Sunday, June 29, 2008


Popup will release their new single "Love Triangle/Pull The Fuse" through Art Goes Pop on 25th August. As far as I know this is the Glasgow bands second single following last years "Lucy, What Were You Trying To Say" which got a fair few votes in last years end of year poll. The bands debut album "A Time And A Place" is schedueled for release on 1st September and I'm really looking forward to hearing that.
mp3: Popup - Pull The Fuse

19th July - Dunstaffnage Music Festival
2nd August - Leslie Festival Gala Day
30th August - Feugh Festival

Slow Club

Slow Club are a two piece from Sheffield consisting of Charles & Rebecca and this is really the first thing I've heard by them apart from a track on a Moshi Moshi sampler a while ago. Nothing much really can be said about them apart because the songs are just so simple and whole heatedly wonderful. These tracks come from a sampler for the bands debut album which will be released later in the year.
mp3: Slow Club - Summer Shakedown
mp3: Slow Club - Because Were Dead

5th July - London, Metro
20th July - Southwold, Latitude
27th July - Clapham Common, Ben & Jerrys Festival
24th August - Edinburgh, Edinburgh Festival
28th August - London, Hoxton Bar & Kitchen

Friday, June 27, 2008


It's strange how things happen sometimes. Just last week I was having a chat with Mr Vincent and he asked if I'd heard anything from Art Goes Pop recently.... skip forward less than a week and two new Art Goes Pop releases have myseriously appeared on my doormat. This is one I've been looking forward to for a long time. Nacional come from the hotbed of indie-pop otherwise known as Glasgow and first featured on this site a while ago on Mr Vincent's excellent "North Of The Border" compilation. I've been trying to get him to do a follow up ever since but it's like trying to get tomato sauce out of a beetroot.

Nacional will release their debut single "Telephone/Yorkshire" on 4th August. I've just noticed that they played down the road in Leeds just the other day and I've missed it so I'm now going to retire to the shed to play with a bottle paraffin and a selection of incendiary devices.


mp3: Nacional - Yorkshire


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fuck Buttons - Nice n' Sleazy, 12th February 2008

For a band which never seems to stop touring there are very few bootlegs around. You must by now be familiar with the Birmingham duo's debut album "Street Horrrsing" which apart from being one of the albums of the year will I'm sure be regarded as a classic for years to come.

This set was recorded a few months ago at Glasgow's legendary Nice N Sleazy. Support was provided by Remember Remember who are a band I keep hearing people talk about but I still haven't heard any of their stuff but I think I'll try and rectify that this week.

Fuck Buttons have got loads of gigs coming up all over the place. Check their My Space for more details.

The sound quality on this bootleg is outstanding, just like on the last two My Bloody Valentine sets which can be found further down this page. While I'm on the subject of My Bloody Valentine I have been asked by a few people to post yet more sets from their comeback tour which as a My Bloody Valentine completest I'm more than happy to do if people are really that interested in hearing the same set in different venues. Please let me know via the comments section at the bottom of this page what you think about that. I'm trying to get copies of all of the shows and I could just bundle them up as a set.

On another note entirely due to another hardrive failure I have lost The Fall Radio Sessions posts which I did a couple of months ago and after several requests was considering re-posting. I still have all the sessions but I really don't fancy the grueling task of putting the things together again so if any of you guys have all three parts I would be very grateful if you could upload them somewhere for me to download again....pleeeease.


Download Here


Monday, June 23, 2008

My Bloody Valentine - London, Roundhouse 20th June 2008

Yes I know it's only a week or so since I last posted a My Bloody Valentine gig on here and at the time I thought that set was pretty much perfect and would take some beating. This is a recording of the set from the first night proper, the first gig of their five night residency at The Roundhouse in London. Personally I think this comes as near as damn it to perfection. Great sound, great performance, great band.

Download Here

1. Intro
2. Only Shallow
3. When You Sleep
4. You Never Should
5. (When You Wake) You're Still In A Dream
6. Lose My Breath
7. I Only Said
8. Come In Alone
9. Thorn
10. Nothing Much To Lose
11. To Here Knows When
12. Slow
13. Blown A Wish
14. Soon
15. Feed Me With Your Kiss
16. Sueisfine
17. You Made Me Realise

Sunday, June 22, 2008


This is the debut album from California noise merchant Megazord who has taken the noble decision to allow the whole thing to be taken as a free download, although I'm sure some people will still complain that the artists integrity has been breached. It is now starting to get on my nerves the amount of self righteous narrow minded arsholes who complain every time someone puts up a free mp3 claiming that the artist has been robbed when in most cases the artist or record label has sanctioned the use of selected tracks for promotion. No one is trying to rob anyone, it's purely a modern and free form of advertising. Small bands and artists no longer have a chance in hell of getting their stuff played on the radio unless they have some sort of affiliation to a large or well established record label or company and even so very few people actually listen to the radio these days anyway. The internet has become the number one area for marketing and promotion and the vast majority of creative artists have embraced it fully and are using it to their advantage. I know there are people out there who do go too far and post full albums online without the permission or knowledge of the artist and that is clearly wrong and actionable but the majority of us are genuinely here to help the artist promote themselves to as large an audience as possible as cheaply as possible. Some people have argued that if I post two tracks on Burning World from someones new album then people will just download these and not bother buying the album. What a load of old tosh. Megazord has the right idea though and let's face it by deciding to promote himself this way hundreds, perhaps thousands more people will become aware of his music thus enhancing his chances of actually selling future releases and attracting people to his shows. If you pop over to his My Space page there is an EP which you can download for free as well.

Ok, rant over.....


mp3: Megazord - Full Spectrum Vibrational Prism

1. Inner Triangle of Cosmos (6:01)
2. Skyrofoam (6:03)
3. The Whole World Swallows Itself Whole and Regurgitates Itself Into the Eye of the Universe (6:01)
4. The Molly of Magic (6:03)
5. Diamond Mind (6:01)
6. Mirror Mountain (6:03)
7. Crystal Shyps (6:03)
8. Glitter Whiskers (6:01)
9. I Am God. You are Minotaur. (6:09)
10. There Will Be No Miracles Here (6:05)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Fake Blood

I can't tell you a goddamn thing about Fake Blood apart from they make bloody fine noise. Let's face it, that's all you need really.


mp3: Fake Blood - Mars (File removed by request of artist)

Buy the 12" HERE

Mudhoney - Live in the Cat's Cradle

To celebrate the release of Mudhoney's ninth album "The Lucky Ones" and also the bands twentieth aniversary I thought it might be nice to hear what they sound like live these days. Most bands don't get anywhere near nine albums without depreciating into the bog of indifference but Mudhoney still seem to have the power to cut the mustard and long may they continue.

This set was recorded live at Cat's Cradle, Carrboro on 10th June 2008


Download Here


1. Money Will Roll Right In
2. Next Time
3. I'm Now
4. The Lucky Ones
5. New Meaning
6. Into the Drink
7. Suck You Dry
8. It Is Us
9. Inside Job
10. You Got It
11. Sweet Young Thing
12. Touch Me I'm Sick
13. Mudride
14. Here Comes Sickness
15. Hard-on for War
16. In and Out of Grace
17. Hate the Police
18. Encore Break
19. Inside Out Over You
20. Street Waves
21. The Open Mind
22. Tales of Terror
23. Fix Me

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone

Look at that!! I mean just look at it. Have you ever seen anything so beautiful in all your born days? Not the man obviously but as far as pretty packaging goes this looks gooood.

Sounds good too but even if yo don't like the noise it makes you can just stare at it.

"The first in the (David Horvitz Picture Disc) series, this single combines the lo-fi pop bliss of Casiotone for the Painfully Alone with the free form photography of David Horvitz"


mp3: Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - Old Panda Days (track removed by request)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


It has to be said that this record does not look particularly inspiring from the outside. In fact I would go as far as to say this is probably the worst record sleeve I've seen all year (and believe me I've seen some shite). Still, you know what they say about books and covers and all that, well it seems the same applies to records and sleeves because once you've got past the sleeve and the band name and actually listened to the record you'll find that it's actually a pretty damn fine noise.


mp3: Women - Woodbine

mp3: Women - Lawncare


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wild Beasts

Wild Beasts come from just down the road in Leeds (via Kendal apparently) and possess one of the strangest/best vocalists I've heard all year. I'm not sure just how long they've been around but they have just come to my notice with their debut album "Limbo, Panto" which is avaliable now through Domino Records.


mp3: Wild Beasts - Vigil For A Fuddy Duddy
mp3: Wild Beasts - Please Sir


Monday, June 16, 2008

My Bloody Valentine - London, ICA, 13th June 2008

This is it. The big one. It has actually happened. My Bloody Valentine are back and played their first gig in sixteen years on 13th June at the Institute Of Contemporary Arts in London. It wasn't supposed to be a proper gig, more a warm up/rehersal for the tour which begins at the end of this month although I'm not sure how you can charge twenty pounds for a rehersal. It was of course nothing of the sort and if this is how they perform from cold then I can't wait to hear the warmed up version later in the month. It has been said that there will be a new My Bloody Valentine album released before we are very much older but exactly how much truth there is in that is anyone's guess but I suppose getting the band back on stage is a mighty first step and I think this performance is legendary.


My Bloody Valentine - London, ICA, 13th June 2008


1. Intro
2. Only Shallow
3. You Never Should
4. Honey Power
5. I Only Said
6. Cigarette In Your Bed (False Start)
7. Cigarette In Your Bed
8. Thorn
9. Nothing Much To Lose
10. To Here Knows When
11. When You Sleep
12. Slow
13. Blown A Wish
14. Soon
15. Feed Me With Your Kiss
16. Sueisfine
17. You Made Me Realise

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Shoreline Dream & Ulrich Schnauss

I'm totally loving this record at the moment. It comes from a three track cd single on Latenight Weeknight records and there are two other fine remixes on here as well. If you want a copy of one of these fine hand assembled cd's they're only avaliabe through the bands website or from Tonevendor.


mp3: A Shoreline Dream & Ulrich Schnauss - Neverchanger


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Round Up 14/6/08

Download Here

1. Venetian Snares - CCUK (Planet Mu)
2. Von Sudenfed - Slow Down Ronnie (Domino)
3. Ponytail - 7 Souls (We Are Free)
4. Leila - Mettle (Warp)
5. My First Earthquake - Teleprompt (Self-Released_
6. Frankie Paul - Worries In The Dubstep Dance (Bootshake)
7. The Voluntary Butler Scheme - Trading Things in (Unsigned)
8. Venetian Snares - Gentlemen (Planet Mu)
9. SJ Esau - What Happened (Anticon)
10. Jeff Mills - Alpha Centauri (Axis)
11. Ponytail - Beg Waves (We Are Free)
12. Florence & The Machine - Kiss With A Fist (Moshi Moshi)
13. Underworld - Ring Road (Kris Menace Remix)
14. The Residents - Moose (Ralph)
15. Digital - Dubstation X (Mission Impossible)
16. Xihilisk - Theme For Something (Self-Released)
17. The Rocks - Letter To The Frontline (Weekender)
18. Venetian Snares - Kyokushin (Planet Mu)
19. SJ Esau - Frustrating (Anticon)
20. The Residents - Twilight Zone (Ralph)
21. Little Man Tate - What Your Boyfriend Said


Ponytail will release their second album "Ice Cream Spiritual" next week through We Are Free Records. I must have somehow missed the first album but if it's anything like this it'll be well worth tracking down.


mp3: Ponytail - Beg Waves

mp3: Ponytail - 7 Souls


Thursday, June 12, 2008

SJ Esau

This album has certainly being one of the big suprises this week. It's called "Small Vessel" and is the debut album by SJ Esau. I mean sometimes all it takes is good tunes and fresh ideas and both of those happen here in abundance.

"Small Vessels" is released through Anticon Records next week.


mp3: SJ Esau - What Happened

mp3: SJ Esau - Frustrating


Venetian Snares

This track comes from the new Venetian Snares twelve inch "Miss Balaton" which I thought was quite a surprise selection to release as a single from the brilliant new album "Detrimentalist" which as we speak is driving the neighbours demented. This track "CCUK" is certainly good enough to have been on the album and deals with the issue of the UK being turned into a big brother state which is something that does sadly appear to be happening. You can hardly go anywhere now safe in the knowledge that you are not being watched but you can bet your last pound that if you were getting mugged the bastards would all be pointing the wrong way!
A couple of tracks from "Detrimentalist" can be found further down this page.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jeff Mills

This track comes from the new Jeff Mills twelve inch which has recently appeared on Axis Records. He seems to have been doing this kind of thing forever but I can't think of a single bad record. This isn't quite up to the standard of "Waveforms" but it's still well worth checking out (if you can find one).



The Voluntary Butler Scheme

Well apart from anything else what a great name for a band. I must admit even if I had no idea what the noise would be like I would buy a record by The Voluntary Butler Scheme because a band of that name couldn't possibly make a crap record... could they?

The Voluntary Butler Scheme come from Stourbridge and as far as I'm aware are still unsigned but on the strength of the three tracks I have they won't be for long.



Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Venetian Snares

Venetian Snares return this week with a new album called "Detrimentalist" and I have to say this is good stuff. Venetian Snares seem to have been around forever and quite frankly have no business making a record this fresh. Check it out...


mp3: Venetian Snares - Gentlemen

mp3: Venetian Snares - Kyokushin


Frankie Paul

Taken from a promo 12" on Bootshake Records which Frankie Paul shares with Carlton Livingstone.


mp3: Frankie Paul - Worries In The Dubstep Dance


My First Earthquake

This is a track from the debut ep by San Fransisco's My First Earthquake. The ep is called the "Tremors" ep and is well worth a listen.


mp3: My First Earthquake - Teleprompt


Monday, June 09, 2008

Von Sudenfed

You could hear the shriek of delight at the other end of the street. What was it all about you may well be wondering. It was the effect a brand new Von Sudenfed track had on me as it unleashed some classic Mark E Smith ramblings through the house. This track is Smith on top form (has he ever not being) and It comes from a compilation album on Domino called "Domino Presents All The Rage" which is apparently a collection of tracks from new and upcoming releases so does that mean a new Von Sudenfed album is on the horizon? Watch this space.

mp3: Von Sudenfed - Slow Down Ronny


This is the new album from Xihilisk who seems to not only churn out a lot of music but also delights in giving it away for free. I can see Metallica cringing at the very thought but when you think about it what better way to get your stuff into ears which would otherwise definitely not hear it. The thing about Xihilisk though is that this is not just a case of giving away a bag of poo, this is actually a mighty and incredibly interesting record. As a rule I tend to find the longer tracks by most bands a bit on the tedious side but my favorite track on here is PLUSS which is by far the longest track on the record at something like twelve minutes but it has so much going on within it that your attention never wanders. Anyway the thing is called "EP Two Special Edition". Enjoy.

1. Tunnel Physics
2. Autonomous Seashield
3. Amanda
4. Theme For Something
5. The Movement Of Dogs
6. Inslider
7. Lye Flatley
9. Takenology

Zip File

Sunday, June 08, 2008


This is one side of rather good twelve inch piece of vinyl on Mission Impossible Records. The catalogue number indicates that this is the second Mission Impossible release so I think I'm gonna have to track down the first one poste haste. Dub it up....


mp3: Digital - Dubstation X


The Residents

I knew this was going to be a good record as soon as I clapped my eyes on it. The sleeve has a very fetching, close up picture of a nostril and the record contains titles like "Pass The Peanuts" and "Sour Smell". Obviously a winner from the start.

mp3: The Residents - Moose

mp3: The Residents - Twilight Zone


This is one of probably six million and one versions of the new Underworld record which I think is possibly the best thing they've ever done.


mp3: Underworld - Ring Road (Kris Menace Remix)


Saturday, June 07, 2008


Yet another jackpot for Warp Records. This comes from a new 10" single which is just sublime. This is the first thing I've heard from Leila even though there have apparently been other records over the last ten years or so on a variety of labels. I'll vertainly be investigating those because this is just sublime. Something like a fusion of Autechre and Fuck Buttons. There's an album in the offing as well which I can't wait to get my greasy paws on.

mp3 - Leila - Mettle

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Little Man Tate

Just the other day I was wondering to myself what had become of Little Man Tate. A couple of years ago the future looked bright for the Sheffield band. A string of great singles, many if not all of which were featured on this site, some really quite memorable live performances including one in York a couple of years ago during which someone had it away with the bands van. And then of course there was last years "About What You Know" album which kind of brought everything up to date although for me I thought it sounded a bit over produced.

2008 and the Tate's are back. Their new single "What Your Boyfriend Said" is released next week and bodes well for the new album which probably won't be too far away. I was a bit concerned though when I read somewhere, I think it was in the NME that they want to be a bit more mature on this record and show that they're a good band. It always worries me when bands start using that kind of language because I always think there's a danger of the band losing that raw edge and being too controlled. I'm not saying they're going to turn into Pink Floyd but I suppose it's just something which happens when a band realise that they are actually very good. Time will tell.

mp3: Little Man Tate - What Your Boyfriend Said


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Round Up

Here we go then. This is a round up of every track posted on the site over the last week or so. In addition there are a couple of extra tracks which I just felt like sticking in including a rather good version of New Orders "Temptation" as read by Jeremy Warmsley.
Don't forget if you hear anything you like please buy the record and if you could do that through the Burning World Shop that would be well appreciated.
Download Here

1. Free Kitten - Help Me (Ecstatic Peace)
2. Fuck Dress - Suburban Nietzsche Freak (Unsigned)
3. Errors - Cutlery Drawer (Rock Action)
4. The Morning Paper - Making You Up (Skipping Stones)
5. Ladyscraper - Senseless Apprentice (Fuk Dup)
6. The Flying Pandas - Classical Soy Milk For The Hope (Download)
7. Slow Down Tallahassee - Electric Sun (Sheffield Phonographic Corporation)
8. My Teenage Stride - Skin Lieutenant
9. Aspen Woods - Sea Of Lies (Razorblade)
10. The Radio Dept - The Room Tarzana (Labrador)
11. Shitmat - Negative Creep (Fuk Dup)
12. Pink Noise - Micro (Scared Bones)
13. Jeremy Warmsley - Temptation (Transgressive)
14. Frozen Ocean - Tommyknockers Within (Operator Produkzion)
15. Errors - Still Game (Rock Action)
16. Shit & Shine - Biggest Cock In Christendom (Load)
17. HTRK - Look Down The Line (Fire)
18. Free Kitten - Seasick (Ecstatic Peace)
19. The Morning Paper - Paint A Dream (Skipping Stones)
20. Slow Down Tallahassee - Down The Alleyway (Sheffield Phonographic Corporation)
21. David Hurn - Arrival (Fire)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Shit & Shine

Shit & Shine must be one of the hardest working bands around. No sooner have you got past one album and another rears it's distorted head. This one is called "Küss Mich, Meine Liebe" and features eight tracks of which three are longer than ten minutes. This track is probably my favorite at the moment and is actually the longest track on the record clocking in at just under sixteen minutes. Top shit..... (& shine)


mp3: Shit & Shine - Biggest Cock In Chrisendom

The Morning Paper

The Morning Paper are yet another great band from Sweden, which I think it's fair to say that if there was a world cup for Indie Pop would be the world champions. The Morning Paper have made an excuisit record. Everything that was so good about Sarah Records can be heard here. I really can't recommend this album enough. It's called "It's Getting Clearer" and is avaliable now through Skipping Stones Records. Buy Here.


mp3: The Morning Paper - Making You Up

mp3: The Morning Paper - Paint A Dream

Pink Noise

This track comes from what I think is the first Pink Noise album. It's certainly an interesting experience what with their habit of sticking filters on everything and seeing what sound comes out. The album is called "Dream Code" and is avaliable on vinyl only of which there is only 400 copies (I think) through the Sacred Bones label. Buy Here

mp3: Pink Noise - Micro

Frozen Ocean

Very nice ambient gubbins. Just the sort of thing to listen to when the cat has nicked the big piece of meat off you plate. This track is one of three on an ep recently released through Operator Produkzion Records called "Depths Of Subconscious"


mp3: Frozen Ocean - Tommyknockers Within


Monday, June 02, 2008

Fuck Dress

This is just awsome. It's been on my ipod all weekend. Fuck Dress come from Norwich and are completely new. I love it when a brand new band step up and produce something like this that smacks you right on the nose end. They have loads of gigs coming up which are all unfortunately in the south of England. I say unfortunately but I suppose if you live in the south it's quite handy really. Check out their My Space fore more details.

mp3: Fuck Dress - Suburban Nietzsche Freak


Sunday, June 01, 2008


I've been waiting for this album with some exitement. You never quite know what you're going to get from Errors which is a very good thing and although I suspect a lot of boring people will cast them into the "post rock" genre simply because they can't stick them anywhere else. The fact of the matter is there is so many different things going on on this album and every time you listen to it you hear something you didn't notice last time round. A brilliant and diverse album which deserves to be heard and can be this very week.


mp3: Errors - Still Game

mp3: Errors - Cutlery Drawer

The Flying Pandas

This track comes from a mini album called "The Seed ep" from which all seven tracks can be found here.


mp3: The Flying Pandas - Classical Soy Milk For The Hope