Sunday, August 10, 2008

Oh I don't think I'll say too much today. All the beer last night seems to have made my head hurt. Still it's not often you get to celebrate York City winning the first match of the season. So....

This is a track from the new Negativland lp which is called "Thigmotactic" and is I think the first Negativland album I've actually enjoyed. Good stuff.

Negativland - Influential You

Tiger My Timing are from London and.... er..... there are four of them and...... oh stuff this, just listen to the choon.

Tiger My Timing - I Can't Stop

This is a track from a cd I've been really into over the last week or so, not least because Tartaruga Records sent a small blue origami turtle in the packaging with the cd (currently lives on top of the cd player). I'm not saying I'm a sucker for packaging of easily bribed by small gifts but ......please make cheques payable to.... Seriously though this is a really good records and my only concern is that hardly anyone is actually going to hear it, mainly because there are only 200 copies in existence. The band are called Brassica which apparently is the project of Mr Michael Anthony Wright. The press release describes the album "Microvictories" as "A Collection of songs sculpted from a scrapbook of experiments, improvisations and reactions to times and places". Which reminds me, Mr Vincent and myself have been considering putting a record together consisting of noises generated by various power tools in my shed, watch this space.

Brassica - Objective 1 (tangible)
Brassica - Thank You Mr Francis

...and finally for today a track which I haven't heard for ages.

The Charlottes - Love In The Emptiness

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