Sunday, December 07, 2008

Pod Fodder (Volume Seventeen)

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1. Shiema - On The Double (Promo)
Taken from the new EP "Make Them Swing Till It Hurts".

2. Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring - Winterlong (God Is In The TV)
Aaah lovely. Some of you might remember The Pixies doing a rather good version of this Neil Young track some years ago. Well this version is better, totally beautiful if it comes to an arguement and comes to you absolutely free courtesy of those nice people who refer to themselves as God Is In The TV. Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring come from that little backwater called London and if you pop over to their website there are quite a few tracks you can have a listen to. This track along with another called "White Winter Hymnal" will be available from the God Is In The TV website from 15th December.

20th December - London, The Fox

3. Rocha & Lewinger - Dub Screamer (SCI+TEC Digital Audio)
Let's face it, any track which choses to call itself "Dub Screamer" is always going to find a home on this site.

4. The Kilimanjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble - Twisted Horizons (Ad Noiseam)
Taken from the bands recent "Mutations EP".

5. Burningpilot - Starter Pack (Transgressive)
Taken from the debut album "Cold Caller"

6. Richard Youngs - Track 2 (No Fans)
This is a bit strange really. Apparently there are only 50 of these albums in existence which if true (and i have no reason to argue) is completely mental because this is a fantastic record and every soul alive should have the chance to experience it at least once. It's called "Three Handed Star" and if there are no plans for it to be made more widely available then you may well hear the whole thing right here. None of the tracks seem to have proper titles so "Track 2" will just have to do.

7. Mudhoney - Touch Me I'm Sick (Sub Pop)

8. It Hugs Back - Remember (4AD)
Let's face it, "It Hugs Back" is not a fantastic name for a band and "Inside Your Guitar" does not exactly inspire as an album title but if you can get beyond that this is actally a really good record. "Inside Your Guitar" will be released through 4AD on 19th January.

9th December - Manchester, The Deaf Institute

9. Bubblegum Lemonade - Penny Fountain (Matinee)
Another track from the Glasgow bands debut album "Doubleplusgood"

10. Bill Baird - Christmas In Jail (Indiecater)
The Christmas songs are now appearing by the tonload but the best I've heard so far is an album on Indiecater records cunningly entitled "An Indiecater Christmas" which instead of containing groups of Chimpanzees destroying what we are constantly told are Christmas classics is full of new tunes by good bands!! I kid you not, and some pretty damn good stuff as well. This track is probably my favorite at the moment. It costs just 6.50 euros from the indiecater website. A bargain I hear you shout.

11. Twinbeat - Don't Touch My Dog (Original Mix) (LTD007)
This is great. I like the bit on about 5m26s when the whole thing starts to sound unstable.

12. Masonic - Lifetime Of Deception (?)
According to the press release this album is not an album, it's a "Maxi EP" whatever the devil one of those is. Probably some kind of strange American jargon that the rest of the occupied world find baffling. Then again maybe I'm just a bit thick. Whatever it is it contains ten tracks and goes under the name "The Human Blade" and is really good.

13. Quitzow - New York Haunting (Young Love)
Taken from the new EP "Animal Nature".

14. Lukestar - White Shade (Flameshovel)
Taken from the album "Lake Toba".

15. Galaxy 500 - Listen The Snow Is Falling (Rough Trade)
Taken from the 1990 album "This Is Our Music".


  1. Thank you for mentionning the track by The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble. Interestingly, the "Mutations" ep is actually not "recently released", and is still forthcoming.

    It seems that somebody snatched the audioout of a couple of MySpace tracks and YouTube videos and assembled what they thought would be this release. Actually, the tracks have been improved a bit ever since, mastered, and the EP has more than what this person leaked on the net.

    To cut a long story short, "Mutations" by TKDE is coming out at the very, very end of 2008 / beginning of 2009. More info at:

  2. Anonymous8:09 am

    here you go Kris.. feel free to share it here

    2 Weddoes bootlegs.. one from 1990 and one from this year

    Wedding Present
    The Corn Exchange Ipswich, England
    1st February 1990

    Title: Wedding Present - 2008-11-23 - Arena - Vienna(Austria) - AUD
    Size: 472.08 MB