Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pod Fodder (Volume One)

Ok then, Probably about time we started a new series of playlists!
Here's what's been doing the business on the Burning World ipod over the last week.

Download zip file

1. The Wave Pictures - Puncture My Pride (Moshi Moshi) Taken from the b-side of the current "Strange Fruit For David" single.

2. Eat Lights:Become Lights - They Transmit (Enraptured) This track comes from the London bands latest single. Apparently the next one is not too far away either. Love this sound.

23rd August - London, The Windmill, Evening Of Contemporary Krautrock/Drone/Psych

3rd September - London, Goodnight (with Vessels & Semaphore)

8th October - London, Goodnight (with White Hills)

12th November - London, Bardens Boudoir (with Heat From A Dead Star & Time Space Repeat)

3. Yuppie Pricks - Collars Up (Chicken Ranch) Taken from the new album "Balls"

4. High Places - The Tree With Lights In It (Thrill Jockey) Taken from the self titled debut album (if you don't count that singles compilation thingy) which will be released on 23rd September. I also want to congratulate the band on having the most annoying myspace page in the world. Any more than thirty seconds and my eyeballs pop out.

5. All In The Golden Afternoon - Anymore Anyway (Mind Expansion) All the way from Austin, Texas.

6. Claw - Deathwish (Shift Digi) A track from the second "Shift Digi" release.

7. Leerone - Care For Some Whisky (Self Released) Taken from the album "Imaginary Biographies". It seems there have been a fair few Leerone releases prior to this one and all of them can be found here. I think I might have a dabble.

8. The Insect Guide - David Hero (Sonic Boom Remix) (Northern Star) New single containing Sonic Boom remixes of tracks from the bands "6ft In Love" album which I must confess I don't own.... yet. According to the bands myspace page the single has now sold out so I don't think it would be unreasonable to post both tracks on this site, actually scrap that. It seems you can download them both from the Northern Star records website so a visit there would probably be in order.
They have a couple of gigs coming up,

31st September - London, Buffalo Bar (with SPC-ECO & 93millionmilesfromthesun)

31st October - Leeds, The Library Pub (with Manhattan Love Suicides & Jonjo Feather) I think the possibility of me attending this one is very high.

9. The School - Let It Slip (Elefant) Definitely my favorite Welsh band of the moment. This track comes from their wonderfull new ep. Really looking forward to the album? They have a few gigs coming up which seem fairly well spread.

31st August - Newport, TJ's (with Zissou, The Lowlights & The Elephant Rescue Plan)

5th September - London, DJing at "How Does It Feel To Be Loved"

11th October - Aberdeen, Tunnels (with Das Wanderlust)

16th November - Cardiff, TBC

10. Commodor - Goats On The Cliff (Distile) Taken from the new album "Driving Out Of Focus".

11. Highspire - Fade In A Day (Allegro Corporation) Taken from the 2004 album "Your Everything".

12. The Kabeedies - King Canute (Cherryade) This is a track from the current single by the Norwich four piece.

13. Bombay Bicycle Club - You Already Know (Young & Lost Club) This is the b side of the bands latest ltd edition 7".

14. The Swirlies - Pony (Taaang) I've just re-discovered The Swirlies. It's weird because I thought they sounded ok at the time but now they sound fantastic. This track is from what I think was their third album "They spent their wild youthful days in the glittering world of the salon". Originally released in 1996.

15. Popup - A Year In A Comprehensive (Art Goes Pop) Another track from the brilliant debut album "A Time & A Place"

16. Dutch Husband - The Board Vs The Body Count (Myspace)

17. The Domino State - For Now (Club AC30) This is the b side of the current single. Well worth a punt. You know the Club AC30 boys never let you down.


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    So glad these are back!

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    Re-upload please