Thursday, June 05, 2008

Little Man Tate

Just the other day I was wondering to myself what had become of Little Man Tate. A couple of years ago the future looked bright for the Sheffield band. A string of great singles, many if not all of which were featured on this site, some really quite memorable live performances including one in York a couple of years ago during which someone had it away with the bands van. And then of course there was last years "About What You Know" album which kind of brought everything up to date although for me I thought it sounded a bit over produced.

2008 and the Tate's are back. Their new single "What Your Boyfriend Said" is released next week and bodes well for the new album which probably won't be too far away. I was a bit concerned though when I read somewhere, I think it was in the NME that they want to be a bit more mature on this record and show that they're a good band. It always worries me when bands start using that kind of language because I always think there's a danger of the band losing that raw edge and being too controlled. I'm not saying they're going to turn into Pink Floyd but I suppose it's just something which happens when a band realise that they are actually very good. Time will tell.

mp3: Little Man Tate - What Your Boyfriend Said


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