Sunday, February 08, 2009

Pod Fodder (Volume Twenty Seven)

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1. Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound - Clive & Lyre (Tee Pee)
Taken from the bands new album "When Sweet Sleep Returned" which apparently is their third album.

2. Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - It's A Crime (Tomlab)
This track comes from a new Casiotone release called "Advance Base Battery Life" which is a collection of bits and pieces from the last ten years or so. There are some real gems on here alot of which I've never heard before. I've been told there will be a new Casiotone record before long but that could be a lie (alchohol had been taken). Advance Base Battery Life will be released through Tomlab on 10th March.

3. LR Rockets - Dance It Away (Silverdoor)
This is a track from the Rockets current single. According to their MySpace at least one of them has a connection to York so they must be good. I think (if i remember rightly) they had a rather good single released by Art Goes Pop a couple of years ago. The possibility is not small however that I might be thinking about someone else completly. The plain fact of the matter is though that this is a fine record and you need to own it!

19th February - London, The Enterprise
28th February - London, Playground @ 93 Feet East
3rd March - London, Guided Missile @ Buffalo Bar

4. Stina Stjern - The Horizon (Promo)
Stina Stjern is I am reliably informed Norwegian (I thought she was just really bad at spelling). She is also, and this is really important so pay attention, releasing her next single as a seven inch which will be presented, not in a nice gatefold pack or even a picture disc but with it's very own knitwear. That's right the new Stina Stjern single will come in a unique hand knitted sleeve and just try telling me you don't want one of those!!!

5. Wavves - Get In The Sun (Fat Possum)
Taken from the new album "Wavvves".

7th February - New York, LessArtMoreCondos
8th February - New York, Underground Lounge
10th February - Belfast, Laverys Bunker
11th February - Dublin, Whelans
12th February - Amsterdam, OCCI Festival
13th February - Bremen, Friese
14th February - Leipzig, Atari
15th February - Prague, Club 007
16th February - Wien, Arena
17th February - Munchen, Cafe Kult
19th February - Hamburg, Astra Stube
20th February - Kassel, Galerie Loyal
21st February - Utrecht, DB's
22nd February - Trier, Ex Haus
24th February - Lyon, Ground Zero
25th February - Paris, Le Mecanique
26th February - London, Bardons Boudoir
27th February - Nottingham, The Chameleon
28th February - Leeds, TBA
1st March - Glasgow, Nice N Sleazy
2nd March - Manchester, Bar Sleazy
3rd March - London, Skala
4th March - Cardiff, Buffalo Bar
5th March - Brighton, Prince Albert

6. Butcher Boy - Carve A Pattern (Promo)
I'm not entierly sure what whether this track is from a new single or album. It's one of those single track promo CD thingies which cokes without any info to speak of. Either way it's a good track.

21st February - Glasgow, Queens Park Bowling Club
14th March - London, Jamm

7. Crispy Ambulance - Deaf (Factory)

8. The Very Most - April Is The Kindest Month (Indicater)
Taken from the new E.P. "Spring" which is apparantly the first of four digital E.P.s to be released in 2009.

13th February - Nampa, Flying M Coffeegarage
2nd March - Boise, Neurolux
9th April - Boise, Lush
12th December - Dublin, Whelan's

9. A Slow In Dance - The Girl From Iceland (Self Released)
Taken from the Indonesian outfits "We Hate This But We Need To Survive" E.P.

10. Ulricht Schnauss - Shine (Independente)
Taken from last years brilliant "Goodbye" album.

11. Building Castles Out Of Matchsticks - Bardzo Daleko (Trace)
Taken from the excellent new album "Secret Land" which was released throught Trace Records a couple of months ago but has only just found it's way to North Yorkshire.

12. Royal Treatment Plant - Half As Much (Promo)
This is a track from the London band's new single which will be available from next week (I think). It's taken from last years "Hope Is Not Enough" album which I have to admit I don't have but will definitly try and track down.

13. Milk Kan - God With An I-Pod (Blang)
I'm sure most of you have already heard this track but the fact of the matter is that no matter how annoying you may find it it's actually a bit of a corker. Taken from Milk Kan's debut album which will be released on 9th March and will be preceded by a new single "I'm a Nobody" on 2nd March.

20th February - London, 12 Bar Denmark Street
13th March - London, 12 Bar Denmark Street (album launch)
1st April - London, The Legion (Free gig apparantly)
21st May - Glasgow, Maggie Mays
22nd May - Dundee, The Dog House
23rd May - Inverness, Mad Hatters
24th May - Fife, The Green Side

14. Oh Atoms - Sugar Mouse (Little Victories)
This is a track from the London outfit's debut album "You Can't See The Stars From Here" which is available as we speak through i-tunes.

19th February - London, The Gladstone

15. Teenage Fanclub - Everything Flows (Paperhouse)
I still think this is probably the best record Teenage Fanclub ever produced. This is was the bands debut single, released as a seven inch back in 1990.


  1. Hey Burning always loving the of us from York indeed...Tollerton just outside to be precise...and we did release a single called Personality on Art Goes Pop in 2007...true!!
    However we have another single out in March...a double A-side...Lovesucker/Cameron Is Connected...which is gonna be a killer!
    Thanks for including us
    LR Rockets

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  3. Hi Kris/Burning World. Many thanks for including Happy Families and for the kind comments. Bizarrely it's loosely based on formative years spent partly in ... York.

    David, The Candy Twins