Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pod Fodder (Volume Ten)

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1. Sky Larkin - Fossil I (Wichita)
This is a track from the long awaited debut single from Leeds based Sky Larkin which will be available on 7" from next week.

18th October - Glasgow, King Tuts (with Hot Club De Paris)
19th October - Leeds, Brainwash Festival @ The Brudnell
21st October - London, Lunchtime Instore @ Pure Groove
21st October - London, Kings College (with Those Dancing Days)
22nd October - Leeds, Crash Records Instore
24th October - New York, Webster Hall
9th November - Brussels, Botanique (with Los Campesinos! & Lovvers)
10th November - Cologne, Luxor (with Los Campesinos! & Lovvers)
11th November - Amsterdam, Melkweg (with Los Campesinos! & Lovvers)
12th November - Munich, Atomic Cafe (with Los Campesinos! & Lovvers)
13th November - Bologna, Estragon (with Los Campesinos! & Lovvers)
14th November - Roma, Piper (with Los Campesinos! & Lovvers)
15th November - Milan, Rolling Stone (with Los Campesinos! & Lovvers)
21st November - Bristol, Thelka (with Those Dancing Days)
23rd November - Leeds Cockpit (with Those Dancing Days)
25th November - Sheffield, Fuzz Club (with Those Dancing Days)
26th November - Lancaster, Library (with Those Dancing Days)
27th November - Newcastle, Other Rooms (with Those Dancing Days)

2. The Vortex - Revolution Sometime (Fat Northerner)
This is the b-side of the current single "Dirty Soul" which was released just last week.

31st October - Edinburgh, Westport Festival
8th November - Workington, Sise @ Monroes
14th November - Manchester, The Green Windmill
5th December - London, Camden Roundhouse
13th December - Manchester, Roadhouse
30th January - Manchester, Aftershow

3. Darkus - Dubbed Jah (Slim Blue Remix) (Bassrock)
Darkus is basically Simon Dark who somehow manages to combine being a builder, running an online record shop and churning out top shit like this all at the same time. Now that's what I call multi-tasking.

4. Fight Like Apes - Recyclable Ass (Model Citizen)
This is definitely my favorite record at the moment. The album is called "The Mystery Of The Golden Medallion" and is one of the best debuts of the year.... if you live in Ireland where the record is now avaliable. It's due for a UK release early 2009 so it could well be one of the best records of next year as well. Regardless make sure you pick up a copy of this as soon as you get chance. Really good shit.

22nd October - Brighton, Coalition
24th October - Swansea, Sin City
25th October - Oxford, Jericho Tavern
26th October - Southampton, Hamptons
31st October - Guilford, The Boiler Room
13th November - Newcastle, Cluny
19th November - Brighton, Audio
20th November - Camden, Barfly
21st November - Birmingham, Barfly
22nd November - Liverpool, Barfly
24th November - Glasgow, Barfly
25th November - Aberdeen, Moshulu
27th November - Manchester, Roadhouse
28th November - Cardiff, Barfly
29th November - York, Fibbers
5th December - Dublin Academy

5. Secret Shine - Wish Come True (Spoiler)
7" single from 1995.

6. The Unremarkables - 21st Century Ghost (NR One)
Title track from the Norwich bands new EP which will be released 11th November.

29th November - Lincoln, The Library Bar
5th February - Norwich, The Blueberry

7. Stars And Sons - In The Ocean (Self-Released)
Stars and Sons are from Brighton and last year they sent me a very nice CD with a very roughly painted hand made sleeve which scratched anything it came into contact with. I think it was called "The Goat Show EP" or something like that. Anyway this is a track from the new single which will be released on 17th November. Apparently they're going to be on the telly on the very same day (bit of a coincidence) with some footage from their "In The City Show". You can see this on something called "Channel M" which means absolutely nothing to me but can allegedly be discovered on Sky channel 203 and Virgin Media channel 878. Godspeed my son.

30th October - London, Luminaire
16th November - Brighton, Prince Albert
28th November - Brighton, Brighton Calling @ The Providence
4th December - London, Water Rats

8. Mogwai - Mogwai Fear Satan (Fuck Buttons Remix) (Tour CD)
Fuck Buttons do a pretty fine job on this one. There's even some of the tinking from "Sweet Love For Planet Earth" at times. Taken from the tour EP which can be bought, stolen or begged for at the gigs the bands share.

21st October - Edingburgh, Corn Exchange
23rd October - Manchester, Academy
24th October - London, Hammersmith Apollo

9. DB83 - Baader (Dreadzone Remix)

10. Lowline - Sound Of Music (1234)
This is a track from the Manchester bands new single whuich was released last week.

22nd October - Paris, Fleche d'Or Club
4th December - Manchester, Roadhouse (with A Place To Bury Strangers)
20th December - Manchester, The Green Windmill (FREE ENTRY!!!)

11. Go Go Charlton - Song For The Here And The Hereafter (Lofty)
Taken from the album "Beaucoup Schlager".

12. Jeremy - Silly Love Songs (Download)
This is a track which Norweigan band Jeremy made available as a free download single last month. Their debut album "Smells Like Rain, Feels Like Sun" has just been released in Norway and I'm trying to track down a copy as we speak.

13. 2 Hot 2 Sweat - Half-Assed Rom Com (NROne)
Norwich based NROne REcords really is putting out some top stuff at the moment. This is particularly sweet and if you get a move on you can purchase it as a limited edition of 250 CDs which come in a snazzy 7" sleeve when it hits the public domain on 10th November. I always was a sucker for packaging.

20th December - Norwich, Arts Centre

14. Maikotobranco - Tell Me Why (Small Finger)
Taken from the album "Star" which is a Japanese release but I'm sure you'll be able to find it outside Japan. According to the Small Finger website this was the first release on the label and the second is by a band called "Cubic Star Minimal Orchestra" who sound facinating so I'll try and get hold of a copy asap and let you know.

15. Exit Calm - We're On Our Own (Club AC30)
Track from the new single.

19th October - Windsor, The Fire Station
20th October - Barnsley, The Last Dance @ Carters Old No.7
21st October - London, Hoxton Bar & Grill (Club AC30 night)
22nd October - Birmingham, 444 Club @ The Rainbow
23rd October - Coventry, The Tuns
24th October - Peterborough, Met Lounge
25th October - Tunbridge Wells, Forum
26th October - Guilford, Boiler Room


  1. Sorry to be a pedant but Sky Larkin have already released two singles already on dance to the radio. I know it's late and I am bored!

    Thanks for the tip off about the new single though.

  2. Yeah I really should have remembered that. The debut single "One Of Two" was actually featured on this site. Whoops.

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