Thursday, June 12, 2008

SJ Esau

This album has certainly being one of the big suprises this week. It's called "Small Vessel" and is the debut album by SJ Esau. I mean sometimes all it takes is good tunes and fresh ideas and both of those happen here in abundance.

"Small Vessels" is released through Anticon Records next week.


mp3: SJ Esau - What Happened

mp3: SJ Esau - Frustrating



  1. Not to be anal but this is actually his 3rd LP. The first is "Queezy Epiphany Coming Through The Wall" although this was self released (I don't know if you can still get a copy. The Second is "Wrong Faced Cat Feed Collapse".
    This was his first Anticon release. I know I sound sad but you need these albums if you like Small Vessels.
    Oh btw make sure you catch a live date or watch some live vids on .