Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Little Man Tate make their long awaited return to our headphones next month with the release of their second album "Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy" which will be released through Skint on 15th September. The band seem to have passed the test by following up a classic debut with another damn good record. It's a bit too early to really pass any judgment yet cos I've only heard it once myself but it sounds good to me. The Taties will be embarking on a full scale UK tour in the autumn, details of which can be found on the bands website.

Little Man Tate - Shot At Politics

This ia a track from a 12"ep on the Notorious Electro label. Quite excellent and I'm pretty sure it's not jumping in it's later stages. That was how it was meant. Pump it up Pedro!!!!!!!!!

Popof - Bitchy Groove

....and as far as crap links go this must be the worst.
From Popof to Popup (oh dear)

Popup - Love Triangle

This is a track from the latest single by Popup which will be released through the mighty Art Goes Pop on 25th August.

Bonny Prince Billy seems to have been around forever and unlike most artists who go off the boil after a few years (or the heads disappear up their own backsides) Will Oldham is still delivering the goods. This track comes from his latest offering "Is It The Sea" which is a live album containing tracks taken from shows at various UK venues in 2006. I'm never entirely happy about live albums which are compiled from all over the place but this one really seems to work well and if you didn't know better you would probably think it was all recorded on the same night.
"Is It The Sea" will be released in the UK on 20th October through Domino Records.

Bonny Prince Billy - Bed Is For Sleeping

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