Saturday, October 04, 2008

Pod Fodder (Volume Eight)

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1. The Raid - Oh Lillee (Shifty Disco)
I must admit I thought Oxford's Shifty Disco label had ceased to be active some time ago so I'm both surprised and glad that it still appears to be going strong. This is a track from the new single by The Raid which is scheduled for release on 17th November.

13th October - Hemel Hempstead, Old Town Hall (Acoustic)
15th October - London, Purple Turtle
9th November - London, Playground @ Proud

2. Le Man Avec Les Lunettes - Apples (My Honey/Zahr)
Taken from the album "Plaskaplaskabombelibom".

3. The Bishops - City Lights (1234)
This is a track from the new single which will be released in the UK on 13th October. Apparently the band are currently hard at work on their second album which is expected in the spring.

12th October - Sunderland, Independent
13th October - Glasgow, Barfly
14th October - Manchester, Dry Bar
15th October - Birmingham, Bar Academy
16th October - London, Water Rats
17th October - Tunbridge Wells, Forum
18th October - Nottingham, Junktion 7
19th October - Southampton, Hamptons
21st October - Brighton, Albert

4. Luna - Outdoor Miner (Radiation)
Single from 1996 and one of the better covers of the Wire classic. Lush did a rather good version as well.

5. John Starlight - Road Rage (Popov Remix) (Cocoon)
12" single. I think I prefer this mix over the original mix on the a side.

6. Cop On The Edge - Spying On Boys (Demo)
Cop On The Edge are a five piece from South London who's tracks I'm rather enjoying at the moment. I don't thin it'll be too long before someone sees the light and releases proper records for them (I know I keep saying this but one day I really will get my label going). What is also worth mentioning is their "South Eats London" nights which take place at the New Cross Inn and sound very interesting indeed. If I lived a couple of hundered miles closer I'd check it out myself. The next one is on 16th October and features Rotary Ten, Django Django, Super Tennis (we like them) and Jonny Cola & The A Grades. I'll be in Leeds watching the Shred Yr Face Tour that night but i'd like a report if anyone feels like giving me one. The next one is on 20th November and features Pockets Filled With Matches, Ape Fight Ape and New Town Riot.

15th October - London, Odd Wednesdays @ The Legion
31st October - London, This is Modern Love @ New Cross Inn
7th November - Lomdon, Semiconductor Archives @ Cross Kings
14th November - Oxford, Quickfix @ The Wheatsheaf

7. Ballboy - Disney's Ice Parade (Pony Proof)
Taken from the new album "I Worked On The Ships". I think last time I mentioned this album I said it was a little bit too acoustic for my liking but on reflection it's a real grower. there's not a bad tune on it.

8. I Am Robot & Proud - Making A Case For Magic (Darla)
Taken from the album "Uphill City".

9. Times New Viking - Pagan Eyes (Matador)
This is the first track from the New York bands new EP "Stay Awake" which will be released through Matador on 21st October. Don't forget the band are going to be part of the Shred Yr Face Tour along with Los Campesinos and No Age throughout October. I seem to be typing the dates out for that almost every week at the moment so stuff it. Check further down this page to see if it comes to a town near you.

10. Fight Like Apes - Lend Me Your Face (Model Citizen)
I wasn't expecting to like this album too much. Don't ask me why, it's probably just some irrational fear of bands with animals in their name. Taken from the album "And The Mystery Of The Golden Medallion".

12th October - Cork, Cyprus Avenue
13th October - Limerick, Dolans
14th October - Galway, Roisin Dubh
17th October - Mullingar, Westmeath, The Stables
19th October - Dundalth, Spirit Store
22nd October - Brighton, Coalition
24th October - Swansea, Sin City
25th October - Oxford, Jericho Tavern
26th October - Southampton, Hamptons
31st October - Guilford, The Boiler Room
13th November - Newcastle, Cluny
19th November - Brighton, Audio
20th November - Camden, Barfly
21st November - Birmingham, Barfly
22nd November - Liverpool, Barfly
24th November - Glasgow, Barfly
25th November - Aberdeen, Moshulu
27th November - Manchester, Roadhouse
28th November - Cardiff, Barfly
29th November - York, Fibbers

11. Joensuu 1685 - (You Shine) Brighter Than Light (Bone Voyage)
Taken from the Helsinki bands self-titled debut album.

12. Blacka Dan - My Kinda Woman (Promo)

13. Burningpilot - Accelerate (James Rutledge Remix) (Transgressive)
This is a track from the new Burningpilot single and you must admit this is a bit of a monster. I can't get over how much that guy sounds like Mark E Smith. There is an album in the pipeline which I think is called "Cold Caller". Watch this space.

23rd October - London, Old Blue Last
12th November - London, Catch

14. Fuck Buttons - Sweet Love For Planet Earth (Andrew Weatherall Remix) (ATP)
Oh my god!!! This is a monster. If you thought the Street Horrrsing" version of this was good just wait till you get your ear lobes round this. That Mr Weatherall really has done a job. Best get your dancing boots out, you're gonna need em. This track is on the b side of the new single "Colours Move" which was released last week. The band are currently on tour with Mogwai and if you go to a gig be sure to pick up a copy of the tour CD because it contains a rather good Mogwai remix of "Colours Move" which I dont think you can get anywhere else. If I remember I'll put it in next weeks Fodder.

21st October - Edinburgh, Corn Exchange
23rd October - Manchester, Academy
24th October - London, Hammersmith Apollo

15. My Bloody Valentine - To Here Knows When (Sony)
Taken from the re-mastered version of "Loveless" which will be released next week.


  1. Fuck Buttons/Weatherall was a very worthy 'last tune' at Freakin' in York last month from Mr. Weatherall.

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