Saturday, November 08, 2008

Pod Fodder (Volume Thirteen)

Download Here

1. Le Reno Amps - Send Me On My Way (Drift)
This is a track from the Glasgow bands new single which will be available from 8th December.

13th November - Glasgow, The Flying Duck
15th November - Forres, Mosset Tavern
29th November - Paisley, Crow Bar
13th December - Coatbridge, The Academy
18th December - Glasgow, Brel

2. Noisia - B.R.U.L. (Division)
This is a track from a 12" single which has this track from Noisia on one side and an equally good work by Feed Me on the other.

3. The Alexandria Quartet - Into The Light (Nettwerk)
There isn't much information available about The Alaxandria Quartet. This is one of two tracks on a promo cd which presumably is going to be released in the near future.

4. The Paddingtons - What's The Point In Anything New (Mama Bear)
Taken from the Hull bands second album "No Mudane Options".

9th November - Leeds, Cockpit

5. Atomic Hooligan - Electro Ain't Electro (Rico Tubbs Mix) (Botchit & Scarper) Great new 12" from Atomic Hooligan.

9th November - Cardiff, Crobar
15th November - Bristol, ???

6. Mutators - Siamese Skulls (Nominal)
Another track from the brilliant "Secret Life" album.

7. Lovvers - No Fun (Wichita)
Taken from the Northampton bands current ep "Think" which is available now through Wichita.

18th November - Glasgow, ABC 2 (with Jay Reatard)
19th November - Manchester, The Deaf Institute (with Jay Reatard)
20th November - Leeds, The Faversham (with Jay Reatard)
21st November - Liverpool, Korova (with Jay Reatard)
22nd November - Nottingham, Bodega Social (with Jay Reatard)
23rd November - Bristol, The Cooler (with Jay Reatard)
28th November - Brighton, Engine Rooms (with Jay Reatard)
29th November - Reading, The Kings Tavern
1st December - London, Old Blue Last (with Abe Vigoda)
2nd December - Birmingham, The Sunflower Lounge
3rd December - Worcester, The Firefly (with Mika Miko)
4th December - Liverpool, Korova (with Abe Vigoda)
5th December - Nottingham, Bogoda Social (with Abe Vigoda)

8. Revolver - Heaven Sent An Angel (Hut)
No real reason for including this track other than I was playing the 12" ealier in the week and I think it still sounds great. Taken from the 1991 "45 ep". You can see some of the video for this track on their Myspace page

9. Tronik Youth - Live Cry Laugh Die (Back Yard)

10. The Notwist - Boneless (City Slang)
This is a track from the current single.

17th November - Bristol, Thelka
18th November - Manchester, Club Academy
19th November - Glasgow, King Tuts
20th November - Birmingham, Barfly
21st November - London, ULU

11. Los Campesinos - Death To Los Campesinos (Napoleon III Remix)
So as the mighty Shred Yr Face tour continues to roll around Europe to huge acclaim. I've yet to hear anybody say it was anything other than a treat it's probably high time we heard a track from the tour 7". It's basically a seven inch single which contains one track from each band (Los Campesinos, New Times Viking & No Age). These are guaranteed to be collectors items in years to come so if you have one look after it and keep it away from the cats (mine are particularly fond of batting piles of singles to see how far they can make them fall).

12. Sky Larkin - Beeline (Wichita)
I think pretty likely that the debut album from Leeds based Sky Larkin could well be an early contender for the best albums of 2009. The five track sampler I have is simply stunning and gets played at least twice daily in my house. The album is as far as I know self-titled and should be with us in January.

21st November - Bristol, Thelka (with Those Dancing Days)
23rd November - Leeds, Cockpit (with Those Dancing Days)
24th November - London, Goldsmiths S.U. (with Those Dancing Days)
25th November - Sheffield, Fuzz Club (with Those Dancing Days)
27th November - Newcastle, Other Rooms (with Those Dancing Days)
28th November - Lancaster, Lancaster Library (with Those Dancing Days)
16th December - London, Hoxton Bar & Grill (Wichita Xmas Party)
18th December - Paris, Maroquinerie (Wichita Xmas Party with Los Campesinos, Those Dancing Days & Lovvers)

13. The Phantom Band - Folksong Oblivion (Chemikal Underground)
This is a great track. It comes from the debut Phantom Band record "Checkmate Savage" which will be released through The Delgadoes Chemikal Underground label on 26th January. I think we'll be hearing a lot more from this bunch of Glasweigans in 2009. Talking of next year you will soon need to vote for your favorite tracks of this year in our bigger than ever end of year spectacular. I say spectacular, it's just a download really comprising of your favorite tunes of the year and I promise not to cheat and re-arrange things to suit my mood. As long as there is at least two Fall tracks in there I'll be a happy man. Talking of happy men you could make Mr Vincent a lot more cheereful by popping over for a look at his new book review blog "Mr Ripleys Enchanted Books" and if you leave a comment you'll make his day. Anyway back to The Phantom Band. You can catch them live at...

15th November - Edinburgh, Voodoo Rooms
14th December - Dundee, Dexters (with ILIKETRAINS)
15th December - Glasgow, King Tuts (with ILIKETRAINS)
16th December - Newcastle, The End (with ILIKETRAINS)
19th December - Glasgow, Fairfield Club (with Malcolm Middleton)

14. The Legends - Seconds Away (Labrador)
Yes I know we've featured this track before but so what. It's bloody great (escpecially at mind numbing, skull bending volume). It's also the bands new single which was released just last week and is well worth a purchase.

15. Japanther - I The Indigene (Wantage)
Taken from the new album "Tut Tut Now Shake Ya Butt".


  1. Great pod fodder as a train spotter would say..... i think you might find that the Lovvers home town is closer to Nottingham then Northampton but a great band thoe!!!

    Would any one like any 90s retro fodders doing?


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