Thursday, July 31, 2008

As I sit here and write this rubbish I'm listening to an album by a band called I Was A Teenage Satan Worshipper. Your probably already familiar with them but they're new on me and it has to be said rather great! They come from Finland and have just released an album called "The Lemonade Ocean". If you pop over to their MySpace you can probably order it from there as well as check out the tour dates which disappointingly don't include any British gigs at all. I suppose it is quite a long way to Finland so we'll let them off with a caution just this once.
I've just noticed my speakers seem to be playing up as well. They seem to be crackling when the sound level gets over a certain point. Damn!! Maybe a quick flight down the stairs will solve the problem... now where did I put those headphones?

I Was A Teenage Satan Worshipper - OMG Techno Chicks
I Was A Teenage Satan Worshipper - Art School Creeps

It seems a while since we had any really good dub around here so as an instant remedy for that problem check this out. I'm not exaggerating when I say this could be my favorite record of the year thus far. It's a new 12" single on the mighty On U Sound record label which I though had stopped issuing records years ago. Seems I was wrong. This is a collaboration between the legendary Lee Perry & The Moody Boyz and is well worth the effort of tracking down, in fact I'll do it for you...... HERE you go. Apparently you'll have to move quite sharpish on this one because there are only 300 copies in existence. The dub mix on the b side is magical as well.

Lee Perry Vs The Moody Boyz - God Smiled (Moody Boyz Remix)

Monday, July 28, 2008

I've spent most of the weekend going through a months worth of e-mails and mp3's and all the other stuff which fills your inbox if you neglect it. There is a huge amount of music in there for me to listen to and I'll get through it as quickly as I can so if you have sent something in please be a little bit patient, it's probably in the pile and I'll get to it as fast as humanly possible.
One of the best records I heard over the weekend is an album by Commodor who come from Geneva and have or are just about to release an album called "Driving Out Of Focus". I say that because the press release says it will be released in North America on 12th August but it doesn't say anything about the rest of the world and if you go to the labels website you can purchase it now and I really advise you to do that because it really is quite stunning.

Commodor - Panavision
Commador - Don Starsky

This is a track from the new and quite possibly debut album by Matthew & The Arrogant Sea. The album has the rather catchy title "Family Family Family Meets The Magic Christian" and that's about all I can tell you because I've misplaced/lost/thrown out all of the information relating to it. Good record though

Matthew & The Arrogant Sea - Last Time I Saw Jesus

Now for a bit of a feature. You might be aware of the Winning Sperm Party record label as they have been featured on this site in the past. Well they've got a couple of rather excellent new releases which you must dowload with as much haste as you can muster. The nice people at Winning Sperm Party have made the new single by the brilliant Plaaydoh and a new ep by Triple School avaliable for free download. The Playdoh single has also being released as a two track tape limited to 50 copies each with it's own unique sleeve and if I had any money I'd buy the lot.
In addition to all this you can download the Cry Parrot Vs Electropapknit podcast which I haven't heard myself yet but it looks pretty good featuring live tracks by Everythingwesayisfact, The Ballad Of Mable wong, Vars of Lichi & Grozny and just like everything else on Winning Sperm Party it's all free!!!

Plaaydoh - Motown
Triple School - Grave, I'm Fully Saved Today

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mark E Smith

On 16th July the eternally godlike Mark E Smith graced the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London for one of those weird Q&A/Interview gigs he does from time to time. The bloke tasked with the job of conducting the interview is a bloke called Ian Harrison who apparently is the associate editor of Mojo. The interview starts in chaotic fashion with Mark having a spot of bother with the microphone but he's soon provided with a more reliable one and it's down to business. The interview is fantastic and had me almost splitting my sides on more than one occasion.
Just check it out. You won't regret it.

Download Here

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Firstly apologies for the recent break in service. This is largly because everything has been going rather badly of late. My business is on the verge of liquidation and in two weeks will have ceased trading. I'm in court next week when the bank will try to re-possess my house and my internet access at home has been cut off because I didn't pay the bill. So the upshot of all this is that I'm going to have to find new employment asap and if anyone happens to know of any all offers are welcome.
At least the last bit has been sorted and my internet access was restored yesterday enabeling me to get into my inbox for the first time in about a month so if you have sent files via e-mail over the last month I've only just been able to retrieve them and will try and get through as many of them as possible over the weekend. Some of the tracks I've heard so far have been rather good...

First of all Sunny Summer Day are certainly a band it seems right to listen to at the moment. The music is remeniscent of some of the kind of stuff which would once have been found on the Sarah Records label. This track is taken from the "Me, Myself & The Empty Soul" ep on Letterbox Records and can be purchased for the price of £2.99 from HERE

Sunny Summer Day - So Much Fun

Also avaliable from Letterbox records as part of their current download only series comes an ep by a Polish band who are new to me called "Iowa Super Soccer". They have just released their debut album "Lullabies To Keep Your Eyes Closed" and this too is well worth the effort.

Iowa Super Soccer - The River

....but my favorite band at the moment have chosen to call themselves "My Milky Way Arms" and take first prize for the press release of the week, I mean....
"It was just last summer when MilkMan set out on a dangerous quest to find his true inner self. He traveled north, into the farthest arctic tundra, subsisting off of only melted ice and lamas bread for weeks on end. Just as he was about to turn back, he happened upon a massive castle made of ice and snow. He entered the castle. Inside the castle, Milk Man stumbled upon a pile of elaborate glistening crystals. Each individual crystal produced its own specific frequency. Milk Man brought these crystals back home to study and decipher with his trusty sidekick Tim2k, a young lost soul he encountered in his travels. Using state of the art musical equipment, they successfully broke the mystical code and were soon arranging and composing symphonies out of these crystals; tweaked electronic versions of the original crystal operas. Having found the meaning behind their newly acquired powers, they realized their purpose was to share these melodies with all of humankind. Their mystical collaboration, My Milky Way Arms, showcases a breathtaking blend of noise and electronica. Like staring right into the Milky Way itself, experiencing this music will leave the listener feeling utterly insignificant"
Despite all that they turn out to be just a bit on the good side and their self titled ep which is being released through Milky Syndicate is a bit of a stunner. A couple of things the press release did miss out though is where and where you can buy the damn thing.

My Milky Way Arms - Magneto (Aahhh!!!)
My Milky Way Arms - Unbearable Lightness Of Being
My Milky Way Arms - Sunshine

And finally for today here's a few tracks from Jaguar Farm who name My Bloody Valentine, Stereolab & Pavement among their influences. For more details check out their (I say their, I'm pretty sure it's actually just one person) MySpace Page

Jaguar Farm - Autobus
Jaguar Farm - Blizzard