Monday, November 24, 2008

Pod Fodder (Volume Fifteen)

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1. Bad Party - Feathered Hair & Tightass Jeans (Animal Disguise)
This is a track from the album "Coming Out Slowly" which has been around since the summer but I've only just got a copy.

2. The Felt Tips - The Love That Never Spoke It's Name (Wee Pop)
This track is one of the b sides on the new single "Bought & Sold".

3. Sky Larkin - Molten (Wichita)
The Leeds bands debut album will be available sometime in January and is going to be probably the first really important record of 2009.

24th November - London, Goldsmiths SU (with Those Dancing Days)
25th November - Leeds, Cockpit (with Those Dancing Days)
27th November - Sheffield, Fuzz Club (with Those Dancing Days)
28th November - Lancaster, Lancaster Library (with Those Dancing Days)
30th November - Glasgow, Captains Rest (with Those Dancing Days)
12th December - Cork, The Pavillion (with Stereolab)
14th December - Belfast, Black Box (with Stereolab)
16th December - London, Hoxton Bar & Grill (Wichita Christmas Party)

4. Stereolab - Low Fi (Too Pure)
I just thought, what with Sky Larkin supporting Stereolab next month it might be nice to remember the time when Stereolab made really good records. This is the first track from their 1994 "Low Fi" E.P.

5. True Widow - Corpse Master (End Sounds)
True Widow come from Dallas, Texas and this is a track from their rather excellent self titled debut album which was released last week.

6. Shooting At Unarmed Men - Peristalsis (Too Pure)
Taken from what I thought was the second album from Melbourne's Shooting At Unarmed Men. It's called "Triptych" and turns out to be their fourth which means there are two albums which I don't have. Damn!

7. Peasant - Impeccable Manners (Paper Garden)
This is a great record. The album is called "On The Ground" and will be released through Paper Garden at the end of January. I think you'll be hearing more from this album on Buring World before then but this is the track I keep coming back to at the moment. I particularly like the line "I am the man that I once found revolting". Peasant are currently on tour in the states and if you pop over to the Paper Garden website you will undoubtedly uncover all the info your heart could possibly require.

8. Official Secrets Act - Do Not Be Alarmed (One Little Indian)
This is the B side of the current single "So Tomorrow".

1st December - Glasgow, King Tuts
2nd December - Manchester, Dry Bar
3rd December - Nottingham, Bodega
4th December - Runcorn, Underground
5th December - Birmingham, Barfly
6th December - Leeds, Cockpit
8th December - Southampton, Hamptons
9th December - London, Barfly (single launch)
11th December - Bristol, Start The Bus

9. One Dove - Transient Truth (Boys Own)
12" single from 1992.

10. Weenliz - Cub (Winning Sperm Party)
This is a track from another free to download bundle of joy brought into the world care of the nice people at Winning Sperm Party and some mad Scots who call themselves Weenliz.

20th December - Glasgow, Stereo
9th January - Glasgow, 13th Note

11. Time. Space. Repeat - Future Song (Samu)
This is a track from the new Time. Space. Repeat. album which was released just last week and can be purchased from . It only costs a fiver and four pounds of that will be donated to Shelter so you can buy a bloody good record and do a good deed all at the same time, perfect.

12. Break The Box - Prostitutes & Video Games (Nothing's Remix) (Breakin Even)

13. Mutators - Trick Animals (Nominal)
Yet another track from the box of brilliance that is "Secret Life". As this record is so hard to get hold of I am considering putting the whole damn thing on here as some kind of life improving excersise. Oh wait!! Their might be a second pressing coming up... on BLACK vinyl.

14. The Ape Drape Escape - Broke My Hip (to the beat) (Promo)
I can't tell you anything about this track other than it's by Sheffield band Ape Drape Escape and it kicks ass. What more do you need to know?

29th November - London, Shorditch, London Catch

15. Xylos - In The Bedroom (Self Released)
This track comes from the New York bands new "Bedrooms EP" which you can download for free from the bands website HERE.
20th December - New York, Piano's

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  1. thank you for including us on this playlist. there are some great bands i've never heard of on here, so thanks for that as well. keep it up! take care, slim .:TW:.