Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Record Box 6/5/2008

Plaaydoh - Boy Scout (WSP)This is one of five tracks from the Glasgow bands debut ep which as luck would have it you can download for free from the Winning Sperm Party website Here. You can also buy it as a rather limited 7" single with a hand made sleeve as well. Lovely....

Look See Proof - Make Me Someone (Weekender)

Ghost In The Water - How To Draw A Ghost (Hidden Shoal)This is the track on the B side of the current single "Clean Sinks & Folded Laundry".

Johnny Foreigner - DJ's Get Doubts (Best Before)Taken from the debut album "Waited Up 'Til It Was Light' which is schedualed to be released in the UK on 2nd June. I'll be seeing this lot myself tomorrow night and if they sound half as good as they do on record it'll be a great gig. You Can catch them at:-

7th May - York, Fibbers
8th May - Aberdeen, Moshulu
9th May - Glasgow, Barfly
10th May - Liverpool, Barfly
12th May - Birningham, The Place I Love
13th May - London, Kings College
15th May - Brighton, The Great Escape Festival
16th May - Brighton, The Great Escape Festival
17th May - Brighton, The Great Escape Festival
20th May - Sheffield, DQ
21st May - Manchester, Moho Live
25th May - Hereford, Jailhouse (all dayer)
30th May - Northampton, Roadmender

The band are also touring though June. Check out their My Space for more details.

O Fracas - Follow Sue (Cargo) Taken from the album "Fits & Starts" which will be released in the UK on 19th May. Buy Here

Tramway - Maritime City (Sarah)

Heartbeeps - Light Leakes (Self-Released) Another track from the brilliant "Canton EP". I just wish I could tell you where you can find a copy.

My Penis Is Made Of Dogshit - Satan Wishes His Mother Shut The Fuck Up (Nauscopy) Taken from the album "Satan Get's An Abortion".

The Daysleepers - Release The Kraken (Clairecords) So the long awaited Daysleepers album is finally here and yes! it was worth the wait. It's called "Drowned In A Sea Of Sound" and will be released 13th May. Buy Here

Titus Andronicus - My Time Outside The Womb (Troubleman Unlimited) Taken from the album "The Airing Of Grievances".

A Place To Bury Strangers - To Fix The Gash In Your Head (Killer Pimp)

Hub - Now (The Unseen Horizon) (Demo)

Audrey - The Sliver (Tendervision) Taken from the Swedish bands second album "The Fierce And The Longing" and if you look sharp you can buy it on beautiful yellow vinyl. Buy Here

No Age - Teen Creeps (Sub Pop) The new album "Nouns" from which this track is taken is rapidly becoming my favorite record of the year so far. Buy Here

Cruyff In The Bedroom - Cherry (Self-Released) Taken from the new album "Saudargia".

The Fall - My New House (Beggars Banquet) You can't get too much Fall so here's another one. This track comes from the classic album "This Nations Saving Grace".

My Bloody Valentine - Soon (The Andrew Weatherall Remix) (Creation) With the long awaited return almost upon us I've been digging out quite a bit of MBV stuff of late. This is something I'd forgotton about though. It's the remix 12" of "Soon". You get this on one side and a rather long mix of "Glider" on the other.

The Mai Shi - Boys In The Attic (Team Shi) Taken from the album "Hilllya".

Errors - Toes (Rock Action) Taken from the forthcoming album "It's Not Something, But It Is Like Whatever" which will be released in the UK on 9th June

Brutal Knights - Be My Babysitter This is the second track from the abrasive Canadians brilliant "My Life My Fault EP".