Sunday, June 22, 2008


This is the debut album from California noise merchant Megazord who has taken the noble decision to allow the whole thing to be taken as a free download, although I'm sure some people will still complain that the artists integrity has been breached. It is now starting to get on my nerves the amount of self righteous narrow minded arsholes who complain every time someone puts up a free mp3 claiming that the artist has been robbed when in most cases the artist or record label has sanctioned the use of selected tracks for promotion. No one is trying to rob anyone, it's purely a modern and free form of advertising. Small bands and artists no longer have a chance in hell of getting their stuff played on the radio unless they have some sort of affiliation to a large or well established record label or company and even so very few people actually listen to the radio these days anyway. The internet has become the number one area for marketing and promotion and the vast majority of creative artists have embraced it fully and are using it to their advantage. I know there are people out there who do go too far and post full albums online without the permission or knowledge of the artist and that is clearly wrong and actionable but the majority of us are genuinely here to help the artist promote themselves to as large an audience as possible as cheaply as possible. Some people have argued that if I post two tracks on Burning World from someones new album then people will just download these and not bother buying the album. What a load of old tosh. Megazord has the right idea though and let's face it by deciding to promote himself this way hundreds, perhaps thousands more people will become aware of his music thus enhancing his chances of actually selling future releases and attracting people to his shows. If you pop over to his My Space page there is an EP which you can download for free as well.

Ok, rant over.....


mp3: Megazord - Full Spectrum Vibrational Prism

1. Inner Triangle of Cosmos (6:01)
2. Skyrofoam (6:03)
3. The Whole World Swallows Itself Whole and Regurgitates Itself Into the Eye of the Universe (6:01)
4. The Molly of Magic (6:03)
5. Diamond Mind (6:01)
6. Mirror Mountain (6:03)
7. Crystal Shyps (6:03)
8. Glitter Whiskers (6:01)
9. I Am God. You are Minotaur. (6:09)
10. There Will Be No Miracles Here (6:05)


  1. Couldn't agree more, good rant.

  2. Hey, this is Dean from Rack & Ruin - thanks for the support of one of our guys. Personally I don't think that any artist integrity is being taken away, by putting their work out without asking for financial rewards. Music is after all, merely an idea, and ideas should be shared freely to those who are wanting to listen, no?

    We are a small netlabel, but with support from blogs like yourself, then the ideal scenario would be to get our artists talked about more and more, so once again, thanks for this post, and I hope you like what we're about!