Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Fall - York, The Duchess, 13th November 2008

It's always good when The Fall play in your home town. I had been looking forward to this gig for ages and then disaster struck. I wasn't going to be in York. While the majestic M.E. Smith was gracing a stage just down the road from my house I would be in a shitty hotel in Birmingham. Typical isn't it, the first time I have had to go anywhere overnight all year and it had to fall on this week. Anyway all is not lost thanks to the superb and creatures who call themselves The Consortium and did a fine job of recording this gig. Listening to it only makes me more angry about not being there but I suppose there's always next time. That's one of the great things about The Fall, you never have long to wait before the next gig.

1. Intro
2. Chino Splashback
3. Fall Sound
4. Wolf Kidult Man
5. Wings
6. 50 Year Old Man
7. I've Been Duped
8. Funnel of Love
9. Tommy Shooter
10. Carry Bag Man
11. White Lightning
12. Reformation
13. Outro
14. Blindness


  1. Anonymous12:52 am

    Their sets may not vary much, but the band seems to be getting more fierce with every show. Incredible. And what's with resurrecting Carry Bag Man?

    Oh Fall, please come back to Philadelphia!

  2. I was actually in York thast night and went to watch the gig. I say 'went' to watch the gig as I ended up at a place called Fibbers (aptly named) which I mistook for The Duchess. The bouncer told me The Fall had been on a few weeks ago, rather than point me in the direction of the right place, which I believe is next door. I was extremely pissed off when I found out what had happened. Not sure if finding this makes it any better!

  3. chris7:50 pm

    many thanks for this one

  4. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Why don't any of your downloads work