Monday, June 16, 2008

My Bloody Valentine - London, ICA, 13th June 2008

This is it. The big one. It has actually happened. My Bloody Valentine are back and played their first gig in sixteen years on 13th June at the Institute Of Contemporary Arts in London. It wasn't supposed to be a proper gig, more a warm up/rehersal for the tour which begins at the end of this month although I'm not sure how you can charge twenty pounds for a rehersal. It was of course nothing of the sort and if this is how they perform from cold then I can't wait to hear the warmed up version later in the month. It has been said that there will be a new My Bloody Valentine album released before we are very much older but exactly how much truth there is in that is anyone's guess but I suppose getting the band back on stage is a mighty first step and I think this performance is legendary.


My Bloody Valentine - London, ICA, 13th June 2008


1. Intro
2. Only Shallow
3. You Never Should
4. Honey Power
5. I Only Said
6. Cigarette In Your Bed (False Start)
7. Cigarette In Your Bed
8. Thorn
9. Nothing Much To Lose
10. To Here Knows When
11. When You Sleep
12. Slow
13. Blown A Wish
14. Soon
15. Feed Me With Your Kiss
16. Sueisfine
17. You Made Me Realise


  1. I believe it is a great time to be a shoegazer.

  2. Thank you !!! I gave the link for your blog on my own blog !

  3. Anonymous9:25 am

    Great! Unfortunely only one concert on continent!

  4. Cool gig but why can't we hear the bass?

  5. I really hope that they can perform in Peru maybe next year...

    It would be an outstanding dream come true!!!

    Greets from Lima,

    P.S.: Visit my YouTube channel!

  6. hutter1:56 am

    really can't do the download. is there any problem with the zip file ?

  7. Seems fine to me. Has anyone else had any problems?

  8. Anonymous4:18 pm

    I'm listing to this with tears in my eyes - I love you for posting this concert. My favorite every gig was MBV at the Forum in London (I think they were supported by Spectrum) on their last UK tour. I have tickets for Manchester on Saturday. I had forgotten life could be this good.

  9. Thank you very much, we all had been waiting for this.

    Cheers from México D.F.

  10. Anonymous3:40 am

    hmmm -- am I missing the download link?

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  12. My ears started tingling when I saw your listing for this one but alas, the link no longer works. It would be so good to hear this... I've been a fan throughout, but only saw them once - in Dublin during their very early days. How they changes within a few years of that gig - for the better big time. Would give you a great big kiss for this one...