Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pod Fodder (Volume Twenty Five)

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1. Titus Andronicus - Fear & Loathing In Mahwah, N.J. (Merok)
You might remember last year Titus Andronicus released a rather good album called "The Airing Of Grievences" well they're releasing it again which gives me a good excuse to include a track on here. The album has been re-issued in all the usual places this week and the band are currently on tour in the states with Los Campesinos after which they come over to dear old blighty for a few gigs before heading off to annoy the rest of Europe.

22nd February - London, Shepherds Bush Empire
23rd February - London, Hoxton Bar & Grill
24th February - Manchester, Night & Day
25th February - Glasgow, King Tuts
26th February - Leeds, Cockpit
28th February - Amsterdam, Paradiso
1st March - Groningen, Vera
2nd March - Nijmegan, Merleyn
4th March - Berlin, Bang Bang Club
5th March - Hamburg, Molotow
6th March - Dresden, Beatpol
8th March - Frankfurt, Elfer
9th March - Koln, Tsunami
10th March - Brussels, Botanique

2. DJ Sonic Bee feat. Chunk n' Attack - New Skool Skank (Badbwoy Bass)

3. The Bishops - If You Leave Today (Promo)
This is the first offering from the new album "For Now" which I am reliably informed will be out on 17th March.

13th February - Darlington, Club Strut @ Inside Out
3rd March - Manchester, Dry Bar
5th March - London, Shout @ Old Blue Last
6th March - Hastings, The Crypt
13th March - Munich, 59:1
14th March - Cologne, Tsunami Club
15th March - Hamburg, Prinzenbar
16th March - Berlin, Magnet Club
17th March - Wiesbaden, Sclachtof

4. Bleach - Friends (Musidisc)
Taken from their classic 1992 debut album "Killing Time".

5. Muddy Suzuki - Childrens Film Foundation (Drift)
Fine cover of the Olivia Honey track (must play the original sometime)Taken from the album "Meetoo" which is scheduled for release through Drift on 26th January.

6. Cyrus & Distance - Violate (Random Trio Productions)
12" Vinyl

7. I Was A King - Step Aside (Hype City)
I really like the J. Mascis guitar sound on this track. In fact the whole album was a nice surprise lighting up an otherwise pathetic day (I have days like that).

8. Darren Hayman & The Secondary Modern - High Rise Towers In Medium Size Towns (Track & Field)
Taken from the excellent new album "Pram Town" which apparently was a name given to Harlow in Essex in the 1950's. This is Darrens tenth album if you include all the Hefner stuff and there's still no sign of a bad tune anywhere.

30th January - London, The Lexington
12th February - Sheffield, The Red House
13th February - Newcastle, The Star & Shadow Cinema

9. 1990's - The Box (Rough Trade)
This is allegedly the new single from 1990's who some of you will recall include parts of The Yummy Fur. I can't tell you much more about it because the press release was suitably vague but it does seem there is a new album on it's way.

10. Son Of Dave - Ain't Going To Nike Town (Karlel)
I'm really not sure what I like about this. It just kind of.... works.

11. El Haijn - In Control (Dub Bullet)

12. The Wendys - Pulling My Fingers Off (Factory)

13. The Manhattan Love Suicides - Evil Side (Squirrel)
This track is from the bands debut album from ages ago and included in this weeks fodder simply because this band should have been on this site a lot more than they have.

16th February - London, The Lexington
24th February - Leeds, Brudnell Social Club
25th February - Nottingham, The Chameleon
9th April - London, The Gramaphone

14. Mi Ami - Echononecho (Quarterstick)
This is a track from the album "Watersports" which will be released next month. Mi Ami are currently playing about a million dates in the states (see their myspace for details)but will I am unreliably informed be coming over to the UK and the rest of Europe in the spring.

15. Slowdive - Catch The Breeze (Creation)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Pixies - Leysin Festival 11/7/1991

It's just occued to me that Pixies have never appeared on this site. So to put things right this is probably the best sounding Pixies bootleg I've ever heard. Recorded in Switzerland in 1991 the set spans all five albums and captures Black Francis and co. in top form. "The Happening" sounds particularly fine. This was originally issued years ago as the "Subbaculture" bootleg the cover of which can be seen above.


1. River Euphrates
2. Bone Machine
3. Hang Wire
4. Is She Weird
5. Subbaculture
6. Tame
7. Isla De Encanta
8. The Happening
9. Velouria
10. Allison
11. Into The White/Gouge Away
12. Debaser
13. Palace Of The Brine
14. Planet Of Sound
15. Mr Grieves
16. Here Comes Your Man
17. The Sad Punk
18. Monkey Gone To Heaven
19. The Holiday Song
20. Motorway To Roswell
21. Vamos
22. Head On

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pod Fodder (Volume Twenty Four)

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1. Neonman - Peep Show (Pale Music)

2. Asobi Seksu - Sunshower (Polyvinyl)
It's about time as well. It seems like an age since the last Asobi Seksu album "Citrus" so I was looking forward to this one in no small way. It's called "Hush" and will be released on 17th February through Polyvinyl. It's not quite as instant as Citrus and you could be forgiven for being slightly disappointed on first listen but stick with it because after a few spins it really starts to unravel inside your ears. This is the track I keep coming back to.

8th February - Southampton, The Talking Heads
9th February - London, Islington Academy (with Howling Bells)
10th February - Manchester, Roadhouse
11th February - Dublin, Crawdaddy
13th February - Belfast, Speakeasy
14th February - Glasgow, ABC 2
15th February - Newcastle, The Cluny
16th February - Leeds, Faversham
18th February - Birmingham, Barfly
19th February - London, ICA
20th February - Amsterdam, Paradiso
22nd February - Brussels, Rotonde
24th February - Muenster, Gleiss 22
25th February - Berlin, Magnet
13th March - San Francisco, The Independent
14th March - Los Angeles, Troubado

3. Plaid - Takeshita Street (Beat)
Taken from Plaids rather impressive "Heaven's Door" soundtrack album. Soundtracks can be very hit and miss but this one is a direct hit right on the bunker.

4. The High Wire - All The Simple Things (Grandpa Stan)
This is the B side of the current single "Rope Walking".

5. Specter - I'm A Bitch (Original Mix) (13Breakz)
Really lovin' this at the moment. Someone told me yesterday that this is Russian but it does have a very British sound going on. Quite frankly who cares where it comes from just pump it up and make your neighbours swear!

6. The Guild League - If Not Now... (Matinee)
Australian's eh. They certainly know their way around a good tune. This track is from The Guild League's latest offering "Speak Up" which is available now through Matinee Records.

7. DJ Drm - Blinger On (Bastard Jazz)
This has been around a couple of months but has only just made it's way into my possession. It's the first track on a four track E.P. called the "Bhunabeats E.P.

8. The Naked Hearts - No One Nothing (Promo)
According to the press release this E.P. is going to be launched at Cake Shop in New York on 22nd January. What I want to know is... is it a real cake shop, I mean if you decide the music is crap can you wander off and console yourself by tucking into the biggest gateau you can find. This track comes from the bands new "These Knees E.P."

22nd January - New York, Cake Shop
23rd January - Philadelphia, The Fire
24th January - Pittsburgh, Garfield Artworks
25th January - Columbus, The Treehouse
26th January - Harrisonburg, Nara Sushi
28th January - Chapel Hill, The Cave
29th January - Washington, The Red & Black
2nd February - Brooklyn, Death By Audio

9. Sebadoh - Soul & Fire (Domino)

10. Shirley Lee - The Smack Of Pavement In Your Face (Missing Page)
Shirley Lee used to be the frontman in Spearmint but we won't hold that against him. His debut solo album, the snazzily titled "Shirley Lee" will be released next month.
11. The Gullivers - Ambulance (Self Released)
This is a track from the Oxford bands latest, if not first E.P. which you can now purchase in all its glory from the place.

15th February - London, Turning Worm @ The Worlds End (free gig)
20th March - Oxford, Wheatsheaf

12. In Motion - Until My Dreams Come True (Dead Elvis)
Taken from the 1994 album "The Language Of Everyday Life".

13. Influence - Totalitarian (Self Released)
Taken from the Brighton bands latest album "Second Rate Scene".

14. Ride - Furthest Sense (Creation)

15. Dead Heart Bloom - Flash In A Bottle (KEI)
Taken from Dead Heart Bloom's third E.P. "In Chains" which apparently completes their 3 E.P. series when it's released on 10th March.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Times New Viking - Urbana, Canopy Club 17th September 2008

01. Intro
02. Call & Respond
03. RIP Allegory
04. Skull Versus Wizard
05. The Apt.
06. Devo & Wine
07. Natural Resources, I Love Mine
08. Pagan Eyes
09. Love Your Daughters
10. Teenage Lust
11. Teen Drama

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pod Fodder (Volume Twenty Three)

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1. Cactus's - Where's My Skeleton (Beat Crazy)
Taken from the Nashville bands "Tropical Terror E.P.".

2. Aidan Moffat & The Best Of's - Atheist's Lament (Chemikal Underground)
Taken from Aidan's new album which goes under the catchy title "How To Get To Heaven From Scotland". This is the follow up to last years impressive "I Can Hear Your Heart" album and as such has quite a benchmark to match. Still I'm sure if you started talking to Aidan about benchmarks he'd probably create one on the nearest available bench using nothing more than your skull and the power of his beard. Fortunately this record is actually a bit of a blinder and will be available from 14th January. I just dare you to buy for someone as a Valentines Day present.

3. Duelton & Masuki - The Birds (Leo Fernandez Mix) (Elite)
4. The Steps - Pull The Cord (Promo)

This is a track from The Steps self titled debut album. The band come from Austin, Texas and according to their press release have already played all over the world. Well whoopee doo. Seriously though you've got to give them an "A" for effort.

29th January - Baton Rouge, LA , The Roux House
30th January - New Orleans, LA, Republic
1st February - Covington, LA, The Green Room
5th February - Birmingham, AL, Workplay Theater
6th February - Athens, GA, Caledonia Lounge
7th February - Atlanta, GA, VINYL
8th February - Nashville, TN, The Exit Inn
11th February - Charlottesville, VA, Bel Rio

5. Sun Dial - I Don't Mind (UFO)
Taken from the 1993 album "Reflector".

6. Joey Beltram - The Scorpion (Drumcode)
Title track from Joey's new twelve inch which also features another digital wonder called "Striking Distance". Well worth tracking down.

7. The Ruling Class - If You Wonder (Shelflife)
Taken from the "Tour De Force E.P.".

13th February - London, 333 Motherbar
22nd February - London, The George Tavern
14th April - London, F & R Presents @ The Old Blue Last

8. Fuck Buttons - Sweet Love For Planet Earth (Skew Remix)
Another top remix of The Buttons best track. Hopefully 2009 will see another album from these boys.

9. Sciflyer - Burn & Sell (Claire)
Taken from the 2003 album "Fair Weather Karma".

10. David Beans - Dream (Self Released)
This is one of the best E.P.s I've heard in ages. It's called the "Loss & Recovery E.P." and best of all is available for free download from www.davidbeans.com

11. Farace & Stacy Osorio - Mic Check (Original Mix) (Kick It)
This is great. It's been on my i-pod every day this week and there's no sign of any relief. Released last week.

12. A Setting Sun/Shigeto - Girls & Boys Want Boyfriends & Girlfriends (Moongadget)
Taken from the album "Table For Two".

13. The Flatmates - Sportscar Girl (Subway)

14. Western Civ - Capitol Steps (Promo)
Taken from the album "Shower You People With Gold" which will be released on 24th February.

15. Like Honey - Winter (Hybris)
Taken from the album "Leaves"

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Half Man HAlf Biscuit - London, Forum 16th October 2008 (Re-Post)

Half Man Half Biscuit bootlegs are like Half Man Half Biscuit gigs, all too scarce (which is probably why) so it's always nice when one does come along. This is a blistering two hour set recorded recently down in the capital. The sound quality is ok but it does sond as though it was recorded from the back and the bootlegger's mate has a very annoying habit of rabbiting on about crap. Apparently he thinks he was the youngest person in there. If anyone knows who the big mouthed t**t is could you please give him a prod in the nostril from me.Great gig though.

Download Here

1. Intro
2. Restless Legs
3. Fuckin' Ell It's Fred Titmus
4. Took Problem Chimp To The Ideal Home Show
5. Lock Up Your Mountain Bikes
6. Four Skinny Indie Kids
7. Petty Sessions
8. Shit Arm, Bad Tattoo
9. Bob Wilson Anchorman
10. Look Dad No Tunes
11. The Best Things In Life (reprise)
12. All I Want For Christmas Is A Dulka Prague Away Kit
13. Used To Be In Evil Gazebo
14. Ode To Joyce
15. Tending The Wrong Grave For 23 Years
16. Bad Losers On Yahoo Chess
17. Trumpton Riots
18. Vatican Broadside
19. Blue Badge Abuser
20. We Built This Village On A Trad. Arr Tune
21. Give Us Bubblewrap
22. A Country Practice
23. Everything's AOR
24. Twenty Four Hour Garage People
25. National Shite Day
26. (break)
27. For What Is Chatteris
28. Electricity
29. Joy Division Oven Gloves

>>>>>>>>Upcoming Dates<<<<<<<<>

30th January - Manchester, Academy
5th March - Bilston, The Robin 2
20th May - Aberdeen, Lemon Tree
21st May - Glasgow, The Arches

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Talulah Gosh - Nottingham, Barracuda, 8th November 1987

1. Do You Remember
2. Don't Go Away
3. My Best Friend
4. I Can't Get No Satisfaction
5. be Your Baby
6. I Told You So
7. Way Of The World
8. Talulah Gosh
9. Spearmint Head
10. My World's Ending
11. Break Your Face
12. Strawberry Girl
13. Escalator Over The Hill
14. Steaming Train
15. Sunny Inside
16. I'm In Love For The Very First Time/Testcard Girl
17. I Wanna Be Well

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Pod Fodder (Volume Twenty Two)

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1. Mr Russia - It's True (Lens)
Mr Russia are neither a man or hail from the former Soviet Union. In fact they are just three blokes from Chicago who happen to have made a bloody good record. The bands debut album is called "Teething" and will be released on 14th February.

2. Little Comets - One Night In October (Lucky Number)
This is a track from the Newcastle bands new single which will be released 19th January.

15th March - Edingurgh, Cabaret Voltaire
16th March - Glasgow, King Tuts
18th March - Leeds, Cockpit
19th March - Liverpool, Academy 2
2nd April - Stoke On Trent, Sugermill

3. Stormtrooperz - Spirits (Audiogore)

4. The Bridewell Taxies - Spirit (LFO Remix) (Stolen)
I still love the old Warp sound. Maybe it's time for a klonk revival!

5. This Scarlet Train - Picture Frame (Nightshift)
Taken from the 1987 E.P. "Fimbria".

6. Tim Hecker - Sea Of Pulses (Kranky)
Taken from Tim's new album "An Imaginary Country" which is bloody lovely and will be released through Kranky on 10th March.

7. Padre Pio - Madeline (Self Released)
Title track from the bands new "Madeline EP". If you have the good fortune to be in New York you can catch them at the Delancey on the 26th January.

8. Sky Larkin - Octopus (Wichita)
Another track from the Leeds bands brilliant debut "The Golden Spike" with which you will be able to decorate your ears from 2nd January. If you pre-order it from the bands website you also get an additional set of mp3's which demonstrate the band playing the whole album live at Leeds Brudnell Social Club which I'm really looking forward to hearing. And if you can't wait that long and fancy leaving the house...

22nd January - Bristol, Louisiana
23rd January - Cardiff, Barfly
24th January - Nottingham, Bodega
26th January - Glasgow, King Tuts
27th January - Manchester, Night & Day
28th January - Oxford, The Bullingdon
29th January - London, ICA
30th January - Brightom, Audio
31st January - Leeds, Brudnell Social Club
9. Ariel Rodz - Neumonic Lemon (Unlock)

10. Craig & Willoughby - Alice's Song (Cabritunes)
Taken from the album "Surrender".

11. CFCF - Crystal Mines (Paper Bag)
Taken from CFCF's debut E.P. "Panesian Nights" which will be released through Paper Bag Digital on 20th January.

12. Carsick Cars - Kindliness (Maybe Mars)
Hopefully 2009 will see a new record from Carsick Cars but finding information is something resembling impossible.

13. LR Rockets - Animal (Silverdoor)
This is a track from the new E.P. "Dance It Away" which will hit the streets of the UK next week.

11th January - London - The Worlds End (with Kids Love Lies & Attack Switch Attack) FREE ENTRY!!!
16th January - Chelsmsford - Club NME @ Barhouse
31st January - London, Krak On @ Scala
28th February - London, Playground @ 93 Feet East
3rd March - London, Guided Missile @ Buffalo Bar (with Screaming Tea Party)

14. Fleeting Joys - Closer To My World Without Pain (Only Forever)
You really can't go wrong with this album. It's called (as I'm sure you already know) "Occult Radiance" and will be available from 22nd January.

15. Duncan Beatz - The Gun (Infiniti & Exotic E Rmx) (Freakin USA)

Monday, January 05, 2009

The Flatmates - London U.L.U., 28th October 1988

Great gig this. Slightly bad tempered due to what can only be described as a tricky audience and the sound could be a bit better but then is was twenty years ago when tape recorders were massive and you had to sneak them into gigs down the front of your pants. Despite everything this is one of my favorite bootlegs ever.

1. Happy All The Time
2. So In Love With You
3. Is It Me
4. This Thing Called Love
5. You're Gonna Cry
6. On My Mind
7. Heaven Knows
8. Nothing Kills
9. Don't Say If
10. Shimmer
11. I Could Be In Heaven
12. Love Cuts
13. My Empty Head
14. Heaven Knows

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Spectrum - Glasgow, Stereo, 13th December 2008

01 Mary
03 Transparent Radiation
04 Set Me Free
05 How You Satisfy Me
07 When Tomorrow Hits
08 Revolution
09 War Sucks
11 Suicide