Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Would Be's - Peel Session 19th March 1990

The Would Be's were one of those bands who could have done so much more. They were four kids from Ireland (Dublin I think, but I could be wrong) who released one of the best singles of 1990. Their debut single "I'm Hardly Ever Wrong" reached number 12 in that years Festive 50.Unfortunatly the band only released one more single, a four track e.p. called "Silly Songs For Cynical People" before breaking up in 1991. I did hear from someone that the band re-formed a couple of years ago so if anyone has any more information about that I'd really like to know.

Julie McDonnell - Vocals
Aidin O'Reilly - Trombone/Tenor Saxophone
Mattie Finnegan - Lead Guitar
Paul Finnegan - Guitar
Eamonn Finnegan - Bass
Pascal Smith - Drums
1. Must It Be
2. Funny Ha Ha
3. My Radio Sounds Different In The Dark
4. All This Rubbish Is True


  1. The original vocalist contacted me recently. I will ask her about the comeback etc.

  2. great band... i bought a 3 song EP-- The Wonderful EP in 1991... gotta sell it though... its on ebay. search for the would be's. someone else has their other EP...

    i would ship it anyway...

  3. Anonymous9:38 pm

    Is the link still active?

  4. This is one of the few indie-pop bands I never did hear 'back in the day', but always heard they were very good and would really like to hear this. Again, would a re-posting be possible? Would be much appreciated...