Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Round Up

Here we go then. This is a round up of every track posted on the site over the last week or so. In addition there are a couple of extra tracks which I just felt like sticking in including a rather good version of New Orders "Temptation" as read by Jeremy Warmsley.
Don't forget if you hear anything you like please buy the record and if you could do that through the Burning World Shop that would be well appreciated.
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1. Free Kitten - Help Me (Ecstatic Peace)
2. Fuck Dress - Suburban Nietzsche Freak (Unsigned)
3. Errors - Cutlery Drawer (Rock Action)
4. The Morning Paper - Making You Up (Skipping Stones)
5. Ladyscraper - Senseless Apprentice (Fuk Dup)
6. The Flying Pandas - Classical Soy Milk For The Hope (Download)
7. Slow Down Tallahassee - Electric Sun (Sheffield Phonographic Corporation)
8. My Teenage Stride - Skin Lieutenant
9. Aspen Woods - Sea Of Lies (Razorblade)
10. The Radio Dept - The Room Tarzana (Labrador)
11. Shitmat - Negative Creep (Fuk Dup)
12. Pink Noise - Micro (Scared Bones)
13. Jeremy Warmsley - Temptation (Transgressive)
14. Frozen Ocean - Tommyknockers Within (Operator Produkzion)
15. Errors - Still Game (Rock Action)
16. Shit & Shine - Biggest Cock In Christendom (Load)
17. HTRK - Look Down The Line (Fire)
18. Free Kitten - Seasick (Ecstatic Peace)
19. The Morning Paper - Paint A Dream (Skipping Stones)
20. Slow Down Tallahassee - Down The Alleyway (Sheffield Phonographic Corporation)
21. David Hurn - Arrival (Fire)