Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Disconcerts - Live in Bognor Regis

We've been looking forward to this for ages. A while back we asked the mighty men from Chichester if they could see their way to recording one of their gigs for us, and instead of telling us to go and play in the bus lane they dragged their recording gear all the way to sunny Bognor Regis and this is the result. I've often wondered what a Disconcerts gig would sound like and because the've yet to come within a hundred miles of my house I've not yet had the pleasure. So are they really all that? Well by the time you've got to the end of the first track, a mighty rendition of "Yellow Light Grey Room" you'll have your answer. When we first heard the "Book Chairs Thoughts EP" last year we thought they were something special and with their latest "Ships In Bottles EP" they've rubber stamped it and working through the ten tracks on this recording which includes two tracks which aren't on the previous EP's it leaves little doubt that Disconcerts are one of the brightest new bands in the Britain at the moment.
If you like this and you don't live too far away from Chichester you can catch them at the Chi Inn on the 31st May and 2nd August.
Disconcerts - Live In Bognor Regis (expired)
1. Yellow Light Grey Room
2. 73
3. Books Chairs Thoughts
4. Selsey Bill
5. Ladies First But Men Just Before
6. David Bowie
7. Window Shopper
8. William S Burroughs
9. Swings And Roundabouts
10. Better Off Alone

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