Friday, January 23, 2009

Pixies - Leysin Festival 11/7/1991

It's just occued to me that Pixies have never appeared on this site. So to put things right this is probably the best sounding Pixies bootleg I've ever heard. Recorded in Switzerland in 1991 the set spans all five albums and captures Black Francis and co. in top form. "The Happening" sounds particularly fine. This was originally issued years ago as the "Subbaculture" bootleg the cover of which can be seen above.


1. River Euphrates
2. Bone Machine
3. Hang Wire
4. Is She Weird
5. Subbaculture
6. Tame
7. Isla De Encanta
8. The Happening
9. Velouria
10. Allison
11. Into The White/Gouge Away
12. Debaser
13. Palace Of The Brine
14. Planet Of Sound
15. Mr Grieves
16. Here Comes Your Man
17. The Sad Punk
18. Monkey Gone To Heaven
19. The Holiday Song
20. Motorway To Roswell
21. Vamos
22. Head On