Monday, November 24, 2008

The Field Mice - Londres, The Dome 21st November 1991

This is actually one of my all time favorite bootlegs. The sound is far from perfect but I think you get a great "feel" from this one. There just aren't enough Sarah bootlegs around.

Download Here

1. This Is Not Here
2. Coach Station Reunion
3. New Pop Song
4. Below The Stars
5. Quiet & Loud
6. Five Moments
7. Star Of David
8. Untitled
9. Of The Perfect Kind
10. End Of The Affair


  1. mil gracias por este genial disco muchas gracias. Yhank you very much

  2. Anonymous1:00 am

    i was there!!! and the band all signed my "burning world" flexi... bob wrote "field mice love you".

  3. I have always loved The Firld Mice and would sure appreciate a re-posting of this gig, then maybe one of YOUR fave goots could become one of mine too :) Seriously though, please consider re-uping this. Thanks loads for all the goodies; there are sooo many. Fuck, I'm in indie purgatory and loving the bittersweet heart purification pains...