Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This track is by a band called Orzelda who come from Cumbernauld in Scotland. Actually it turns out Orzelda aren't a band at all but just one bloke. I wonder if that's his real name? Orzelda can usually be found playing bass in The Twilight Sad but not content with that he has recorded a whole album of very good stuff indeed. Check this track out and if you like what you hear (and you should seek immediate medical advice if you don't) then get yourself over to the Winning Sperm Party website where you can download the whole album for free.

Orzelda - Fally
Orzelda - Shoe

While we're talking about Scotland I think I should tell you about the debut album by Burning World faves Popup which will be released through Art Goes Pop on 6th October. It's Called "A Time & A Place" and continues the bands quest for world domination. It's only a matter of time before someone from a big label notices them and when that happens I just hope they can continue making records of this quality.

Popup - Poison Apple
Popup - A Year In A Comprehensive

This track is taken from the new album by Woven. It's called "Designer Codes" and is possibly available now and possibly not. What's the point in press release that doesn't give you a release date?

Woven - Perception Whore

I must confess, I wasn't bristling with excitement at the thought of listening to the new Simon Bookish album. I mean it just didn't sound very exiting so it has been sat in my inbox for the last week or so patiently waiting it's turn. As it happens this is one of the best records I've heard in ages and there are a few tracks on here which could well be in our end of year lists. The album is called "Everything/Everything" and will be released in October through Tomlab.

Simon Bookish - The Flood

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