Monday, June 09, 2008


This is the new album from Xihilisk who seems to not only churn out a lot of music but also delights in giving it away for free. I can see Metallica cringing at the very thought but when you think about it what better way to get your stuff into ears which would otherwise definitely not hear it. The thing about Xihilisk though is that this is not just a case of giving away a bag of poo, this is actually a mighty and incredibly interesting record. As a rule I tend to find the longer tracks by most bands a bit on the tedious side but my favorite track on here is PLUSS which is by far the longest track on the record at something like twelve minutes but it has so much going on within it that your attention never wanders. Anyway the thing is called "EP Two Special Edition". Enjoy.

1. Tunnel Physics
2. Autonomous Seashield
3. Amanda
4. Theme For Something
5. The Movement Of Dogs
6. Inslider
7. Lye Flatley
9. Takenology

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