Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pod Fodder (Volume Three)

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1. Kong - Blood Of A Dove (Brew) This is the B side from the current single ”Blood Of A Dove”. Better than the A side in my opinion.

4th September - Liverpool, Bumper

15th September - Leeds, Brudenell (with Dead Meadow)

2. Astrolab - The Deep Secret Of Clouds (Maritime) I think this is probably my favorite album at the moment. The band come from Indonesia and as debut albums go this is a bit of a corker. It’s called “The Blue Thread Saga” and deserves a place in your i-pod and in your heart.

3. Bubblegum Lemonade - Susan’s In The Sky (Matinee) The Glasgow band follow up their brilliant “Ten Years Younger” EP which was featured on Burning World earlier in the year with another winner. The “Susan’s In The Sky” EP is limited to just 1000 copies and will be available through Matinee from 2nd September.

4. The Bridal Shop - In Violation (Cloudberry) 7″ single.

5. Caw Caw - Organisms (Self Released) Taken from the “Wait Outside EP”. Out 23rd September.

6. Mogwai - The Sun Smells Too Loud (Wall Of Sound) I must admit I wasn’t expecting too much from this album. I honestly thought Mogwai were pretty much a spent force. “The Hawk Is Howling” is a real return to form and there isn’t a bad track on it. Unfortunately I have to listen to it with headphones because Nix always has an allergic reaction to Mogwai and just a few seconds exposure is likely to bring her out in fits of extreme violence which is particularly bad if she happens to be in a room full of records at the time.

21st October - Edinburgh, Corn Exchange
23rd October - Manchester, Academy
24th October - London, Hammersmith Apollo

7. Liz Durrett - All Of Them (Warm) This is one of those records which has been lying around waiting to be heard for quite a while because it doesn’t look that interesting. I don’t have anything against singer/songwriters as such I just find the majority of them boring. Liz Durrett however is anything but. I don’t know if she has made any other records but I’ll certainly be fining out. This track comes from the album “Outside The Gates” which will be released through Warm Electronic on 9th September.

8. Dirty Summer - Then He Kissed Me (W.S.P) Dirty Summer will finally release their debut EP next month. As you probably know it’s been available for a while as a free download from the mighty Winning Sperm Party but now it’s getting a proper release on a proper CD limited to not that many copies so well worth a purchase.

9. Nathan Bell - Runaway Horse I don’t care what they say, you can’t whack a good bit of banjo. This comes from his “@2340″ EP.

10. Funckarma - Senservice (Highpoint Lowlife) There seems to be a serious lack of quality electronic stuff at the moment or maybe I’m just looking in all the wrong places. What does come my way though is by and large excellent. This track comes from an EP called “Dubstoned EP 1″ which contains five tracks all of which are of the highest dubby dub dub.

11. All In The Golden Afternoon - Sunshine Is Fine (Mind Expansion) Taken from the Texas bands debut EP cunningly entitled “All In The Golden Afternoon”.

12. High Places - Namer (Thrill Jockey) Taken from the bands self-titled debut album (unless you count that rather fine singles collection from last year). Out 23rd September.

13. Spin - Scratches In The Sand (Foundation) 12″ single from 1990.

14. Northern Portrait - I Give You Two Seconds To Entertain Me (Matinee) This is a track from the Danish bands second EP “Napoleon Sweetheart” which will be available from 2nd September.

15. Aerial - Inverse Current (Nomethod) Taken from the “The Legion Of Dynamic DischordEP.

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  1. A great selection of tracks, thanks for your hard work.