Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sister - Lovers Of Today

I love this song. The band are cunningly called Sister and come from London. They have a debut single called Satellite available now but unfortunately I don't possess a copy of it so I can't tell you if it's any cop. I'm sure it will be.
Sister have quite a few gigs coming up as long as you live in London or surrounding area. Check out their MYSPACE for more details.

This track gets the prize for song title of the week. Clearly a band with a sense of humour because as we all know the English are fantastic at everything..... well except maybe for most sports, action movies and smiling. We do however produce some brilliant bands and we're also really good at getting drunk on holiday (we spend the rest of the year practicing at home).

Thomas Tantrum - Why The English Are Rubbish

Super Tennis are yet another band from the capital. On first listen they reminded me of a band who I used to quite like called El Hombre Trajeado. Anyway this track comes from their debut ep which contains no less than five chunks of fine English Cheddar and can be downloaded totally free from HERE

Super Tennis - Gin & Tronix

It's just occurred to me that most of you probably won't be familiar with El Hombre Trajeado so I suppose I really should tell you a bit more, but I won't. I will however play to a track from what was as far as I'm aware their only album "Skipafone". It was released in 1998 through Guided Missile Records.

El Hombre Trajeado - Like Quicksand
El Hombre Trajeado - Varispeed

This track comes from the fourth album by The Dreadful Yawns. It's called "Take Shape" and is probably available now. It comes with one of those really annoying press releases that tells you more than you could ever wish to know about all the arty stuff but fails to mention when the record will actually become available or which label it's on. Still the fact remains that it is quite a mighty work and is well worth a punt. I'll Probably play you another track or two at some point.

The Dreadful Yawns - Queen & The Jokester

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