Monday, October 20, 2008

The Fall - Aberdeen, Lemon Tree, 10th Ocober 2008

I think it's about time we had some more Fall around these parts. I just wish the sound quality on this recording was a little better because it's a first rate performance from the mighty ones. Interestingly the Smithster disappears after about half an hour. I heard a rumour he had a touch of flu but short set or not it's a great performance, this line up really seem to be gelling now and I can't wait to see them in York in a few weeks time.

Download Here

1. Chino Splashback
2. Wolf Kidult Man
3. Fall Sound
4. 50 Year Old Man
5. Wings
6. I've Been Duped
7. Theme From Sparta FC
8. break (with a nice rendition of "We've Been Duped" from the audience)
9. Can Can Summer (instrumental)
10. Reformation (instrumental)
>>>>>>Tour Dates<<<<<
30th October - Liverpool, Nation, Wolstenholme Square
31st October - London, Hackney Empire
1st November - London, Hakney Empire
2nd November - Hove, Hove Centre, Hove Town Hall
5th November - Southampton, The Brook
13th November - York, The Duchess
29th November - Holmfirth, The Picturedrome


  1. Anonymous5:18 pm

    Hi Kriss,

    The Sunday night in Edinburgh was great, MES on good form, although too much amp fiddling for my liking.
    2 gripes, firstly the sound was muddy, the acoustics in the Queen's Hall are not great and above antics did not help
    and secondly only 1 new song.
    Still, a great night.

  2. Anonymous9:34 pm

    Any chance you could re-up this?

    I was at this gig, but I didn't realise it was being recorded. Was great while it lasted, but it's a shame my first Fall gig was cut short.