Monday, December 29, 2008

Pod Fodder (Volume Twenty One)

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1. Titus Andronicus - Every Time I See The Light (Part One) (Merok)
Take from the seven inch single "Titus Andronicus". The band are going to be on tour with Los Campesinos in the states throughout January after which...

18th February - Monbeliard, Generiq Festival
19th February - Evreux, Abordage
20th February - San Maolo, Route Du Rock Festival
22nd February - London, Shepherds Bush Empire
23rd February - London, Hoxton Bar & Grill
24th February - Manchester, Night & Day
25th February - Glasgow, King Tuts
26th February - Leeds, Cockpit
28th February - Amsterdam, Paradiso
1st March - Groningen - Vera
2nd March - Nijmegan, Merleyn
4th March - Berlin, Bang Bang Club
5th March - Hamburg, Molotow
6th March - Dresden, Beatpol
8th March - Frankfurt, Elfer
9th March - Koln, Tsunami
10th March - Brussels, Botanique

2. The Ruling Class - Flowers (Shelflife)
Originally issued as a seven inch single through Fandango Records earlier in the year "Flowers" now finds itself on the brilliant "Tour De Force" E.P which can be ordered from the Shelflife website.

6th January - London, Pandamonium @ Dublin Castle

3. Copy Haho - Pulling Pushups (Big Scary Monsters)
I think it was Mr Vincent who first put me onto this bunch of Scots last year through his fantastic "North Of The Border" playlist. This by far is their best work to date though. It comes from their new five track E.P. "Bred For Skills & Magic" which will be available sometime in February.

4. Tack Till - Would That It Were (Years Without Art)
This is a track from the debut single from the St Albans based band. Available on seven inch vinyl and download.

5. BBB - Basebuster (High Grade)

6. Safeashome - Keen (Safranin Sound)
Taken from the album "Not What Happens".

3rd February - London, Bardens Boudoir

7. Helen Love - Calm Down Dad (Elefant)
Most bands start out with all the best intentions. The debut album is full of top tunes penned over the first couple of years of the bands existence. From there nine times out of ten it's a downward spiral with the music maturing and degrading to such an extent that they become Genesis. Helen Love are one of the few bands which have avoided that trap. They've been knocking out top pop songs for over a decade without any sign of maturing or drifting off in any other boring direction. This is the title track from their new single which will be released through Elefant Records of Madrid on 26th January. I have to say I think this record is pretty much perfect and is already my favorite track of 2009. The b-side "John Peel Roadshow" is great as well.

8. The Twilight Sad - That Summer, At Home I Had Become The Invisible Boy (Fat Cat)
Taken from the new album "The Twilight Sad Killed My Parents And Hit The Road".

9. Rektchordz - Bassbin Tactics (High Grade)
12" vinyl

10. Primal Scream - Velocity Girl (Creation)
I don't think any sane person could argue against this track as one of the finest pop songs in the history of history.

11. The Howling Bells - It Ain't You (Independiente)
Taken from the new album "Radio Wars" which will be released through Independiente on 9th February.
12. Shrag - Intelligent Theft (Where It's At)
Another track from the Brighton bands brilliant debut album which will be available from 19th January.

9th January - London, Twee As Fuck @ Buffalo Bar
12th January - London - Rough Trade In Store
22nd January - Manchester, Day & Night
26th February - Brighton, Artrocker
28th February - Paris, La Fleche d'Or

13. Built By Snow - Algometric Touch (CD-R) Built By Snow are a four piece from Austin, Texas and this track comes from their rather good debut album "Mega" which will be available from 20th January. It could be worth keeping an eye on these guys in 2009.

2nd January - Austin, Mohawk
6th January - Austin, Beauty Bar
8th January - Austin, Beauty Bar
24th January - Austin, Club DeVille
25th February - Austin, Emos

14. Stickboy - Forget Yourself (Self Released)
This comes from Stickboy's latest offering "EP 3" all of which can be downloaded for free from his MySpace page.

15. Orzelda - Succulent (Winning Sperm Party)
Yet more top quality stuff from the W.S.P. crew. The full five track E.P. can be downloaded, as always for free from the Winning Sperm Party website.


  1. Dearest Kris,

    I haven't commented much lately, if at all. But I just want to say 'thank you' for your great site! Keep up the good work and I wish you all the very best for 2009!

    Thanks, mate!

    Dirk from Sexyloser

    btw: ist there any chance for you to play the B-Side of the Helen Love 7" as well?

  2. Anonymous2:08 pm

    hi, can you please upload the Flatmates bootleg that you mentioned before?


  3. Anonymous8:45 am

    My mummy died a social drinker and my daddy still collects guns but I just stumbled across your blog and extend my hand to shake it in a congratulatory way.