Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pod Fodder (Volume Twenty Four)

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1. Neonman - Peep Show (Pale Music)

2. Asobi Seksu - Sunshower (Polyvinyl)
It's about time as well. It seems like an age since the last Asobi Seksu album "Citrus" so I was looking forward to this one in no small way. It's called "Hush" and will be released on 17th February through Polyvinyl. It's not quite as instant as Citrus and you could be forgiven for being slightly disappointed on first listen but stick with it because after a few spins it really starts to unravel inside your ears. This is the track I keep coming back to.

8th February - Southampton, The Talking Heads
9th February - London, Islington Academy (with Howling Bells)
10th February - Manchester, Roadhouse
11th February - Dublin, Crawdaddy
13th February - Belfast, Speakeasy
14th February - Glasgow, ABC 2
15th February - Newcastle, The Cluny
16th February - Leeds, Faversham
18th February - Birmingham, Barfly
19th February - London, ICA
20th February - Amsterdam, Paradiso
22nd February - Brussels, Rotonde
24th February - Muenster, Gleiss 22
25th February - Berlin, Magnet
13th March - San Francisco, The Independent
14th March - Los Angeles, Troubado

3. Plaid - Takeshita Street (Beat)
Taken from Plaids rather impressive "Heaven's Door" soundtrack album. Soundtracks can be very hit and miss but this one is a direct hit right on the bunker.

4. The High Wire - All The Simple Things (Grandpa Stan)
This is the B side of the current single "Rope Walking".

5. Specter - I'm A Bitch (Original Mix) (13Breakz)
Really lovin' this at the moment. Someone told me yesterday that this is Russian but it does have a very British sound going on. Quite frankly who cares where it comes from just pump it up and make your neighbours swear!

6. The Guild League - If Not Now... (Matinee)
Australian's eh. They certainly know their way around a good tune. This track is from The Guild League's latest offering "Speak Up" which is available now through Matinee Records.

7. DJ Drm - Blinger On (Bastard Jazz)
This has been around a couple of months but has only just made it's way into my possession. It's the first track on a four track E.P. called the "Bhunabeats E.P.

8. The Naked Hearts - No One Nothing (Promo)
According to the press release this E.P. is going to be launched at Cake Shop in New York on 22nd January. What I want to know is... is it a real cake shop, I mean if you decide the music is crap can you wander off and console yourself by tucking into the biggest gateau you can find. This track comes from the bands new "These Knees E.P."

22nd January - New York, Cake Shop
23rd January - Philadelphia, The Fire
24th January - Pittsburgh, Garfield Artworks
25th January - Columbus, The Treehouse
26th January - Harrisonburg, Nara Sushi
28th January - Chapel Hill, The Cave
29th January - Washington, The Red & Black
2nd February - Brooklyn, Death By Audio

9. Sebadoh - Soul & Fire (Domino)

10. Shirley Lee - The Smack Of Pavement In Your Face (Missing Page)
Shirley Lee used to be the frontman in Spearmint but we won't hold that against him. His debut solo album, the snazzily titled "Shirley Lee" will be released next month.
11. The Gullivers - Ambulance (Self Released)
This is a track from the Oxford bands latest, if not first E.P. which you can now purchase in all its glory from the place.

15th February - London, Turning Worm @ The Worlds End (free gig)
20th March - Oxford, Wheatsheaf

12. In Motion - Until My Dreams Come True (Dead Elvis)
Taken from the 1994 album "The Language Of Everyday Life".

13. Influence - Totalitarian (Self Released)
Taken from the Brighton bands latest album "Second Rate Scene".

14. Ride - Furthest Sense (Creation)

15. Dead Heart Bloom - Flash In A Bottle (KEI)
Taken from Dead Heart Bloom's third E.P. "In Chains" which apparently completes their 3 E.P. series when it's released on 10th March.


  1. Anonymous6:50 pm


    The Cake Shop sells cake. It's a small bar with a small room that good bands play in downstairs. Unlike many good bars with good bands, they also sell decent coffee and croissants and whatnot instead of fries and burgers.

    It's nice.

    Pete's Candy Store is also nice but they don't sell candy.

  2. Anonymous9:59 am

    Two ridiculous stories appeared on the internet last week. The first involved supposed photographic evidence of a giant serpent making its way down a river in Borneo. For some time, locals in the region of the Baleh River had dispersed stories of a shape-shifting serpent existing beneath the surface of the water. Named ‘Nabau’, it was a terrifying snake one hundred feet long, bearing a dragon’s head with seven nostrils! The photograph, supposedly taken by a disaster team monitoring flood regions, caused much panic among the local villagers.

    The photograph below appeared on the Mail Online website – special mention must be paid to the individual who thought it necessary to insert a large red circle around the creature in question. Thanks for that – I doubt myself and countless others would have been able to discern the serpent without it! The photograph is obviously a fake – even someone without a background in graphics could reach that conclusion.