Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pod Fodder (Volume Seven)

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1. Bromheads Jacket - Where (Marquis Cha Cha)
Bromheads Jacket return with a brand new album and a much harder sound. While last years "Dits From The Commuter Belt" album was full of top tunes and was generally quite agreeable the new record "On The Brain" tries its hardest to be a great dirty scuzzmonkey of a record and in that it definitely succeeds. If you can't decide what to buy this week you could do a lot worse than this.

28th September - Brighton, Engine Rooms
29th September - Oxford, Academy
30th September - Portsmouth, Wedgwood Rooms
1st October - Southampton, Orange Rooms
2nd October - Kingston, New Slang @ McLuskys
3rd October - Hitchin - Remix
4th October - Sheffield, Foundry
5th October - Wakefield, Escobar
6th October - Nottingham, Stealth
8th October - Manchester, Academy 3
9th October - Bristol, Cooler
10th October - Winchester, Tower Arts Centre
11th October - Barnstaple, Inn On The Square
12th October - Exeter, Cavern
13th October - London, Kings
15th October - Stoke, Sugermill
16th October - Leicester, Charlotte
17th October - Leeds, Cockpit
18th October - York, Fibbers
19th October - Aberdeen, Moshulu
20th October - Glasgow, King Tuts
21st October - Sunderland, Independent

2. Eulogies - Two Can Play (Dangerbird)
Taken from the new EP "Tempted To Do Nothing" which will be available from 7th October. The bands debut album "Here Anonymous" will be out early next year.

3. Born Ruffians - Coldness Hot (Warp) Taken from the "Little Garcon" EP which comes in all kinds of wonderful formats such as a double 7" set which is limited to 200 copy's worldwide and comprises of one blue record and one yellow record, on top of that there is a rather nice remix 12" which I would encourage you to track down cos it might be worth a few quid in years to come. If you are unfortunate enough to live in the UK you can also get the lot as a digital bundle.

4. Electrixx & Codename - Five Million Dollar (Original Mix) (EXX)
This is quite frankly excellent. Taken from the "Five Million Rulez" EP.

5. The Golden Hand Before God Conducts Incredible Magic Band & The Spirits - Blood Of November (Pop Echo) Now that's what I call a band name. No less than sixty characters long. I was actually hoping that the music would be crap so that I wouldn't have to type it but as it turns out they sound bloody good. This track comes from the bands debut album "Here".

6. Hello Saferide - 2008 (Razzia)
Taken from the album "More Modern Short Stories".

7. Shiloe - Gone (New & Used)
This is a track from from an EP called "...And Now The Screaming Starts" which will be released on 14th October.

8. The Legends - Seconds Away (Labrador)
If I had such a thing as a track of the week this would be a very strong contender. This is a track from the new single which will be available from 5th November.

9. Gang Gang Dance - First Communion (Warp)
Taken from the new album "Saint Dymphna". According to the Warp Records web site the band will be playing just the one UK gig this year. This will take place at London, ULU on Saturday 11th October and will set you back a mere £11.

10. Slaraffenland - I'm A Machine (Rumracket)
This is the lead track from the Copenhagen bands new EP "Sunshine".

11. Rusko - Biggest Chopper (White Label)
I'm just loving the sounds on this one. I like the way it starts of as a pretty standard reggae track (John Holt) and then degenerates into some pretty evil dub. Top stuff. I'm not sure if this is going to see a proper release but there are some white labels knocking about...HERE for example.

12. The Art Goblins - Anti Gravity (Self Released)
The Art Goblins are some kind of Art Brut side project. I actually hope it becomes more than that because the tracks which have been made available so far have been totally excellent and none more so than this one. Oooo that Eddie Argos, leading the kids astray.

13. Velocity Girl - Crazy Town (Sub Pop)
Taken from the 1993 album "Coppercetic"

14. Los Campesinos - We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed (Wichita) This is the title track from the new album which will be available from 27th October. You might want to be a bit quick on your toes with this one because there is only going to be one run of CD's and then that's it, you'll have to trawl E-Bay to find a copy.
Don't forget Los Campesinos are soon to be involved in the "Shred Yr Face" tour which will see them playing all over the place with the mighty No Age who I'm really looking forward to seeing and also the brilliant Times New Viking. This tour could well be the highlight of the year and you should make every effort to get to at least one of the dates and save yourself years of regret, unlike Mr Vincent who has decided to go on holiday when the Leeds gig takes place.
Of course I could never condone the illegal recording of any of the performances... but I will,so if anyone does decide to record a show please get in touch with me. I'd love to get one of these shows on this site.
There is now a Shred Yr Face Tour website which promises to be quite productive over the next couple of months.

October 14th - Brighton, Komedia
October 15th - Liverpool, Academy 2
October 16th - Leeds, Irish Center
October 17th - Dublin, Whelans
October 18th - Glasgow, School Of Arts
October 20th - London, Electric Ballroom
October 21st - Bristol, Fleece
October 22nd - Manchester, Academy 3

15. Dartz - What Happens To Places Where Spaces Should Be (Extra Mile) This is a track from the new mini album "The Sad History Of The Village Of Alnerique".

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Wedding Present - The Casbah, San Diego 18th September 2008

The Wedding Present have just embarked on a rather huge tour of just about everywhere in support of their eighth album El-Ray which was released a couple of months ago. The tour kicks of in North America and then goes all over the place, hitting in the UK in December. (see dates below). This is decent recording of one of the first dates on the tour, enjoy.

Download Here

It's for you
Don't take me home until I'm drunk
You should always keep in touch with your friends
Blue eyes
Snake eyes
Sports car/Spiderman on Hollywood
You turn me on
My favourite dress
Nowhere fast
Model, actress, whatever...
The thing I like best about him is his girlfriend
Flying Saucer
Boo Boo
December 2nd - Colchester, Arts Centre
December 3rd - Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms
December 4th - Oxford, Academy
December 5th - Leicester, Princess Charlotte
December 6th - Manchester, Academy
December 8th - Cork, Pavillion
December 9th - Dublin, Andrews Lane Theatre
December 10th - Belfast, Limelight
December 12th - Edinburgh, Liquid Rooms
December 13th - Aberdeen, Moshulu
December 14th - Glasgow, QMU
December 15th - Newcastle, Academy
December 16th - Leeds, University
December 17th - Bristol, Academy
December 18th - London, Forum

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pod Fodder (Volume Six)

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1. Astrobrite - Ultravelvet (Vinyl Junkie)
Taken from the new album "One Hit Wonder". If you thought last years "Whitenoise Superstar" album was good just wait until you hear this. Twenty tracks of gorgeous layers of sound, heaven.

2. Ebola - Painkillers (Enduser Remix) (Spectraliquid)
This is my preferred track from the "Mutant Dubstep Vol 1" EP and has the most abrasive drum sound I've heard for ages. Apparently Cardpusher is releasing "Mutant Dubstep Vol 2" on 25th September and I'll be trying to track down a copy of that asap.

3. Tenebrous Liars - Pretender (TV)
Taken from the "Last Stand" EP which will hit the streets on 6th October.

3rd October - Coventry, John Taylors House
5th October - London, Brixton Windmill
6th October - London - London, 12 Bar Club
7th October - Manchester, Retro Bar (Free Admittance)
8th October - Sheffield, Shakespear Hotel
9th October - London, Metro
12th October - London, The Luminaire

4. My Bloody Valentine - You Never Should (Sony)
I'm not sure I really understand why a re-mastered version of My Bloody Valentine's "Isn't Anything" album would be better than the original 1988 release from. To be honest all re-mastered versions do for me is make me want to go and search out an original copy. There is certainly not much, if any difference between this release and the original so if you already own one you won't need to go and make another purchase. "Loveless" has also had the same treatment having been re-mastered by Kevin Sheilds himself although I must admit I haven't listened to the re-mastered version of "Loveless" yet it's hard to imagine how a virtually perfect record could have been improved. I'll let you know next week. Both of these releases will hit the streets on 6th October.

5. Elemental - Zimbal Dub (Runtime)
This is one side of an excellent 12" on Runtime records. The track on the other side "Boxed In" is a bit on the good side as well.

6. Mystery Of Two - Gravity (Exit Stencil)
Another winner from the Exit Stencil label. According to the press release a slightly different version this track is soon to be issued as a single.

7. Littl'ans - Don't Call It Love (Revtone)
Take from the London bands debut album "Primitive World".

8th October - London, Punk

8. No Age - Cappo (Sub Pop)
"Nouns" is without doubt one of the best records released this year. I'm just looking forward to seeing them on the forthcoming "Shred Yer Face Tour" which will see them playing the length and breath of the country with New Times Viking and Los Campesinos.

14th October - Brighton, Komedia
15th October - Liverpool, Carling Academy 2
16th October - Leeds, Irish Centre
17th October - Dublin, Whelan's
18th October - Glasgow, School Of Arts
20th October - London, Electric Ballroom
21st October - Bristol, Fleece
22nd October - Manchester, Academy 3

9. Emmy The Great - Hold On To What You Own (Self Released)
Take from the EP "First Love".

10. Lunachicks - Jan Brady (Blast First)
It's a long time since I heard this record but I think this fodder needs a bit of attitude!!

11. Countryside - Summer Is Here (Self Released)
Bristol's Countryside return with the long awaited (in my house at least) follow up to last years "Click. Submit. Send" EP which was featured on this site last year.

11th October - Bristol, Thunderbolt
23rd October - Bristol, Start The Bus (Single Launch)

12. Professor Pez - Papillon (Escape From Ulfsnes Island) (Galant)
This is the third album by Norway's Professor Pez, who are actually a band and not (as I first thought) a rather clever person. It's the first record I've heard by them and although they are not going to set my world on fire they certainly know their way around a good tune. The album is called "Hordaland" and is available now.

13. King Cannibal - Badman Near Dark (Stormfield's Burning Cities Mix) (Combat)
This 12" has been knocking around for a couple of months now and I think it's about time you heard it. Another fine goal from the Combat boys.

14. The Popinjays - Laughing At It All (One Little Indian)
I stumbled across this album earlier this week while I was sorting through some old records. I had completely forgotten about The Popinjays who for some reason I always used to compare to The Hearthrobs. This track comes from what was the bands debut album back in 1990 and is still well worth a listen.
There is another band called The Popinjays from London who although not linked in any way with the old Popinjays are still well worth a listen should you cross their path.

15. Astrolab - An Odyssey To The Crystal Sea (Maritime)
Another track from the album "The Blue Thread Saga".

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pod Fodder (Volume Five)

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1. SlothBear - Empathize (My Space)
This is one of five tracks you can download for free from the New York bands Myspace page. Apparently the band are still unsigned. If only I had a label.

2. Chop Chop - Play ()
Taken from the new album "Screens".

3. Kaly Live Dub - Ravmone.Exe (Pias)
Taken from the album "Fragments" which is rather good to say the least. I like not knowing too much about a record or the way it's made and this record is a perfect example. I like to imagine this pumping out of a massive system at bone crushing volume and being recorded as it happens. I know this is probably not the case and with no UK gigs anywhere in sight I'll just have to go on dreaming.

4. The Hospitals - Scan The Floor For Food (Self Released)
From time to time a record comes along that makes you want to rush out into the street shouting wildly about the fact that very few people own this record and therefore have a hole in their lives. I know what your thinking, calm down son, but this really is excellent. It reminded me of the feeling I had the first time I heard Sonic Youth and couldn't quite believe what my ears had just told me. The album is called "Hairdryer Peace" and although the band have been releasing stuff for the last five years or so this is by far their finest work. I played it to Nix yesterday and she said it's the biggest pile of crap she's heard since the last pile of crap which is a sure sign of a winner (she doesn't like The Fall either).

5. Ballboy - A Relatively Famous Victory (Pony Proof)
It's been a while since Ballboy graced us with their presence. Four years to be precise since their last album "The Royal Theatre". The new album "I Worked On The Ships" is a decent return and sees the band in a bit too much of an acoustic mood for my liking but they've always had a knack of knocking out a top tune and this album continues that tradition.

6. The Melons - From Hell To Helsinki (Damaged Goods)
7" single from 1995

7. The Container Drivers - It Must Be The Pipes (Topplers)
The Container Drivers have been around for ages and have finally got around to releasing a single. I hope they plan to do an album at some point because this is quite frankly brillo. You can get your hands on one for the princely sum of £1 from HERE.

10th October - Leeds, Tiny Cat @ Rio's
30th October - Oldham, The Castle (Dandelion Radio night)

8. Sennen - Falling For You (Hungry Audio)
Taken from the album "Where The Light Gets In".

14th September - Oxford, Bullingdon
15th September - Hertford, Marquee
16th September - York, City Screen Basement (I think I'll be going to this one)
17th September - Newcastle, The End
18th September - Glasgow, The Captains Rest
19th September - Carlisle, The Brickyard
20th September - Manchester, The Deaf Institute
21st September - Brighton, Freebutt
23rd September - Leicester, The Charlotte
24th September - Cambridge, Portland Arms
25th September - London, Water Rats
26th September - Norwich, Arts Centre

9. Los Campesinos - Ways To Make It Through The Wall (Wichita)
Two albums in eight months? You certainly can't knock their enthusiasm. You can't knock this record either. It's not as some people have suggested full of stuff that didn't get on to "Hold On Now Youngster" rather a continuation on the theme. Ten brand new songs and every one a winner. The album is called "We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed" and will be released on 13th October through Wichita after which the Cardiff seven piece will be touring the nation with No Age and Times New Viking on the cunningly titled "Shred Yr Face Tour".

14th October - Brighton, Komedia
15th October - Liverpool, Carling Academy 2
16th October - Leeds, Irish Centre
17th October - Dublin, Whelans
18th October - Glasgow, School Of Arts
20th October - London, Electric Ballroom
21st October - Bristol, Fleece
22nd October - Manchester, Academy 3

10. Funckarma - Woodface (Highpoint Lowlife)
This EP is pretty much a permanent fixture on the Burning World i-pod at the moment.

11. Herman Dune - Lovers Are Waterproof (EMI)
Taken from the excellent new album "New Year Year In Zion" which will be released in the UK on 13th October.

12. The Raincoats - Fairytale In The Supermarket (Rough Trade)
Taken from the bands classic debut from 1979.

13. Little Man Tate - Nigel (Skint)
This is the b-side from the vinyl version of the new single "Hey Little Sweetie". This copy seems to be pressed slightly off centre but you can only really tell in the later stages. The Sheffield band have loads of gigs coming up in support of their new album "Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy".

16th September - Bristol, Thekla
17th September - Liverpool, Academy
18th September - Stoke, Sugarmill
19th September - Peterborough, The Park
20th September - Northampton, Roadmenders
22nd September - Bedford, Esquires
23rd September - Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms
24th September - London, Islington Academy
25th September - Aldershot, West End Centre
26th September - Harlow, The Square
29th September - Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
30th September - Gateshead, Sage
1st October - Glasgow, Garage
2nd October - Edinburgh, Liquid Rooms
3rd October - Dundee, Fat Sams
4th October - Aberdeen, Moshulu
6th October - Swansea, Sin City
7th October - Colchester, Arts Centre
9th October - Leicester, Charlotte
10th October - Sheffield, Academy
18th October - Birmingham, Barfly

14. Whip & The Body - Taken Teeth (Dais)
7" single.

15. Alt-Ctrl-Sleep - Lies (Lakeshore)
Alt-Ctrl-Sleep consist of Joe and April Diaco who despite being married seem to be able to work together in harmony. They come from Huntersville, North Carolina and have just released what I presume to be their debut album "Atl-Ctrl-Sleep" through Lakeshore records.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Pod Fodder (Volume Four)

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1. The Notorious Hi-Fi Killers - Lost In The Modern World (Rocket Recordings) Taken from the London bands debut album "Which Side Are You On?".

27th September - Tunbridge Wells, Forum
16th October - London, Montague Arms

2. Thomas Tantrum - Rage Against The Tantrum (Sindy Stroker)
This is a great record. I've heard a few things by Thomas Tantrum and they sounded pretty good but here on their self-titled debut album everything comes together to form what is a pretty much perfect pop record. In the words of Kevin Keegan "Luv it!!"

9th September - Liverpool, Barfly (with Glasvegas)
11th September - Northampton, Skint Club Night @ Roadmender
14th September - London, Shoreditch Shuffle @ The Hoxton Pony
15th September - Leeds, Cockpit (with Glasvegas)
16th September - York, Barfly (with Glasvegas)
17th September - Exeter, Cavern Club
18th September - Bristol, Start The Bus
19th September - Guildford, Boiler Rooms
21st September - Birmingham, Academy
22nd September - Cardiff, Barfly (with Glasvegas)
23rd September - London, Scala (with Glasvegas)
24th September - Darlington, Seen
25th September - Leeds, Cockpit
26th September - Nottingham, The Social
27th September - Liverpool, Korova
28th September - Cardiff, Barfly
30th September - Cambridge, Portland Arms

3. Wild Billy Childish & The Musicians Of The British Empire - Thatchers Children (Damaged Goods)
Billy's back with another winner. This album has been around a month or so but I've only just got one so you're probably already familiar with it but just in case.... This is the title track.

14th September - Dorset, End Of The Road Festival

4. High Dependency Unit - Stupormodel (Shoot The Freak)
Taken from the album "Metamathics".

5. James Yuill - No Pins Allowed (Moshi Moshi)
This is a track from the new EP by James Yuill. I think I read somewhere that this is his second single and it sound good to me.

26th September - London, Club NME @ KOKO
1st October - Bristol, Start The Bus
2nd October - Sheffield, The Grapes
5th October - Cheltenham, Frog & Fiddle
6th October - Brighton, Digital
9th October - Leeds, Cockpit 3
10th October - York, The Duchess
11th October - Hull, Club NME @ The Welly Club
12th October - Castleford, Xscape
16th October - Kingston, New Slang @ McCluskys
17th October - Oxford, The Regal

6. New Fast Automatic Daffodils - Beam Me Up (Playtime)
This is a track from the criminally underrated Manchester bands "Music Is Shit" EP from 1989.

7. 18th Dye - Amorines (Crunchy Frog)
I'm really enjoying this album at the moment. So often when bands come back after a number of years of non existence they have very little to offer but this sounds fantastic. Hope they play in the UK soon.

8. The Peth - Let's Go Fucking Mental (Strangetown)
Taken from the album "The Golden Mile" which is for the moment a digital only release although their website does indicate that it will be avaliable on CD at some point in October.

23rd September - Cardiff, The Point
28th September - Southampton, The Soul Cellar

9. Echoboy - Kit & Holly (Mute) 7" single released back in 2000

10. Right Turn Left - Paint On My Patio (Self-Released) Information is quite scarce on this Exeter four piece. This track comes from an EP of which there are only 300 copies. I think we might have to keep an eye on these boys.

27th September - Barnstaple, Inn On The Square
11th October - London, LFC @ Notting Hill Arts Club
7th November - Harlow, Club Quattrroz
15th November - London, Tommy Flynns, Camden

11. Engineers - Clean Coloured Wire (Echo)
Taken from the brand new "Three Fact Fader" EP.

12. Paddington Distortion Combo - Hembygd (Destruction)
If you want to hear some truely beautiful music then this is a record for you. Taken from the album "Fran Hat Till Handling".

13. Dananananaykroyd - Chrome Rainbow (Best Before)
This is the b side of the current single "Pink Sabbath".

13th September - Edinburgh, Caberet Voltaire
16th September - Dundee, Dundee!
21st September - Hull, The Lamp (with Johnny Foreigner)
22nd September - Derby, The Venue (with Johnny Foreigner)
23rd September - Northampton, Roadmender (with Johnny Foreigner)
24th September - Liverpool, Korova (with Johnny Foreigner)
25th September - Warrington, WA1 (with Johnny Foreigner)
26th September - Cardiff, Barfly (with Johnny Foreigner)
27th September - Bath, Moles (with Johnny Foreigner)
29th September - Brighton, Albert (with Johnny Foreigner)
30th September - London, White Heat @ Madam JoJo's (with Johnny Foreigner)
1st October - Leicester, Charlotte (with Johnny Foreigner)
2nd October - Preston, 53 Degrees (with Johnny Foreigner)
3rd October - Newcastle, The End (with Johnny Foreigner)
4th October - Edinburgh, Caberet Voltaire (with Johnny Foreigner)

14. My Majestic Star - And Having A Reason Why (Hidden Shoal)
I'm not entierly sure what this is. It could be a track from a forthcoming EP or album or something else completely. Whatever, it's pretty damn good.

15. The Yuppie Pricks - Fuck You I'm Rich (Chicken Ranch)
Taken from the new album "Balls".

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Boo Radleys - Ichabod & I (yet again)

I first posted this ages ago and then re-posted it due to popular demand and people are still asking for it. It certainly is a great record and impossibly hard to get hold of so....

This was the first record from Liverpool's Boo Radleys. The reason for this post is that people keep asking me on almost a weekly basis if I have a copy of Ichabod & I and I dont think it will do much harm to post the whole thing now since there were only ever 500 copies pressed and as far as I know it has never been re-issued. It's a shame really because this is a brilliant record.


Download Here

1. Elenor Everything
2. Bodenheim Jr
3. Catweazle
4. Sweet Salad Birth
5. Hip Clown Rag
6. Walking 5th Carnival
7. Kaleidoscope
8. Happens To Us All