Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Boo Radleys - Ichabod & I (yet again)

I first posted this ages ago and then re-posted it due to popular demand and people are still asking for it. It certainly is a great record and impossibly hard to get hold of so....

This was the first record from Liverpool's Boo Radleys. The reason for this post is that people keep asking me on almost a weekly basis if I have a copy of Ichabod & I and I dont think it will do much harm to post the whole thing now since there were only ever 500 copies pressed and as far as I know it has never been re-issued. It's a shame really because this is a brilliant record.


Download Here

1. Elenor Everything
2. Bodenheim Jr
3. Catweazle
4. Sweet Salad Birth
5. Hip Clown Rag
6. Walking 5th Carnival
7. Kaleidoscope
8. Happens To Us All


  1. Dudley Morris11:28 pm

    Indeed this record hasn't ever been reissued, because the band later came to think it was crap and long ago disowned it. They did completely lose the plot as to what constitutes great music, didn't they?

  2. I didn't know there were only 500 copies done. I've got one and hadn't realised its rarity!

  3. I love you for this.

  4. Anonymous11:55 pm

    "Download Here" link appears dead. From poking around here a bit, it seems you have had to re-post this several times in the past. Is there another way this can be distributed more reliably?

  5. Anonymous8:14 pm

    Some more Googling turned up the following link:
    This expands to a folder containing 8 mp3s (192K bit rate) and a .jpg of the album cover. Can Mr Waaah confirm that this is the correct file?