Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pod Fodder (Volume Twenty Three)

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1. Cactus's - Where's My Skeleton (Beat Crazy)
Taken from the Nashville bands "Tropical Terror E.P.".

2. Aidan Moffat & The Best Of's - Atheist's Lament (Chemikal Underground)
Taken from Aidan's new album which goes under the catchy title "How To Get To Heaven From Scotland". This is the follow up to last years impressive "I Can Hear Your Heart" album and as such has quite a benchmark to match. Still I'm sure if you started talking to Aidan about benchmarks he'd probably create one on the nearest available bench using nothing more than your skull and the power of his beard. Fortunately this record is actually a bit of a blinder and will be available from 14th January. I just dare you to buy for someone as a Valentines Day present.

3. Duelton & Masuki - The Birds (Leo Fernandez Mix) (Elite)
4. The Steps - Pull The Cord (Promo)

This is a track from The Steps self titled debut album. The band come from Austin, Texas and according to their press release have already played all over the world. Well whoopee doo. Seriously though you've got to give them an "A" for effort.

29th January - Baton Rouge, LA , The Roux House
30th January - New Orleans, LA, Republic
1st February - Covington, LA, The Green Room
5th February - Birmingham, AL, Workplay Theater
6th February - Athens, GA, Caledonia Lounge
7th February - Atlanta, GA, VINYL
8th February - Nashville, TN, The Exit Inn
11th February - Charlottesville, VA, Bel Rio

5. Sun Dial - I Don't Mind (UFO)
Taken from the 1993 album "Reflector".

6. Joey Beltram - The Scorpion (Drumcode)
Title track from Joey's new twelve inch which also features another digital wonder called "Striking Distance". Well worth tracking down.

7. The Ruling Class - If You Wonder (Shelflife)
Taken from the "Tour De Force E.P.".

13th February - London, 333 Motherbar
22nd February - London, The George Tavern
14th April - London, F & R Presents @ The Old Blue Last

8. Fuck Buttons - Sweet Love For Planet Earth (Skew Remix)
Another top remix of The Buttons best track. Hopefully 2009 will see another album from these boys.

9. Sciflyer - Burn & Sell (Claire)
Taken from the 2003 album "Fair Weather Karma".

10. David Beans - Dream (Self Released)
This is one of the best E.P.s I've heard in ages. It's called the "Loss & Recovery E.P." and best of all is available for free download from

11. Farace & Stacy Osorio - Mic Check (Original Mix) (Kick It)
This is great. It's been on my i-pod every day this week and there's no sign of any relief. Released last week.

12. A Setting Sun/Shigeto - Girls & Boys Want Boyfriends & Girlfriends (Moongadget)
Taken from the album "Table For Two".

13. The Flatmates - Sportscar Girl (Subway)

14. Western Civ - Capitol Steps (Promo)
Taken from the album "Shower You People With Gold" which will be released on 24th February.

15. Like Honey - Winter (Hybris)
Taken from the album "Leaves"


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    and thanks for the blog. one of my favourites :)

  2. Glad you are enjoying the sneak peek track from Western Civ's upcoming album!

    The release date was pushed back to March 17th due to manufacturing delays, but a free download of another track from that album, "I Am A Waterfall is available here:

    Thanks for the support!