Friday, June 20, 2008

Mudhoney - Live in the Cat's Cradle

To celebrate the release of Mudhoney's ninth album "The Lucky Ones" and also the bands twentieth aniversary I thought it might be nice to hear what they sound like live these days. Most bands don't get anywhere near nine albums without depreciating into the bog of indifference but Mudhoney still seem to have the power to cut the mustard and long may they continue.

This set was recorded live at Cat's Cradle, Carrboro on 10th June 2008


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1. Money Will Roll Right In
2. Next Time
3. I'm Now
4. The Lucky Ones
5. New Meaning
6. Into the Drink
7. Suck You Dry
8. It Is Us
9. Inside Job
10. You Got It
11. Sweet Young Thing
12. Touch Me I'm Sick
13. Mudride
14. Here Comes Sickness
15. Hard-on for War
16. In and Out of Grace
17. Hate the Police
18. Encore Break
19. Inside Out Over You
20. Street Waves
21. The Open Mind
22. Tales of Terror
23. Fix Me

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