Sunday, May 11, 2008

Record Box - 11/05/08

Blood Red Shoes - Wish I Was Someone Better (Metal On Metal Remix) (V2) This is the third track on the Brighton bands new CD single "You Bring Me Down". Buy Here
The Domino State - What's The Question (Club AC30) Brilliant new single.
Tall Pony - I'm Your Boyfriend Now (Cherryade) This was one of my favorite records last year but as far as I know the band have yet to do anything this year. Come on lads, get it together.
The Twilight Sad - Mapped By What Surrounded Them (Fat Cat) Taken from the new EP "Here It Snowed Afterwards It Did".
Days - Simple Thing (Shelflife) Taken from the mini album "Downhill". Buy Here
Sarandon - Kill Twee Pop (Slumberland) Well I'm sure you've all got a copy of this album by now anyway but it still gets quite regular plays in my house and especially this track which sound fantastic at brain crushing volume. Buy Here
Asobi Seksu - Strawberries (Ulrich Schnauss Remix) I'm not sure how avaliable this is but it comes from an Ulrich Schnauss remix album simply called "The Remixes 2006 & 2007". It may not even be a proper release but merely a compilation of Ulrich Schnauss remixes from the past two years, still I'm sure someone will know and put me right.
Crystal Castles - Trash Hologram (Different) This is the B side from the current 7" single "Courtship Dating". Buy Here
The Wedding Present - The Trouble With Men (Pinnacle) Taken from the new Weddoes album "El Ray" which will be avaliable from 26th May. Buy Here
Jessica Bailiff & Annelies Monsere - Common Ground
Half Man Half Biscuit - National Shite Day (Probe Plus) I've been looking forward to this album for weeks and it does not dissapoint. I wonder if Nigel Blackwell will ever run out of things to niggle about. I certainly hope not, the world would be a much darker place without the likes of HMHB to brighten it up. The new album "CSI Ambleside" is avaliable now. Buy Here
Herman Dune - I'd Rather Walk Than Run (Source) Taken from the "I Wish I Could See You Soon EP".
Spirea X - Chlorine Dream (4AD) I just had the urge earlier this week to dig this out again. Still sounds good to my ears.
Sutcliffe Jugend - Defacer (Cold Spring) Taken from the new album "Pigdaddy". Buy Here.
The Sound Of Arrows - Danger (Labrador) Title track from the new Sound Of Arrows EP.
The Radio Dept. - Freddie & The Trojan Horse
Disconcerts - Selsey Bill (Self-Released) I think it's fair to say Disconcerts are one of the most exciting bands around at the moment and I just can't get enough of them. This track comes from their second self-released EP "Ships In Bottles" and if you can get your sticky paws on a copy you should. They have a couple of gigs coming up and hopefully one of them might be recorded so we can all enjoy the raw sound of Chichesters finest.

31st May - Chichester, Bully The Ugly Girls @ Chi Inn
2nd August - Chichester, Chi Inn

Look See Proof - Don't Say A Word (Weekender) This is one of the tracks on the B side of the current single "Do You Think It's Right". Buy Here
Revolver - Heaven Sent An Angel (Hut)
Mudhoney - Next Time (Sub Pop) Taken from the new album "The Lucky Ones". Buy Here

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