Thursday, May 15, 2008

Record Box 15/5/08

A great set of tunes for you this week. I'm in a great mood today mainly because York City FC have signed a decent goalkeeper to replace our dodgy one thus giving us a fighting chance next season. I normally feel quite disappointed when the football season comes to an end and the prospect of two months with nothing to moan about becomes reality but this year I'm delighted. Such has been York's season that I was praying for it's end back in January when it was all to clear that not only were we a poor team but much worse than that we had become a laughing stock. The once proud Minstermen reduced to objects of other peoples mirth. I must admit if I supported someone else I'd love to be playing us every week. Still you probably didn't come here to read about football, you came here to find some decent music. And very decent this weeks selection is. I was very tempted to put up another track from the Half Man Half Biscuit album but I don't want to rush things. There will be another track in the next Record Box for sure. Highlights this week? Well I really like the album by The Occasional Keepers which features Bobby Wratten who used to be in The Field Mice and Trembling Blue Stars amongst others. I think I read somewhere that this is the second Occasional Keepers album which means that I'll have to try and track down the first. There are a couple of excellent demos this week as well from the likes of Correct Effect who come from Manchester and Red Light Company who don't (as far as I know). Anyway I can't sit around here talking shite all day I need to be at work in ten minutes.

Enjoy xxx

The Daysleepers - Twilight Bloom (Claire) Taken from the brilliant debut album "Drowned In A Sea Of Sound". Buy Here

Johnny Foreigner - I Heared He Tied Up Cats (Best Before) This is one of the tracks on the b side of the current single "Eyes Wide Terrified". Their debut album "Waited Up Till It Was Light" will be released in the UK on 2nd June.

Correct Effect - Smoke & Lazers (Demo)

Bearsuit - More Soul Than Wigan Casino (Fantastic Plastic) Taken from last years album "OH-IO". Buy Here

George Pringle - Carte Postal (Self-Released) Taken from the London lasses "Poor Ep, Poor EP without a name".

No Age - Sleeper Hold (Sub Pop) Taken from the album "Nouns". Buy Here

The Tunics - Cost Of Living (Manta Ray)

Mock Turtle - Going Up (Demo)

The Occasional Keepers - If The Ravens Leave (LTM) Taken from the album "True North". Buy Here

Padma - Spacefood & Balloons (Just Music) Taken from the album "Here". Out 2nd June. Buy Here

Duchess Says - Black Flag (Alien 8)Taken from the album "Anthologie des 3 Perchoirs". Buy Here

My Sad Captains - Great Expectations (White Heat) This is my prefered track from their "All Hats & No Plans" 7" single. Buy Here

The Would Be's - Great Expectations (Decoy)This is the b side of the Irish bands 1990 single "I'm Hardly Ever Wrong".

Bambi Get Over It - Bad Man (Demo)

Red Light Company - Scheme Eugene (Demo)

Hot Club De Paris - Hey House Brick (Moshi Moshi) This is one of the tracks from the Liverpool bands new 7" single which will be available from 26th May. Love this!

Kunk - Not Who You Think We Are (Plastic Sun)

Swervedriver - Son Of Mustang Ford (Creation)

The Briganties - The Girl Heaven Sold To The World (Self-Released)Great track this.

Shelley's Children - Fair Enough (Damaged Goods) Taken from the album "Everything". Buy Here

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