called "Lovesick" which features two tracks which aren't onthe album.

13. Mambo Taxi - Super Trooper (Clawfist)
No real reason for playing this. It formes one side of a seven inch single which was issued through the once mighty Clawfist label in 1994. The other side sees Th' Faith Healers having a pop at "S.O.S.".

14. The Leisure Society - A Matter Of Time (Willkommen)
Taken from the bands forthcoming single.

3rd February - London, Ronnie Scotts
10th February - London, Borderline (with Moriarty)
25th February - Stoke Newington, Bardons Boudoir
7th March - London, Notting Hill Arts Club
26th March - London, Lumiaire
9th May - Brighton, Pavillion Theatre

15. Dead Leaf Echo - Pale Fire ()
This is the title track from the new Dead Leaf Echo E.P.

6th February - Brooklyn, Vanishing Point
4th April - New York, Cake Shop

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  1. Thank you for these great sets. I have been exposed to some great tunes. Will the older Pod Fodders ever be made available again?