Saturday, May 03, 2008

York-Fibbers -29.04.08

York Fibbers 29.04.08 iLIKETRAINS-Kyte-Hub

Just Another gig Review....................................

I Like iLIKETRAINS but I don't like them.The five-piece band from Leeds just can't get my fire going I would rather go train spotting.......The band are very topical on their choice of subject with a visual aid to accompany the band's live performance, flashing images with a Gothic air which added to their matching white shirts, skinny funeral ties and black armbands. Overall a good performance but not to my taste, the style just doesn't mix for me.

I LIKE Kyte and I do!!
The ambient pop ball of noise from Leicestershire did them self justice and found a new fan in me. A great live performance with an ambient back drop of fluffy layered vocals, left a great feeling of floating around the venue in your slippers. A great live sound from this talented bunch of guys. Best track "Boundaries".

Kyte - Boundaries

The second band from Leeds to go on stage were Hub, a bit of surprise to me and Waaah as we did not know what to expect but we were thinking we liked their sound. VERY unique vocally a great mass of noise, every song was great epic journey of sound and distortion which went down well. I would like to see this band again in the future. Best track "What's the Connection".

Hub - What's The Connection

A great amount of talent and some good music which made for a good night's entertainment.See you next time.

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