Monday, July 28, 2008

I've spent most of the weekend going through a months worth of e-mails and mp3's and all the other stuff which fills your inbox if you neglect it. There is a huge amount of music in there for me to listen to and I'll get through it as quickly as I can so if you have sent something in please be a little bit patient, it's probably in the pile and I'll get to it as fast as humanly possible.
One of the best records I heard over the weekend is an album by Commodor who come from Geneva and have or are just about to release an album called "Driving Out Of Focus". I say that because the press release says it will be released in North America on 12th August but it doesn't say anything about the rest of the world and if you go to the labels website you can purchase it now and I really advise you to do that because it really is quite stunning.

Commodor - Panavision
Commador - Don Starsky

This is a track from the new and quite possibly debut album by Matthew & The Arrogant Sea. The album has the rather catchy title "Family Family Family Meets The Magic Christian" and that's about all I can tell you because I've misplaced/lost/thrown out all of the information relating to it. Good record though

Matthew & The Arrogant Sea - Last Time I Saw Jesus

Now for a bit of a feature. You might be aware of the Winning Sperm Party record label as they have been featured on this site in the past. Well they've got a couple of rather excellent new releases which you must dowload with as much haste as you can muster. The nice people at Winning Sperm Party have made the new single by the brilliant Plaaydoh and a new ep by Triple School avaliable for free download. The Playdoh single has also being released as a two track tape limited to 50 copies each with it's own unique sleeve and if I had any money I'd buy the lot.
In addition to all this you can download the Cry Parrot Vs Electropapknit podcast which I haven't heard myself yet but it looks pretty good featuring live tracks by Everythingwesayisfact, The Ballad Of Mable wong, Vars of Lichi & Grozny and just like everything else on Winning Sperm Party it's all free!!!

Plaaydoh - Motown
Triple School - Grave, I'm Fully Saved Today

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    the link to triple school doesn't work, also to woodbine by woman...