Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pod Fodder (Volume Fourteen)

It's that time of year again when you need to start thinking about your favorite tracks of the year. This is probably going to work the same as last year simply send an email to containing a list of your top tunes (any amount) and around Christmas time a downloadable top thirty will appear as if by magic. The only rule is that it has to have been released in 2008 and isn't a re-issue. I think it's been a great year and I'm really looking forward to seeing your lists. On with the fodder.....

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1. No Age - Revolving Credit For Kitty (Tour 7")
This is the No Age contribution to the Shred Yr Face tour 7".

2. Burningpilot - Automatic Text Generator (Transgressive)
I've been looking forward to this album ever since I played the last single "Accelerate" on a previous Fodder. The album is called "Cold Caller" and does exactly what you would want it to. My only slight critisism is that it sounds just a little bit too well produced but it's well worth a sniff.

21st November - London, Hope & Anchor
28th November - St Albans, The Horn

3. Boyracer - The Heartbreaker (555)
Boyracer have been around for ages. They used to be the black sheep of Sarah Records and they are still ploughing their own furrow. The latest album is called "Sunlight Is The Best Antiseptic" and sounds as raw as ever. I'm not sure how available this record is but if you pop over to the 555 website I'm sure you'll be able to furnish yourself with more info than you could possibly need.

4. Clinic - Tomorrow (DFA Remix) (Domino)
Originally a track on "Do It" which seems like ages ago "Tomorrow" is been released as a single. This is the most exiting part though, the DFA remix which takes it from a record you probably should buy to a record which you need to own. The single also includes a new song called "Hijack" and will be available from 24th November. They have some gigs coming up which sound very interesting. They are calling these happenings "Planetarium Of The Soul", a collaboration between Clinic and animator Clemens Habicht. According to the poster you will witness live music and animation bleeding together in a contemporary vortex of psychedelic sight and sound, so I think we can expect slightly more than a bloke with a slide show. If anyone gets to one of these gigs please let me know all about it. I'm intrigued.

18th November - Manchester, Deaf Institute
19th November - Glasgow, The Arches
20th November - Birmingham, Factory Club
22nd November - Leeds, Brudnell Social Club
23rd November - London, Scala

5. Bob - Skylark (House Of Teeth)
Taken from the 1990 "Tired EP"

6. Be Invisible Now - I Fiori Devono Moririe (Kill Shaman)
This comes from a split EP which Be Invisible Now share with Expo 70 Good stuff.

7. The Manhattan Love Suicides - Jonny Boy (Squirrel)
This is a band who really should have been featured more on Burning World escpecially as they come from just twenty miles down the road in Leeds. Taken from the album "Burnt Out Landscapes". I really must make an effort to catch them live. I bet they sound great.

1st December - London, Hoxon Bar & Kitchen (with Asobi Seksu)
13th December - Leeds, The Cockpit (with The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart)
17th December - London, The Lexington (with The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart)

8. Plaaaydoh - Cambodia (Winning Sperm Party)
Plaaaydoh are back with yet another free EP. It's called the "Friend EP" largly because it contains for cover versions of songs by their friends, or more specifically Dirty Summer, Grozny, Orzelda & Triple School. The whole EP can be downloaded completely free from the Winning Sperm Party website..... You still here????

9. Dance Me Pregnant - Possession (No Dancing)
This is a track from the split 7" Dance Me Pregnant share with Ladyfinger.

10. The Child Molesters - I'm Gonna Punch You In The Face (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
Back when I was a teenager (not all that long ago) I used to collect 7" singles on the Sympathy For The Record Industry label. To be honest most of them were pretty average but they always came on nice coloured vinyl with some great artwork on a fold out sleeve. This is one of my favorites. I think this was originally released back in 1978 and re-issued by Sympathy but I don't have an original copy so I could be wrong. This particular version comes from a double 7" pack which is on beautiful, almost translucent blue vinyl. There are a few scratches in places but I think this still sounds great.

11. Norma - God's Will (Promo)
Taken from the forthcoming album "Book Of Norma" which will I think may be available now.... and yes, they come from Sweden.

12. LOL - Love Leaves No Scar (Hixxy Remix) (All Over The World)
It's been ages since any quality happy hardcore has come my way. Fear not, that wait is at an end. This comes from the new LOL single and is definitly my favorite mix.

13. Astrobrite - Booster (Vinyl Junkie)
Taken from the album "One Hit Wonder".

14. Decomposure - Excerpt 7 (Blank Squirrel)
This track comes from the new Decomposure album "Humidity Patient Guide" which can be downloaded for free from the Blank Squirrel Music website.

15. Youthmovies - Become An Island (Blast First)
Taken from the "Polyp EP" which was released last week.

19th November - Liverpool, Barfly Loft
20th November - Glasgow, King Tuts
21st November - Edinburgh, Caberet Voltaire
22nd November - Carlisle, Brickyard

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