Saturday, August 02, 2008

I can't remember the first We Versus The Shark album which probably means I wasn't terrificly impressed by it. This new record though is a bit on the good side. It's called "Dirty Versions" and may well be in the shops as we speak. Well worth a poke.

We Versus The Shark - I Am A Caffinated Corpes

This is a track from a 12" single on Dubsteppers Recordings. Really into dub at the moment.

Kromestar - Iron Dread

I Can't tell you anything at all about David Cronenberg's Wife apart from they make a damn fine noise. Oh actually it appears that this track is taken from a release called "Bluebeards Rooms". Whether that is an album or an ep is anyones guess (cue angry promo person sending snotty e-mail).

David Cronenberg's Wife - My Best Friends Going Out With A Girl I Like


  1. blog!
    btw, did you notice how bands' names are getting wierd more and more... remember the times of, simply, "the band", "love", when the weirdest thing was to distort the beetles in "the beatles"..., "we versus the shark", "david cronenberg's wife" (which btw doesnt download...
    ...i am having problems logging in other blogs (including mine!), but i think this is a different problem... cool to upload the MBV gig!!! thanks!!!!!

  2. The David Cronenberg's Wife track, which incidentally reminds me of early House of Love, downloaded ok for me.

    Agree Burning World is a cool blog to which the Devil's blog ( aspires to.

  3. downloads ok for me too now!

  4. Bluebeard's Rooms is DCW's album. I saw them play with Thomas Truax last week and they were excellent, as was Thomas Truax (no relation to me in case you're wondering). The singer does the songs kind of spoken-word (though in a cool creepy way as opposed to comedy beat poet).