Monday, December 22, 2008

Pod Fodder (Volume Twenty)

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1. Sky Larkin - Pica (Wichita)
The Leeds band debut album which has now acquired a title "The Golden Spike" will finally see the light of record shops next month and I'll be very surprised if by this time next year the whole world aren't talking about them. They will also be releasing a new single "Beeline" next month which apart from the normal download format will also be available as a watch.... That's right a watch... One of those things you put on your wrist. If you get yourself over to the Sky Larkin website post haste you'll be able to pre order one of these soon to be highly collectible artifacts.

January 22nd - Bristol, Louisiana
January 23rd - Cardiff, Barfly
January 24th - Nottingham, The Bodega
January 26th - Glasgow, King Tuts
January 27th - Manchester, Night & Day
January 28th - Oxford, The Bullingdon
January 29th - London, ICA
January 3th - Brighton, Audio
January 31st - Leeds, Brudenell Social Club

2. Max Cooper - Tinderbox (Autist)
This is taken from "The Crushbox E.P." which also features a track called "The Fuckwit" which was the one I was originally going to use in this fodder just because it's got a great title. This track however is just to good not to be included.

3. The Loves - The Ex Gurlfiend (Fortuna Pop)
The Loves will soon release their third album, cunningly entitled "Three" along with three three track EP's.

7th January - London, Track & Fields Winter Sprinter @ The Luminaire
24th January - London, Zonono! @ The Windmill, Brixton
7th February - No One Died @ The Enterprise, Camden
14th February - Cardiff, Twisted By Design/Freakshow @ Dempseys

4. The Orb - High Noon (Butterfly) Taken from "The Dream".

5. The Present - World I See (Lore)
Title track from the current album by Rusty Santos's best project. My preferred track is "Heavens On Ice" but at thirteen minutes might be a bit too much at this time of the year. There will apparently be a new record in the spring.

6. Burning Hearts - The Galloping Horse (Shelflife)
Taken from the new album "Aboa Sleeping" which will be released in February.

7. Fleeting Joys - Don't Go (Thompson Sounds)
Another track from what I'm sure will be one of the best records of 2009. "Occult Radiance" will be released 22nd January.

8. FreQ Nasty Vs Propa Tings - Peacemaker (Dub)

9. Plastic Sound - Fac 51 (Gastspiel)
Nice electro out of Germany. I think this track was probably named after a catalogue number. Under the Factory Records system all kinds of things got catalogue numbers and FAC 51 just happened to be the legendary Hacienda club.

10. Exlovers - Just A Silouette (Chess Club)
Magnificent debut single by the London five piece. Just a great track, nuff said. There are only five hundred of these seven inch single though so you might want to get your ass in gear.

31st December - London, Macbeth
4th January - London, Notting Hill Arts Club
8th January - London, The Windmill
30th January - London, No Fiction @ Powers (Free Entry)
13th February - London - Year Zero @ Bar Rhumba
14th February - Oxford, The Cellar

11. Milky Wimpshake - (If You Wanna Know The Time Ask A) Policeman (Fortuna Pop)
Taken from the EP "One Good Use For My Heart".

12. Masonic - I Won't Back Down (Self Released)
Another track from the album "The Human Blade".

13. Talkbook - New Blood (Winning Sperm Party)
This is a track from the excellent "Cry Parrot 2" compilation which can be found on the Winning Sperm Party website along with a new E.P. by The Japanese War Effort. Talking of which...

14. The Japanese War Effort - Punk Is Not Dead (Winning Sperm Party)
This is from The Japanese War Effort's second E.P. "Snowbird" which is also available for free from the mighty Winning Sperm Party. Those guys must be due some kind of M.B.E.

6th February - Edinburgh, Trampoline @ The Wee Red Bar
19th February - Glasgow, Winning Sperm Party @ O' Henrys

15. The Wedding Present - White Christmas (Vibrant)
Right that's it! I'm now officially sick to death of Christmas records. This year has produced a huge glut of Christmas educed strummings and there are only so many mince pies you can eat before you turn into a fat bastard so this will be the last Christmas record on this site this year. Baaaaa Humbug

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