Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Radio Dept

Swedish popsters The Radio Dept return with a new four track ep "Freddie & The Trojan Horse" on 4th June although judging form the new material there not quite as "pretty pop" as they once were. The bands new album "Clinging To A Scheme" will be released through Labrador Records on 10th September.

mp3: The Radio Dept. - The Room, Tarzana (Labrador)

Children Are Fascinated By Fire

This is a new and rather brilliant sampler from Fire Records. Their current roster of bands is in my opinion every bit as good as it ever was.

The sampler is avaliable as a download from Bookmat at the bargin price of £1.99. Buy Here

Here's what the nice Bookmat people have to say about it.

"Fire Records was formed by artist manager Clive Solomon in the mid 80s, and in the ten years that followed established itself as one of the most influential labels around. Apart from laying claim to such bands as Teenage Fanclub, Spacemen 3 (now Spiritualized), Blue Aeroplanes, Television Personalities, The Pastels, Telstar Ponies, Urge Overkill, The Lemonheads and Pulp, Solomon managed to employ the A&R talents of one Lawrence Bell, the man who would go on to form Domino Records. When they re-launched a few years back then there was much anticipation and speculation as to whether Solomon would be able to 'do it again', but with releases from the great Bark Psychosis and Scottish duo Tells under their belt they have again established themselves as one of the UKs most uncompromising independents. This absolutely gigantic (and brilliantly low priced) sampler rounds up just about all you need to know about Fire Records right now, and gives you a who's who of the label. Many of the names will be no doubt be new to you, but with shining lights such as Various Production (who weigh in with a killer remix of Puerto Muerto's 'Boy'), Viking Moses and the aforementioned Bark Psychosis in there that should justifythe asking price alone! Thankfully, the lesser known names are just as good company - the compilation kicks off in fact with a breathtaking slice of nu-gaze from HTRK in the shape of 'Look Down the Line', a near 7 minute masterclass into dream pop, updated for a post millennium generation. Elsewhere we have the doomed folk of Gerry Mitchell & Little Sparta, the crumbling spoken word oddness of Tenebrous Mitchell, the low slung doom 'n bass of Sphyr, the gorgeous organ-led intensity of David Hurn - there's practically too much goodness to list in fact, but with twenty two tracks (!) you're sure to find more than enough to grab hold of within this plethora of musical excellence. Huge recommendation..."
mp3: HTRK - Look Down The Line
mp3: David Hurn - Arrival

Friday, May 30, 2008

Shitmat Vs Ladyscraper

'Bout time we had some banging techno around here and it don't get much better than this. Originally I was only going to play the Shitmat side of this extraordinary seven inch but on reflection your life will be much improved through exposure to the Ladyscraper track as well.

Both of these tracks come from the first release on the Fukdup label (FKDP001) and if all their stuff is gonna be like this then I can't wait for FKDP002.


mp3: Shitmat - Negative Creep

mp3: Ladyscraper - Senseless Apprentice


My Teenage Stride

You might remember a year or so ago I was banging on about this lot after they had released their brilliant debut album "Ears Like Golden Bats". Well since then they've been all quiet... until now. The new ep from the Brooklyn band is called "Lesser Demons" and contains another five moments of indiepop wonderment. I've only heard it a couple of times but this is my favororite track at this moment in time.


mp3: My Teenage Stride - Skin Lieutenant


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Free Kitten

The undisputed queen of noise Kim Gordon's back with her Free Kittens. This is the first Free Kitten album since "Sentimental Education" eleven years ago. The album is called "Inherit" and sees our Kim on particularly good form. It will be released through Ecstatic Peace on 9th June. Buy Here
mp3: Free Kitten - Seasick

mp3: Free Kitten - Help Me

Slow Down Tallahassee

I've been looking forward to this album for a while and finally managed to get my greasy paws on one last night after watching the band support The Lodger at York's Basement. It was actually Mr Vincent who purchased it because I had accidentally spent all my money on beer. Slow Down Tallahassee come from Sheffield and have been around for a while. I think I played their "So Much For Love" single on Burning World last year and if memory serves it's on lovely pink vinyl. I think I was hoping the album too would be on pink vinyl but alas it's merely a silver cd. It's called "The Beautiful Light" and contains fourteen perfectly crafted slices of indie pop. Seeing the band live the name Fat Tulips came into my head on more than one occasion and I think I'll have to try and find the Fat Tulips demo tape which is hiding somewhere in the mess I call home.

This album will make your summer shine. Buy Here


mp3: Electric Sun

mp3: Down The Alleyway

Catch em' at:

30th May - London, The Enterprise, Camden
7th July - Sheffield, The Red House (with The School)
17th July - Sheffield, Central Library
26th July - Midland Railway Centre, Indietracks Indipop Festival
23rd August - Cambridge, The Portland

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Round Up 28/5/2008

You just can't please everyone. First people say they would prefer single file downloads instead of the large zip files and then other people say they would prefer zip files instead of single downloads so in an effort to please everyone every week or so I'll collate all the tracks which have appeared recently on Burning World and zip them up. I must admit personally I prefer zip files but I can understand why some people don't and hopefully this will please everyone. This then is a collection of recently posted tracks with a few extra tracks that I decided to throw in for good measure.

Download Here

1. Los Campesinos - Yr Boyfriend (Wichita)
2. Haswell & Hecker - Beta (Warp)
3. Cats In Paris - Foxes (Acoustik Anarkhy)
4. South Central - Nothing Can Go Wrong
5. Half Man Half Biscuit - Blue Badge Abuser (Probe Plus)
6. The Displacements - Down & Out (Stiff)
7. Janner - Power Of Sound (Subtrakt)
8. The Wave Pictures - Holding Hands (Moshi Moshi)
9. Autechre - The Plc ccc (Warp)
10. Gay For Johnny Dep - Lights Out (Captains Of Industry)
11. Mogwai - I Can't Remember (Chemikal Underground)
12. Born Ruffians - I Need A Life (Four Tet Remix) (Warp)
13. Violet Violet - Cereal Reflector (Nr One)
14. Monsta - Eat Your Fucking Dinner (Subtrakt)
15. Los Campesinos - In Accordance To Natural Law (Wichita)
16. Now Now Every Children - In The City (Afternoon Records)
17. Moscow Olympics - No Winter, No Autumn (Lavender)
18. Friska Viljor - Old Man (Crying Bob)
19. Navvy - Robot (ARC)
20. Pivot - Sweet Memory (Clark Remix) (Warp)


Yet more Warp Records doodlings for you. Warp really must be both the most active and ecletic label around at the moment and long may they continue.

This track comes from the debut single by Pivot about whom I know nothing beyond the fact that they're a trio and they make a bloody good noise.


mp3: Pivot - Sweet Memory (Clark Remix)


Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This is a monster piece of dub and no mistake. It comes from a 12" called the "North South ep" which also features tracks by Monsta, Defekta and Rouge State all of which are good but this is just massive especially when you play it at huge volume and make everything in the room shake. ______________________________
mp3: Janner - Power Of Sound (Subtrakt)

Los Campesinos

...well I don't care what you say, you can't whack Los Campesinos. I saw them in Bradford a couple of months ago and they were quite superb. They had Lovvers supporting them on that night and they were just crackin'.

These tracks come from the b side of the current single "My Year In Lists" which is taken from the bands impressive debut album "Hold On Now Youngster". In addition to these two tracks there is also a very good version of "The Eyebright Bugler" originally by Deerhoof.


mp3: In Accordance To Natural Law (Bikini Kill cover)

mp3: Yr Boyfriend (Casiotone For The Painfully Alone cover)


Friska Viljor

More quality Swedish indiepop for you.

Taken from the album "Tour De Hearts" which is released this month through Crying Bob Records.


mp3: Old Man


Monday, May 26, 2008

South Central

This comes from South Central's album "The Owl Of Minerva" which is basically a compilation of all the bands singles to date. My personal favorite here is "Nothing Can Go Wrong" which was originally released as a single through Art Goes Pop a year of so ago. It's always pretty much a certainty that any track which uses elements of Fall songs will end up on this site. "Nothing Can Go Wrong" re-cycles the "Big New Prinz" bassline to glorious effect and makes the whole thing brand new and shiny. I've obviously missed quite a few South Central releases so this album goes some way to filling that void (although I'd rather have the original records). The Brighton bands debut album is expected early next year but if it's half as good as this it'll be quite a record.


mp3:- Nothing Can Go Wrong


Haswell & Hecker

This is one of two tracks from a 12" on Warp Records who seem to be releasing rather a lot of stuff at the moment. It's called "UPIC Warp Tracks" which might mean something to you. It makes no sense to me at all. Apparantly there is just three tracks on the ep but each track seems to be seperated into several tracks. To be honest this is great. It's just the kind of random electronic gubbins you expect from a Warp release and is well worth further investigation as are Haswell & Hecker because I don't have anything else by them and I think I should have.


mp3: Beta


Sunday, May 25, 2008


I have a new love in my life. They're called Navvy and hail from Sheffield which of course is the town responsible for tons of good bands over the last few years. Navvy don't fit into that scene at all, they sound more like a collision between Disconcerts and The Fall and what a beautiful mess it is. This track comes from their debut release which is simply called "4 Songs" and I bet you can't guess how many tracks are on this 7" ep?

According to their My Space page the band are going to be playing in York at the end of June so I'll definitely be catching them at that one.


mp3: Navvy - Robot

These New Puritans

Surely this must be the last single to be lifted from the bands debut album "Beat Pyramid". This is the alternative version of the lead track which can be found on the twelve inch format.
mp3: These New Puritans - Swords Of Truth (Alternative Mix)
Buy Here

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Born Ruffians

Toronto's Born Ruffians continue their quest for world domination with the release of their new single "I Need A Life". The lead track is taken from the bands impressive debut album "Red Yellow and Blue" which was released earlier this year. This ep also features an acoustic version of the last single "Hummingbird" which actually doesn't sound very acoustic and a previously unreleased track "So Long, Tadpole". The big thing here though is the Four Tet remix of "I Need A Life" which is only avaliable on the digital bundle format but is the best thing I've heard this week. It really wouldn't be out of place on a Fuck Buttons album the way it jingles and drones it's way along for about seven minutes with a rather nice section of amplified noise about half way through.
The single was released last week through Warp Records who seem to have a fantastic roster of artists at the moment and is avaliable on sexy red vinyl, cds and the didgit formats and can be purchased HERE. You can even buy Born Ruffians baby grows. How cool is that.
mp3: Born Ruffians - I Need A Life (Four Tet Remix)

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Wave Pictures

The Wave Pictures - Holding Hands (Moshi Moshi) Yes Yes I know The Wave Pictures were in last weeks Record Box but that was a track from the album and this is the B side of the fantastic new single “I Love You Like A Madman”.

mp3: The Wave Pictures - Holding Hands

Cats In Paris

More great new sounds from the UK. After a fair few years of playing second fiddle to the rest of the world britain seems to be putting down it’s playstations picking up it’s guitars and shouting “Right You Bastards!!!”. Really if people could only be bothered to get their lazy arses off their couches and actually have a look around they would see that the UK music scene is more exiting now than at any point in the last fifteen years. This is the debut single from Cats In Paris who might come from Manchester or not as the case may be. Either way this is a blinding single, the B side’s awsome as well!

mp3: Cats In Paris - Foxes (Akoustik Anarkhy)

The Displacements

The whole world seem to be talking about The Displacements at the moment and I feel like I’ve missed the boat. No matter though I’ve never been that keen on boats anyway. Usually when people rave on about a band it’s because they have the credentials to become a competent Coldplay tribute band but this is not the case with The Displacements. They come from Leicester and yes their commercial potential sticks out like a bright pink badger but they have the rare talent of being able to combine a sellable sound with bloody good tunes and for that reason we salute them.

mp3: The Displacements - Down & Out

Half Man Half Biscuit

There's always a ripple of excitement in my house whenever a new Half Man Half Biscuit album appears. I remember the great John Peel often refered to them as a national institution and I don't think that's too far from the mark. The new album is called "CSI Ambleside" and is everything you would expect from a Half Man Half Biscuit record. The track I keep coming back to is the last track on the album "National Shite Day" and I've been walking the streets singing it along to myself for the past fortnight, much to the amusement of passers by who probably wonder which asylum I've just got out of. Still that's the effect this band has on me. The track above is another classic from the album which will hopefully not prove to be the Wirral bands last. And don't forget If you like it, buy it. HERE

mp3: Half Man Half Biscuit - Blue Badge Abuser


Yes that's right, an expanded version of the debut Mogwai album is in the offing. It doesn't mean the tracks are even longer than before but it does mean that you get a second disc of stuff which was found just lying around on the Chemikal Underground office floor. I've never really seen the point in adding extra tracks to classic albums, and this is a classic album. Originally issued ten years ago it was the record which put Mogwai on the map and really doesn't need adding to. Still I suppose it might sucker some people into buying the album again. If you don't own a copy of this then it's well worth the price on the turnstile's but if you do it's not really worth it for the second disc and you should consider buying the No Age or Fuck Buttons albums instead. Apparently there's going to be a new Mogwai album later in the summer.

MP3: Mogwai - I Can't Remember


Most bands would just do a limited edition CD with bonus disc, but not Autechre. Oh no they have to be different. Not content with glitching our brains out with their top notch "Quaristice" album they have decided to release a series of bonus tracks as digital downloads. There is thirteen tracks in all and from 19th May they are releasing one track per day for the next two weeks which can be purchased from the Warp Records website. The tracks are going to be put into three bundles of four tracks and one single track at the end. I've only heard the first three tracks so far but on the strength of those it sounds like more i-pod fodder. Brillo....

MP3: Autechre - The pls cc

The Humanity

This is the debut single from London based The Humanity. It was released a couple of months ago but I've only just got my greasy paws on one. Not a bad effort at all.

mp3: The Humanity - Bass Linear (Happy Release)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Record Box - 21/05/08

Half Man Half Biscuit - Blue Badge Abuser (Probe Plus) Taken from the new album "CSI Ambleside". Buy Here
Bardot Pond - A Tune (Three Lobed Recordings) Taken from the new mini album thingy "Batholith" which is apparently just a small compilation of stuff they just had lying around. There are only six tracks on here but every one's a winner.
The Wedding Present - Boo Boo (Pinnacle) Another track from the new album "El Ray". Out 26th April. Buy Here
We Smoke Fags - Eastenders (Sixsevenine) I think I'm correct in calling this their debut single. I'm sure if it's not someone will soon put me right. Out 16th June.
Superchunk - The Question Is How Fast (Merge) This is a 7" single from millions of years ago. No real reason for playing this other than it found it's way onto my turntable the other day after the cat had decided to use the record shelves in the back room for a spot of extream climbing and managed to pull a whole load of seven inches down and this was amongst them.
Crystal Castles - Vanished (Epic Win Remix)
No Age - Here Should Be My Home (Sub Pop) Taken from the brillo new album "Nouns". Buy Here.
Dead Leaf Echo - Pale Fire (Self-Released)
The Lodger - The Conversation (Birdman) Taken from the album "Life Is Sweet". Buy Here
Death To Anders - Swig Shift (Self-Released) Taken from the new album "Fictitious Business".
Jakobinarina - Television (Regal) Taken from last years brilliant debut "The First Crusade". Buy Here
Troubadours - I'm Not Superstitious (Loog) Taken from the excellent new single. Out next week.
The Wave Pictures - Friday Night In Loughborough (Moshi Moshi) Strange thing this because the first time I heard this album I really didn't like it much and pretty much dismissed it as never to be played again. That was a couple of weeks ago and since then everywhere I turn there is someone banging on about The Wave Pictures, so I decided to give them a second chance. Maybe I was just in a bad mood the first time round because "Instant Coffee Baby" is actually a work of art and I feel rather stupid for ignoring it the first tome round.
Dulce Sky - Unfamiliar (Nueve) This is the title track from an the "Unfamiliar EP". And yes it is a cover of the Ride song.
GHQ - Remembrance (Three Lobed) Taken from a four track EP entitled "Everywhere At Once".
Pia Fraus - Springsister (Claire) Taken from the album "After Summer".
Hot Club De Paris - Let Go Of Everything (Moshi Moshi) Taken from the Liverpool bands second album "Live At Dead Lake".
Elika - Let Down (Fiercely Independent) This is a track from what I think is the bands second EP. It's a seven track jobbie called "Trying Got Us Nowhere" and was produced by Starflyer 59's Jason Martin.
Midsummer - The Veil (Self Released) Taken from the album "Inside The Trees".
Nozzle - Complicated (Flowermountain) Taken from the album "Empires".

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Record Box 15/5/08

A great set of tunes for you this week. I'm in a great mood today mainly because York City FC have signed a decent goalkeeper to replace our dodgy one thus giving us a fighting chance next season. I normally feel quite disappointed when the football season comes to an end and the prospect of two months with nothing to moan about becomes reality but this year I'm delighted. Such has been York's season that I was praying for it's end back in January when it was all to clear that not only were we a poor team but much worse than that we had become a laughing stock. The once proud Minstermen reduced to objects of other peoples mirth. I must admit if I supported someone else I'd love to be playing us every week. Still you probably didn't come here to read about football, you came here to find some decent music. And very decent this weeks selection is. I was very tempted to put up another track from the Half Man Half Biscuit album but I don't want to rush things. There will be another track in the next Record Box for sure. Highlights this week? Well I really like the album by The Occasional Keepers which features Bobby Wratten who used to be in The Field Mice and Trembling Blue Stars amongst others. I think I read somewhere that this is the second Occasional Keepers album which means that I'll have to try and track down the first. There are a couple of excellent demos this week as well from the likes of Correct Effect who come from Manchester and Red Light Company who don't (as far as I know). Anyway I can't sit around here talking shite all day I need to be at work in ten minutes.

Enjoy xxx

The Daysleepers - Twilight Bloom (Claire) Taken from the brilliant debut album "Drowned In A Sea Of Sound". Buy Here

Johnny Foreigner - I Heared He Tied Up Cats (Best Before) This is one of the tracks on the b side of the current single "Eyes Wide Terrified". Their debut album "Waited Up Till It Was Light" will be released in the UK on 2nd June.

Correct Effect - Smoke & Lazers (Demo)

Bearsuit - More Soul Than Wigan Casino (Fantastic Plastic) Taken from last years album "OH-IO". Buy Here

George Pringle - Carte Postal (Self-Released) Taken from the London lasses "Poor Ep, Poor EP without a name".

No Age - Sleeper Hold (Sub Pop) Taken from the album "Nouns". Buy Here

The Tunics - Cost Of Living (Manta Ray)

Mock Turtle - Going Up (Demo)

The Occasional Keepers - If The Ravens Leave (LTM) Taken from the album "True North". Buy Here

Padma - Spacefood & Balloons (Just Music) Taken from the album "Here". Out 2nd June. Buy Here

Duchess Says - Black Flag (Alien 8)Taken from the album "Anthologie des 3 Perchoirs". Buy Here

My Sad Captains - Great Expectations (White Heat) This is my prefered track from their "All Hats & No Plans" 7" single. Buy Here

The Would Be's - Great Expectations (Decoy)This is the b side of the Irish bands 1990 single "I'm Hardly Ever Wrong".

Bambi Get Over It - Bad Man (Demo)

Red Light Company - Scheme Eugene (Demo)

Hot Club De Paris - Hey House Brick (Moshi Moshi) This is one of the tracks from the Liverpool bands new 7" single which will be available from 26th May. Love this!

Kunk - Not Who You Think We Are (Plastic Sun)

Swervedriver - Son Of Mustang Ford (Creation)

The Briganties - The Girl Heaven Sold To The World (Self-Released)Great track this.

Shelley's Children - Fair Enough (Damaged Goods) Taken from the album "Everything". Buy Here

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Disconcerts - Live in Bognor Regis

We've been looking forward to this for ages. A while back we asked the mighty men from Chichester if they could see their way to recording one of their gigs for us, and instead of telling us to go and play in the bus lane they dragged their recording gear all the way to sunny Bognor Regis and this is the result. I've often wondered what a Disconcerts gig would sound like and because the've yet to come within a hundred miles of my house I've not yet had the pleasure. So are they really all that? Well by the time you've got to the end of the first track, a mighty rendition of "Yellow Light Grey Room" you'll have your answer. When we first heard the "Book Chairs Thoughts EP" last year we thought they were something special and with their latest "Ships In Bottles EP" they've rubber stamped it and working through the ten tracks on this recording which includes two tracks which aren't on the previous EP's it leaves little doubt that Disconcerts are one of the brightest new bands in the Britain at the moment.
If you like this and you don't live too far away from Chichester you can catch them at the Chi Inn on the 31st May and 2nd August.
Disconcerts - Live In Bognor Regis (expired)
1. Yellow Light Grey Room
2. 73
3. Books Chairs Thoughts
4. Selsey Bill
5. Ladies First But Men Just Before
6. David Bowie
7. Window Shopper
8. William S Burroughs
9. Swings And Roundabouts
10. Better Off Alone

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Record Box - 11/05/08

Blood Red Shoes - Wish I Was Someone Better (Metal On Metal Remix) (V2) This is the third track on the Brighton bands new CD single "You Bring Me Down". Buy Here
The Domino State - What's The Question (Club AC30) Brilliant new single.
Tall Pony - I'm Your Boyfriend Now (Cherryade) This was one of my favorite records last year but as far as I know the band have yet to do anything this year. Come on lads, get it together.
The Twilight Sad - Mapped By What Surrounded Them (Fat Cat) Taken from the new EP "Here It Snowed Afterwards It Did".
Days - Simple Thing (Shelflife) Taken from the mini album "Downhill". Buy Here
Sarandon - Kill Twee Pop (Slumberland) Well I'm sure you've all got a copy of this album by now anyway but it still gets quite regular plays in my house and especially this track which sound fantastic at brain crushing volume. Buy Here
Asobi Seksu - Strawberries (Ulrich Schnauss Remix) I'm not sure how avaliable this is but it comes from an Ulrich Schnauss remix album simply called "The Remixes 2006 & 2007". It may not even be a proper release but merely a compilation of Ulrich Schnauss remixes from the past two years, still I'm sure someone will know and put me right.
Crystal Castles - Trash Hologram (Different) This is the B side from the current 7" single "Courtship Dating". Buy Here
The Wedding Present - The Trouble With Men (Pinnacle) Taken from the new Weddoes album "El Ray" which will be avaliable from 26th May. Buy Here
Jessica Bailiff & Annelies Monsere - Common Ground
Half Man Half Biscuit - National Shite Day (Probe Plus) I've been looking forward to this album for weeks and it does not dissapoint. I wonder if Nigel Blackwell will ever run out of things to niggle about. I certainly hope not, the world would be a much darker place without the likes of HMHB to brighten it up. The new album "CSI Ambleside" is avaliable now. Buy Here
Herman Dune - I'd Rather Walk Than Run (Source) Taken from the "I Wish I Could See You Soon EP".
Spirea X - Chlorine Dream (4AD) I just had the urge earlier this week to dig this out again. Still sounds good to my ears.
Sutcliffe Jugend - Defacer (Cold Spring) Taken from the new album "Pigdaddy". Buy Here.
The Sound Of Arrows - Danger (Labrador) Title track from the new Sound Of Arrows EP.
The Radio Dept. - Freddie & The Trojan Horse
Disconcerts - Selsey Bill (Self-Released) I think it's fair to say Disconcerts are one of the most exciting bands around at the moment and I just can't get enough of them. This track comes from their second self-released EP "Ships In Bottles" and if you can get your sticky paws on a copy you should. They have a couple of gigs coming up and hopefully one of them might be recorded so we can all enjoy the raw sound of Chichesters finest.

31st May - Chichester, Bully The Ugly Girls @ Chi Inn
2nd August - Chichester, Chi Inn

Look See Proof - Don't Say A Word (Weekender) This is one of the tracks on the B side of the current single "Do You Think It's Right". Buy Here
Revolver - Heaven Sent An Angel (Hut)
Mudhoney - Next Time (Sub Pop) Taken from the new album "The Lucky Ones". Buy Here

Friday, May 09, 2008

The Fall - Radio Sessions (Vol 3)

Here you go then, the third and final slice of Smith worship for the time being. Personally I don't think it's possible to have too much Fall but I have been told that there are persons in existence who actually don't like The Fall. I know it's a strange concept but apparently it's true. My recommendation for these strange creatures is a lengthy session of electro shock treatment to get the juices flowing again.

These two live sets are simply sublime but the real treat is in the Mixing It session. The Mark E Smith interviews are just hilarious. He must be one of the most un-interviewable people on the planet. I'd love to see him let loose on Johnathon Ross....

Manchester Roadhouse, 8th December 1993

1. Intro
2. M5
3. Behind The Counter
4. Ladybird (Green Grass)
5. The League Of Bald Headed Men
6. War
7. A Past Gone Mad
8. I'm Frank
9. Glam Racket
10. Wrong Place Right Time
11. The Mixer
12. Lost In Music
13. Cab Driver
14. Paranoia Man In Cheap Shit Room
15. Free Range
16. Outro

XFM Radio Gig, 15th April 1999

1. Shake Off
2. F' Olding Money
3. Jet Boy
4. Touch Sensitive
5. Antidotes
6. 10 Houses Of Eve
7. Bound
8. Perfect Day

BBC Mixing It Session, February 2006

1. Higgeldy Piggeldy
2. Interview Pt 1
3. Assume
4. Midnight In Aspen
5. Interview Pt 2
6. Pacifying Joint

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Record Box 6/5/2008

Plaaydoh - Boy Scout (WSP)This is one of five tracks from the Glasgow bands debut ep which as luck would have it you can download for free from the Winning Sperm Party website Here. You can also buy it as a rather limited 7" single with a hand made sleeve as well. Lovely....

Look See Proof - Make Me Someone (Weekender)

Ghost In The Water - How To Draw A Ghost (Hidden Shoal)This is the track on the B side of the current single "Clean Sinks & Folded Laundry".

Johnny Foreigner - DJ's Get Doubts (Best Before)Taken from the debut album "Waited Up 'Til It Was Light' which is schedualed to be released in the UK on 2nd June. I'll be seeing this lot myself tomorrow night and if they sound half as good as they do on record it'll be a great gig. You Can catch them at:-

7th May - York, Fibbers
8th May - Aberdeen, Moshulu
9th May - Glasgow, Barfly
10th May - Liverpool, Barfly
12th May - Birningham, The Place I Love
13th May - London, Kings College
15th May - Brighton, The Great Escape Festival
16th May - Brighton, The Great Escape Festival
17th May - Brighton, The Great Escape Festival
20th May - Sheffield, DQ
21st May - Manchester, Moho Live
25th May - Hereford, Jailhouse (all dayer)
30th May - Northampton, Roadmender

The band are also touring though June. Check out their My Space for more details.

O Fracas - Follow Sue (Cargo) Taken from the album "Fits & Starts" which will be released in the UK on 19th May. Buy Here

Tramway - Maritime City (Sarah)

Heartbeeps - Light Leakes (Self-Released) Another track from the brilliant "Canton EP". I just wish I could tell you where you can find a copy.

My Penis Is Made Of Dogshit - Satan Wishes His Mother Shut The Fuck Up (Nauscopy) Taken from the album "Satan Get's An Abortion".

The Daysleepers - Release The Kraken (Clairecords) So the long awaited Daysleepers album is finally here and yes! it was worth the wait. It's called "Drowned In A Sea Of Sound" and will be released 13th May. Buy Here

Titus Andronicus - My Time Outside The Womb (Troubleman Unlimited) Taken from the album "The Airing Of Grievances".

A Place To Bury Strangers - To Fix The Gash In Your Head (Killer Pimp)

Hub - Now (The Unseen Horizon) (Demo)

Audrey - The Sliver (Tendervision) Taken from the Swedish bands second album "The Fierce And The Longing" and if you look sharp you can buy it on beautiful yellow vinyl. Buy Here

No Age - Teen Creeps (Sub Pop) The new album "Nouns" from which this track is taken is rapidly becoming my favorite record of the year so far. Buy Here

Cruyff In The Bedroom - Cherry (Self-Released) Taken from the new album "Saudargia".

The Fall - My New House (Beggars Banquet) You can't get too much Fall so here's another one. This track comes from the classic album "This Nations Saving Grace".

My Bloody Valentine - Soon (The Andrew Weatherall Remix) (Creation) With the long awaited return almost upon us I've been digging out quite a bit of MBV stuff of late. This is something I'd forgotton about though. It's the remix 12" of "Soon". You get this on one side and a rather long mix of "Glider" on the other.

The Mai Shi - Boys In The Attic (Team Shi) Taken from the album "Hilllya".

Errors - Toes (Rock Action) Taken from the forthcoming album "It's Not Something, But It Is Like Whatever" which will be released in the UK on 9th June

Brutal Knights - Be My Babysitter This is the second track from the abrasive Canadians brilliant "My Life My Fault EP".

Saturday, May 03, 2008

York-Fibbers -29.04.08

York Fibbers 29.04.08 iLIKETRAINS-Kyte-Hub

Just Another gig Review....................................

I Like iLIKETRAINS but I don't like them.The five-piece band from Leeds just can't get my fire going I would rather go train spotting.......The band are very topical on their choice of subject with a visual aid to accompany the band's live performance, flashing images with a Gothic air which added to their matching white shirts, skinny funeral ties and black armbands. Overall a good performance but not to my taste, the style just doesn't mix for me.

I LIKE Kyte and I do!!
The ambient pop ball of noise from Leicestershire did them self justice and found a new fan in me. A great live performance with an ambient back drop of fluffy layered vocals, left a great feeling of floating around the venue in your slippers. A great live sound from this talented bunch of guys. Best track "Boundaries".

Kyte - Boundaries

The second band from Leeds to go on stage were Hub, a bit of surprise to me and Waaah as we did not know what to expect but we were thinking we liked their sound. VERY unique vocally a great mass of noise, every song was great epic journey of sound and distortion which went down well. I would like to see this band again in the future. Best track "What's the Connection".

Hub - What's The Connection

A great amount of talent and some good music which made for a good night's entertainment.See you next time.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Re-post// Fuck Buttons - Live At Supersonic

Back by unpopular demand...

This is a fantastic recording of Fuck Buttons performance at last years Supersonic Festival in Birmingham. I really must catch up with them soon because this must sound brilliant through a decent P.A. system. The line up for this years festival looks pretty good as well (see poster above) and I wouldn't arf mind going myself.
The debut Fuck Buttons album "Street Horrrsing" is one of the best albums I've heard in a long time and should have a home on every coffee table in the land.
Fuck Buttons - Live At Supersonic

Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Fall - Radio Sessions (Vol 2)

Why is it that whenever Sir Marcus Smithster drags whichever version of The Fall he's currently lording over into a studio to record a radio session the result is always magical and often the tracks which are laid down are better than the album versions. The fact is that over twenty four Peel Sessions and however many sessions they've done for other programs and stations I can't recall ever thinking "...well that wasn't as good as the album version". My theory is that most Fall tracks are quite simple and Mark E Smith's delivery is very much "of the moment" and this is why when they have to do something in a short space of time it perfectly captures the energy of the band instead of sitting in a studio thinking about it. I'm not saying the albums aren't any good, some of the finest moments in the history of recorded sound occur on Fall albums I just think they are a different, more unpredictable beast when given the opportunity to experiment.

The final set of sessions will be up here at some point next week.....

Saturday Live Session 29th August 1984

1. Copped It
2. Elves
3. Fortress/Marques Cha Cha

Janice Long Session 19th May 1987

4. Frenz
5. Get A Hotel
6. There's A Ghost In My House
7. Haf Found Bormann

Piccadilly Radio Session 25th Febraury 1988

8. In These Times
9. Carry Bag Man
10. Cab It Up
11. Oswald Defance Lawyer