Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pod Fodder (Volume Two)

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1. Shakyface - Goons & Goblins (Unsigned)
2. Ten Kens - Bearfight (Fat Cat)
Great stuff from the latest signings to the unpredictable Fat Cat roster. This track comes from Ten Kens self titled debut which will be available from 23rd September.
3. Selfsimilar - Slavery, Inc. (Shift Digi)
4. The Secret 6 - After Hours (Self-Released)
The Secret 6 are from California and have just released their debut album “Close Enemies” from which this track is taken.
5. 18th Dye - Soft The Hard Way (Crunchy Frog) After almost a decade apart 18th Dye return with a new album. “Amorine Queen” is available now in Europe and will be released in the U.S. on 9th September.
6. Mogwai - Stupid Prick Gets Chased By The Police And Loses His Slut Girlfriend (Wall Of Sound) Well this one gets the prize for song title of the week. It’s a track from the new Mogwai epBatcat” which will be available as of 8th September. The title track also appears on the new album “The Hawk Is Howling” which is scheduled for 22nd September and contains a track called “I Love You I’m Going To Blow Up Your School” which I’m really looking forward to hearing. Sounds like a blast….
7. The Telescopes - Morning Dew (Porritt’s Hill) I have the good folk at Pyrolysebred to thank for this one. I didn’t even know this record existed let alone own one. It’s a compilation which was released in 1990 called Becket House and features such greats as Brighter, All Over The Place, The Becketts, Synchro System, The Pooh Sticks, Breaking The Illusion, The Durutti Column, John Cunningham and Are You Mr Riley. I don’t know how many copies were pressed but I’d love to own one. You can download the whole thing along with a lot of other jems from Pyrolysebred.
8. The All New Adventures Of Us - A Good Liar Is A Good Storyteller (One Little Indian) Taken from the brilliant debut album “Best Loved Goodnight Tales” which will be released on 6th October through One Little Indian. I think you’ll be hearing a lot more from these before the end of the year.
4th September - London, Year Zero @ The Monarch
11th September - London, The Gramophone
12th September - London, Club Rock Feedback @ The Monarch
9. Flying Lotus - Golden Diva (Warp) Taken from the album “Los Angeles”
10. The Muslims - Extinction (Sweet Tooth) 7″ Single
11. The Static Silence - Candles (Distant Noise) Mmmm how nice is this. The Static Silence is a collaboration between Matt Bartram from Air Formation and Rachel Steggs from Experimental Aircraft and All In The Golden Afternoon who had a track in last weeks fodder. Taken from the album “Found”
12. Little Man Tate - Reflection In His Sunglasses (Skint) Another track from the new Little Man Tate record which is scheduled for release on 15th September. I’m not sure it hits quite the heights of the first album but it’s still well checking out.
13. The Fall - Idiot Joy Showland (Cog Sinister) Well we got as far as Fodder 2 without any sign of The Fall and I think that's quite far enough. This track comes from the bands 1991 album "Shiftwork" which I still regard as one of the best Fall albums.
14. Stereolab - The Ecstatic Static (4AD) Taken from the new album “Chemical Chords”. They’ve certainly come a long way since “French Disko” and “Super Electric”. I’m just not sure they went in the right direction. A few more guitars wouldn’t go astray.
15. Ultrablack - Skull Fucking (Shift Digi) Just can’t stop playing this tune.

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