Monday, November 03, 2008

The Jesus & Mary Chain - London,Forum 27th October 2008

As requested, a fine set from the Reid brothers recorded just last week at The Forum. The sound on this is great. Many thanks to the bootlegger, whoever you are.

1. Snakedriver
2. Head On
3. Between Planets
4. Blues From A Gun
5. Sidewalking
6. Cracking Up
7. Some Things Must Pass
8. Some Candy Talking
9. Halfway To Crazy
10. Taste Of Cindy
11. ?
12. Up Too High
13. Sometimes Always
14. Just Like Honey
15. Reverence
16. Male Wife Universal Plan


  1. Fantastic! Thanks very much for sharing this!

  2. Anonymous3:16 pm

    forgive me but it's a really crappy sound. the same as dimeadozen.
    download at your own risk.

  3. I actually think it's a pretty good audience recording. Bootlegs are rarely pristine quality and there are loads of really bad ones out there. There is certainly no risk involved here though. A perfectly acceptable recording and a great performance.