Friday, October 31, 2008

Pod Fodder (Volume Twelve)

1. Aldo Vanucci & Featurecast - Walk Like A Man (fdel remix) (Funk Weapons)
12" Vinyl. Taken from the "Blue Grassed Devil" EP.

2. A. Armada - The Moon Shifts The Sea The Sea Shapes The Shore The Shore Shakes The Sand The Sand Sinks The Ship (Hello Sir)
Now that's what I call a song title. Taken from the album "Anam Cara".

3. Japanther - Bumpin' Rap Tapes (Wantage)
This track comes from the new Japantgher record "Tut Tut Now Shake Ya Butt" which can only be described as excellent.

4. The Mountain Goats - Sarcofago Live (4AD)
This is one of the tracks from the bands new "Satanic Messiah" EP which although you can buy it as a download is also avaliable as a limited edition double 7" pack which is limited to just 666 copies and can only be aquired from their shows. That's buggered me up then.

5. Mr Scruff - Donkey Ride feat. Quantic (Ninja Tune)
It's been ages since we last had a Mr Scruff album to pick out noses to. This long awaited new offering "Ninja Tuna" carries on pretty much in the vein of previous material mash ups, breakbeats and jazzy bits.

1st November - Manchester, Keep It Unreal @ Music Box
6th November - Swansea, Sin City
7th November - London, Matter
8th November - Bristol, Academy
13th November - Leamington, Assembly
14th November - Sheffield, University Students Union
15th November - Cambridge, The Junction
20th November - Edinburgh, Liquid Rooms
21st November - Glasgow, The Arches
22nd November - Dundee, Okupa
5th December - Brighton, Concord 2
6th December - Manchester, Keep It Unreal @ Music Box
11th December - Cardiff, Solus @ Cardiff Uni
12th December - Nottingham, Stealth
16th December - Val D' Isere, Dicks Tea Bar

6. Blueboy - The Joy Of Living (Sarah)
Taken from the 1994 album "Unisex".

7. Maikotobranco - (Small Finger)
Another track from the fine album "Star".

8. Subterra - Serengeti (Frequency)

9. The Great Shakes - Chinatown (Lap)
The great Shakes appear to have two single out at the moment. "It Won't Stop" on the fantasic NRONE label from Norwich and this on on Lap records from somewhere else. I'm not sure which one I prefere but we've played plenty of NRONE stuff recently so...

11th November - London, Oh Inverted World @ The Old Queens Head
12th November - Liverpool, Korova
18th December - Norwich, NRONE calling @ The Waterfront (with The Barlights, Rosalita & Tinman)

10. Foot Village - Urination (Tome)
Taken from the album "Friendship Nation" which was released months ago and I heard for the first time last week. How can something like this slip through the net?

11. Submorphics - Stray Bullets (Future Retro)
If you want to get your tune on Burning World just get hold of a load of old western movies and drop samples into your tracks. Works every time.

12. Cody - Rounder (Shinkansen)
Bit of a forgotten classic this one. It's the lead track from the "Rounder EP " which was released through the Matt Haynes Shinkansen Records in 1999.

13. The Rulers - Wrong Embryo (Trojan)

14. Windy & Carl - Forever (Kranky)
Taken from the album "Songs For The Broken Hearted".

15. Champagne Riot - Scandinavian Warfare (Shelflife)
More top tunes from the Shelflife crew. Champagne Riot are, as you might expect Scandinavian and therefore have the natural genetic qualities required to make perfect indiepop tunes. This track is the first on their new ep "Paris & I" which is available on CD and 7" although I don't know if you get all six tracks on the vinyl version.... and you do need all six tracks.